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Pi Network Market Cap Prediction | Pi Network Coin Market Cap

Pi Network Market Cap Prediction 


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Pi Network Coin Market Cap Prediction | In This Page, We Are Going To Talk About Pi Network Coin Market Cap Prediction. 

Pi Network Market Cap Prediction


Pi Network Market Cap Prediction 


First, Let’s Get To Talk About *The Possibility Of Pi To Over-Take Bitcoin* On The Coin Market And Rank *#1*

In Terms Of Price; The Possibility Is *Very Low* But In Terms Of *Value And Universality* Pi Has An Advantage And A *Very High* Possibility To Over-Take Bitcoin .

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Difference Between Price and Value

Price Simply Means The “Cost” Of Something While Value Means The “Quality” Of Something, And The *Degree Of Importance* Given To Something.

Something Can Be Very Expensive In *Price* But Doesn’t Satisfy Your Need Because Of It *Low-Quality Or Limited Impact*.

But When Something Has *Value* , It Will Definitely Satisfy Your Need, Because Of It Good Quality, Good Content, Good Impact And The Degree Of Importance.

Things With *Value* Are Backed By *Usage & Utility*.
Things Become Useless And Worthless When Nobody Uses It, But When It Is Been Utilized Or Used By People There It Will Become Valuable.
Everything Has It *Cost Price*, But Not All Things Have Value.

Now,Before I Proceed, I’d Like To Tell You That I’m Not A Big Fan Of *Criticism* ‘cos I Don’t Want To Be *Judgemental*.
I Respect People’s Opinion Because I Believe Whatever Someone Says Is Base On Their Belief And Their Understanding .

Although A Lot Of People Talk *Out Of Ignorance* Without Reasoning Because Of Limited Or *Lack Of Knowledge*.
Well, I Learn A Lot From My Mistakes,People’s Mistakes, My Past Experiences And People’s Opinion As Well.

Most At Times , You Hear People Say A Lot Of Things; Good And Bad Reviews About Pi Network.

Others Are Fun Of Arguing, Doubting And Fighting Over It.

Fight Won’t Solve The Problem.
If You See Anybody Criticising Pi Network, Don’t Argue, Kindly Ask The Person , *”Why Do You Make This Statement, Could You Please Help Explain And Give Reasons.?”*

Listen To What He Has To Say, If He’s Wrong, Politely Correct The Person , If He Still Insist On His Opinion, Don’t Worry, Just Say The Right To Him And You Can Walk Away.
One Day He Will Realise His Error And Remembered What You Said To Him In The Past.
Life Is In Stages, We Don’t Learn Everything In One Day.

You Don’t Force People To Believe In What You Believe.

If There’s Any Question Asked By Someone About Pi Network That Are Too Hard For You To Answer, Please Kindly Ask Any Of The *Admins Or Moderators* On Pi Network Social Platforms Nearest To You.

Alright, Let’s Continue…
Most At Times, One Of The Things You’ll Hear A Pioneer Say Is That, *”Pi Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin!”* & *”Pi Will Be Listed At $100“*

If I May Ask, Bigger How???
Why Do You Make That Statement, Could You Help Explain With Reasons?.

At Times, We Pioneers Are The Ones Making Other People To Criticize Pi Network, Because Some Pioneers Say Things Out Of Ignorance And Limited Knowledge About The CryptoCurrency System.

Some Pioneers Say This Things Because They Want To Attract Referrals.
But Be Careful With The Kind Of Words You Use Out There.

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Because It Will Look Like We All Pioneers Are *A Joke* And A *Bunch Of Fools* To Believe That Pi Would Over-Throne Bitcoin On The Market.

Allow Me To Say That , “Pi Will Be Bigger And Better Than Bitcoin, Not By *Price* But By *Value And Universality“.*
I’ll Give Reasons And Also Explain Why …

Well,On My Last Discussion Yesterday I Explain Why It Is Not Possible For Pi To Start With *$100/1π* As Exchange Rate.
I Hope You Read It, If You Haven’t Please Kindly Go Back To Read While We Proceed To Talk About Pi Being Bigger Than Bitcoin In *Price*.
No, Don’t Ever Dream About That!
Don’t Let The Social Media Mislead You By Saying Pi Will Be $1,000 And Above.

