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The initial value of Pi’s mainnet must be at least $100

The initial value of Pi’s mainnet must be at least $100.


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The initial value of Pi's mainnet must be at least $100



What will be the starting price of the Pi after the main network, and analyzing this data will give you the most accurate estimate!

Since the Pi Network is an unlisted cryptocurrency, the exact price is not known. However, different data and examples allow estimates of expected values. In this article, I will explain based on TPL transaction.

As we all know, the Pi Network was launched on March 14th, 2019. But many people don’t know that around October of that same year, it had recruited 300 initial testers. They all passed KYC certification early and were granted permission to transfer inside the Pi by the Pi core team, so this group of people can pay for the Pi to buy real goods. In other words, they can make deals that we cannot. Around these 300 testers, one of the first communities, TPL (=The Pi Life Style) was born.

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Pi Lifestyle translates as “Pi Lifestyle Economic Ecosystem”. Its founding purpose is to create a comprehensive global digital economy services platform dedicated to serving Pi pioneers around the world! Here every pioneer can create his own shop. We can even offer auction activities for Pioneer! Currently, TPL has provided a total of $300 million in barter transactions to approximately 3,000 global pioneers. Current data shows that only TPL can provide a strong reference base for Pi mainnet online pricing. Because it is the ecosystem with the most inbound users and the fastest and most shipping transactions.

Currently, the TPL is available for download, installation and use from the Google and Apple stores. TLP also created a Discord channel. Pioneer communication system similar to the Pi chat room feature. However, the TPL Discord channel has a payment history menu. The latest data was uploaded on July 3, 2021 and you can see there are 2,717 cases.



The initial value of Pi's mainnet must be at least $100

After research, we found the USD exchange rate for the 867 transaction uploaded on November 16, 2020. I’ve seen a video of a foreign YouTuber analyzing data from this period in Excel. As a result, over 80% of transactions over this period were settled at a price of around $100 per Pi.

About 20% of the remaining trades are settled at a value of around USD 10-99 per Pi. Coincidentally, you can see that the price of the last 867 transaction was also $100. In other words, this is real data. What we are seeing is not just predictions, but transactions that actually happen. Most of the trades are bartered for each Pi = $100.

This shows that Xianfeng has already been valued for the faction. Also, since this is not a direct trade between Pi and US Dollars, but between Pi and real commodities, the price cannot fall within a certain period of time, even if the Pi is later sold in bulk on an exchange. Because, after a long barter, many pioneers set PI=100 USD in their minds. So, when the Pi mainnet is pre-estimated, it starts at $100. Even if PI is forcibly listed on an exchange, some poorly-sendered friends will sell extremely well and not drop sharply. After all, there is a huge ecosystem outside the exchange that supports prices!

So, TPL’s trading data is a strong indicator, and if the Pi is listed on a particular exchange in the future, the initial listing price could be over $100. In the current ecosystem, it is not difficult to see more and more large corporations and high-quality institutions slowly accessing the Pi network. So in the long run, the value of Pi will become scarce as production is reduced or stopped, and the ecosystem will attract more users. The price of the Pi should double from $100.

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