Well, I’m Not Doubting, It May Happen But That’s Gonna Take So Many Years To Beat Bitcoin *By Price.*
Besides , CryptoCurrencies Are Not *Ranked* By It *Price* . Coins Are Ranked By *Market Cap*.

Last Year There Were Few Coins That Were Higher In Price Than Bitcoin But Yet Those Coins Aren’t Even Ranked In Top 50 On The Market.

Why? , Because Coins Are Ranked By It *Market Capitalization* & *Trading Volume* , Not By *Price*, So Let’s Forget About *The Price* Of Pi And Focus More On How To Build *The Value* For Pi.

Last Month By 21st December, 2021. On Our Pi WhatsApp Group, I Talked About *Zuga Coin* Being Worth *$29,000+* As *Price* But Yet Its *Rank #3574* On The Exchange…Why?

Meanwhile We Have Coins That Are Among *Top20* But Isn’t Worth Up to *$1* Yet. Why?

I Think Because They Zuga Community Is More Focused On The Price Rather Than Usage And Utility To Help Create Value* For The Zuga Coin.

We Don’t Want Pi To Appear Like Zuga Coin, So Let’s Stop Saying Pi Will Be $100, $200, $314, $1000 Etc. Let’s Focus On The *Value* Through *Utility And Usage*

One Of Main Factor That Determines The Price Of A Commodity(Coin) Is *Scarcity*.

*Scarcity* Simply Means The Degree Of Something Being Small And Limited In Number.

In Economics, When There Is *Scarcity* Of A Commodity, It Limits The *Supply* Of That Commodity And Increases The Rate At Which People *Demand* For That Same Commodity.
Which Will Actually Make The Price Rise Overtime.

But When There’s So Much *Supply* That Exceeds The Rate Of *Demand*, It Will Hinder The Price And Value Of That Commodity.

I Can’t Make You Understand *Pi* Without First Letting You Know And Understand *Bitcoin*, That’s Why I Always Reference *Bitcoin* In All My Discussion About Pi. – Pi Network Price Prediction

Any Crypto Currency Explanation Without Talking About *Bitcoin* Is *Not Complete*. The Explanation Is Either *Incomplete, Inaccurate Or Misleading*.
So Let’s Go!…

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Factors that Makes Bitcoin Rank #1

Few Of The Very Most Important Factor That Makes Bitcoin Rank At #1 On The Market Are;

1. Being The First Ever CryptoCurrency
2. Global Recognition
3. Scarcity
4. Economic Externalities And Network Effect
5. Market Cap & Trading Volume.

*November 12, 2021* I Did A Detailed Explanation About This Factors On Our *SHEPJACK’s Pi TEAM* WhatsApp Group. Sorry, I’m Not Gonna Waste Much Time To Explain It Again.

For Now, Let’s Move Into Our Main Topic Today Which Is About The *Market Cap* Of Pi And Why Crypto Experts Thinks That Pi Can’t Be Worth $100 At Exchange Rate. 

1. Market Capitalization:
It Simply Means The *Net Worth* Of A Coin.
Its Calculated By Multiplying The Current Price Of A Coin(Commodity) By It *Circulating Supply.*

For Example;
If An Automobile Company Has *70Cars* In Their Factory For Sell At The Price Of *$100* Per *1Car*
Therefore The *Market Cap Or Net Worth* Of The Car Is 70×100= *$7,000 MC*

Circulating Supply(CS) 

This Means The Number Of Coins That Are Already In Existence.

Maximum Supply(MS)

This Is The Total Number Of A Coin That Will Ever Be In Existence

If You Don’t Really Understand The Meaning Of CS & MS , Alright Then, Let’s Illustrate In A Very Simple Way To Help You Understand It Better And Clearly…

If An Automobile Company Are To Manufacture A Total Number Of *100 Cars* In Their Factory. 

But So Far The Company Was Able To Produce And Sell Just *70 Cars* While *30 Cars* Are Left To Be Manufactured Later.

In This Case The *Max Supply (MS)* Is *100Cars*
While *70Cars* Are The *Circulating Supply (CS)* Of Cars Already In Existence.

The Company Will Stop Manufacturing New Cars When It Reaches It’s Max Supply Of *100Cars*.

Because Max Supply Means The Maximum Number Of Something(Coins) That Will Ever Be In Existence.

Now Currently , As At This Writing Being On *11:45am 20th January, 2022*, The Total *Market Cap* Of All The Cryptos On The Coin Market Is *$1.98 Trillion* , Out Of Which *Bitcoin* Alone Has *$796.46 Billion* , followed By *Etheruem* Has *$374.38 Billion while *USDT* Has *$78.34Billion*.

These Are The Top 3 Coins On The Market Ranked By It Market Cap
Bitcoin, Etheruem , USDT ETC.

Let’s Do A Little Calculation To Confirm BTC’s MC.

Currently Bitcoin Has:
Max Supply : *21Million* BTC
Circulating Supply : *+18.93Million* BTC
Current Price Is : *$42,056*

Therefore ,Market Cap (CS × CP): 18.93M × $42,056= *$796 Billion*.

This Means The Current *Market Cap* Or *Net Worth* Of Bitcoin Is *$796 Billion*.

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When There’s Too Many Coins In Circulation, It Hinders And Slows Down The Value Of That Coin.

For Exxample
If You Have Over *100k A-coin* On Your Wallet, Don’t Expect Your *1 A-Coin* To Be Worth The Same Amount With *1 Bitcoin*.

Because Bitcoin Is *Scarce & Limited* In Circulation While There’s Surplus Of *A-Coin* In Circulation.

*Scarcity* Is One Major Factor That Drives The Price Of A Commodity/Coin.

Same Thing With Pi, There Are Already Too Many Pi In Circulation , So It’ll Sound Stupid And Foolish To Say “Pi Will Be Worth *$42k* Same Price As Bitcoin In The Next Few Years.”

But Its Smart And Reasonable To Say That “Pi Will Be Worth Over $100– $1,000* In *Few Years*,And Then As Time Goes On, Maybe In The Next *20-30Years* Pi May Grow Up To *$50,000* And Above Depending On Usage And Trading Volume.

Well, The Core Team Are Aware Of The Effects Of Having Too Many Pi In Circulation. – Pi Network Price Prediction

Last Year, In *Dr.Nicolas* Response To *Pi Scarcity* He Said , “Instead Of *Scarcity* Let’s Create *Utilities* To Control The Number Of Pi In Circulation”. And That’s Why Pi Was First Launched On The *Enclosed Network* , Where Pi Can Be *Used* To Buy Good And Services.

This Will Help To Create And Build The *Value* Of Pi Backed By Real *Utilities & Usage*.

Believe Me, The Core Team Are Very Smart And Genius In Their Work. This Guys Are Experienced Professionals In This Field.

No Matter How Long It Takes On The Network Be Rest Assured And Believe That You Are In The Right Place.🤝🏽

It Was Hard To Predict The Price Of Pi Before, But After The Release Of The Tokenomics, Showing Us The Pi Distribution About The *Max Supply & Circulating Supply* , We Can Now Use It To Estimate The Possible Prices Of Pi.
And One Of The Listing Price That Seems Impossible Is *$100/1π*. 

So Let’s See How And Why…

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Pi Network Market Cap Prediction

I’ll Quote A Place On The MainNet Info Where It Says…
“the rough sum of all Pi mined by all Pioneers so far (before Mainnet) is about 30 Billion Pi.

However, after discarding Pi mined by fake accounts and depending on the speed and participation of KYC, the pre-Mainnet mined Pi at the beginning of the Open Network can be estimated to range from *10 to 20 Billion*.

The remaining amount in the 65 billion Pi supply for mining rewards will be distributed to Pioneers through the new Mainnet mining mechanism with conceptual yearly supply limits. “

We Might Have More Than *+20Billion Pi* Before It Goes Live On *Pool*.
So Now, To Calculate The Market Cap Of Pi Using The Formula *CS × AP=MC*
We’ll Have To Multiply The *Circulating Supply(20Billion)* By The *Assumed Price($100)*

20,000,000,000 × 100 = $2Trillion Market Cap.

Now, For Those Saying Pi Will Be Worth *$100*, Let Me Ask You A Question…
After Seeing That Calculation, Do You Think Its Economically Possible For Pi Be Traded At $100 With Over *$2T MC*???
Remember, The *Market Cap* Of All The Coins On The Market Is *$1.98 Trillion+*
Meanwhile Even Bitcoin As The Highest Ranked Coin Has *$796 Billion+*
And Pi Alone Would Have *$2Trillion*… So Tell Me, Is $100 A Fair Price?

Oh, Let Me Also Ask Those Saying Its $300 , Meaning Pi Will Have *$6Trillion MC*
And Those Saying It’s $1000, Pi Will Have *$20T MC* , Who Does That? Do You Think Crypto Currency Is A Joke? 😂😂😂

I’ll Leave You To Judge Your Answer.

But To Be Honest, Don’t Expect Pi To Be Traded At *$100/1π* When Launched On The *Opened Network* Because There’s *Surplus Supply* Of Too Many Pi In Circulation Already, And It Other Not To Make It Look Like *Free Money*, Lest It Will Violate The Policy And Terms Of *Anti Money Laundering(AML) & Securities And Exchange Commission(SEC)* Standard Laws And Regulation.

So Please Take Note: Pi May Be *$1* Or *$3.14* Or Even Less When Launched On The Liquidity Pool.

*Utilities* Will Keep Playing A Bigger Role In Helping To *Increase* The Price & Value Of Pi To Reflect *$100+* In Few Weeks Or Months After Being Traded On The *Liquidity Pool* And *Exchanges*

Nevertheless, I’m Not Against The Potential Of Pi Being Traded At *$100/1π*,Of Course Our *Consensus Price* Is *$100/1π* As Barter Value In The *Pi Utilities*.

Since Its Not *Economically Possible* For Pi To Be Traded At $100, We Pioneers Wants To Use Our Consensus Influence To Make Our Consensus Price Of $100 To Reflect On The Coin Market And If It Goes Successful, Then It Will Make Pi To Over-Throw And Take Over Bitcoin As Pi Will Now Rank #1 With A Market Cap Of Over *$2 Trillion* 😁

I’ll Be The Happiest Person On Earth If Pi Becomes #1, Yes, Its Possible And We Want To Shock The World That We, Together With Our Consensus Power Can Achieve $100 As *Exchange Rate*.

To Be Realistic, The Exchange Won’t Have Pi In Stock To List,I Mean, We Don’t Even Have Enough Pi Reserved For The *Liquidity Pool* For Pioneers To Trade. In This Case, The Exchange Doesn’t Have Power Over Listing Pi, Since Its Economically Not Possible To List Pi At $100 Due To Its *$2Trillion* Market Cap Exceeding Limits. They May List It At $1 – $10.

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The Truth Is That If Pioneers Are Trading Pi In The Liquidity Pool At $100/1π , Nobody Would Like To Take His Pi To Be Traded At The Exchange For *$1 Or $10/1π*.

Besides Our Community Is Bigger Than The Exchange, So We Don’t Need The Help Of Exchanges To Trade Pi.

On A Serious Note, Pioneers Don’t Even Need To Take Their Pi To Exchange And Trade For Cash, No, We Have The Liquidity Pool, Where You Can Easily Trade:Buy And Sell Pi For Fiat Or Other Coins Available. Pioneers Doesn’t Need The Exchange.

Well, At This Point, I’d Like To Say That, My Opinion On This Discussion Today Doesn’t Mean That I’m *RIGHT or WRONG*, Through Research And Practical Learning I’ve Been Able To Explain That This Is Mostly Likely Whats Going To Happen…
Nobody Can Predict The Price Of Pi, So Let’s Keep Close Watch And See What Will Happen.

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We Hope Pi Achieves $100/1π , That’s Our Prayer. 

Alright, Let’s Stop There For Now, Thank You For Sparing Out Time To Read Our Wonderful Long Text Thank You, I Appreciate. Pi Network Price Prediction

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