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Do you have 1000 Pi base coins? See how you will become a millionaire

Do you have 1000 Pi base coins? The administrator tells you: Hashcoin is the wealth of most people! In order to truly break the curse of the twenty-eight law of wealth!


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The Two-Eighth Law The Wealth Curse will always exist on our wealth road. That is to say, whether you are trading stocks or trading coins, only 20% of people will make money and 80% of people will lose money. Only Nicholas’ pi can truly break the two.

The course of the Eight Laws of Pi Wealth!

The Pi base currency is too scarce


Pi’s active members reached 25 million, while there were 80 million registered members. Out of a total of 100 million members, only about 20% understood the value of pi. They actively preached and lit lightning on time every day, but in fact 80% of them Because the member did not understand the value of pi, he only insisted on it for a period of time, and then gave up lighting up the lightning.


Looking back, the researcher talked about basic coins and hashrate coins. A lot of friends have been digging pi coins for a long time, but he doesn’t know what parts of the total amount of coins we dug up, pi coin researcher Let me popularize it here. Open the pi homepage, we can see that the amount of coins mined every day is mined by four miners: pioneer, contributor, ambassador, and node. Pioneer is the mining speed of 0.1 π coins per hour; the contributor is also the mining speed of 0.1 π coins per hour; the ambassador is calculated based on the number of online promoters multiplied by 25% and then multiplied by (0.1π/hour+0.1) The rule is to calculate the number of π coins to be mined per hour, that is, an increase of 0.1π per hour for each person invited; the node mining has not yet officially started, so the node absenteeism mining speed is now zero.

The administrator broke the news: There are less than 1,000 base coins for sending friends with more than 20 million!

The base coin you dig every day is 0.1π per hour, and you can dig 2.4 coins per day. You light up the coins you dig every day. Although you have thousands or tens of thousands of pi coins on hand, your basis is more than true. Not much, you have 1,000 base coins that can be proud of more than 20 million friends.

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You can figure out how many base coins you have by seeing when you join pi.

1. Launched on March 14, 2019, 1.6 base currency per hour x 24 hours = 38.4 base currency, 68 days.

2. Reaching 10,000 on May 22, 2019. The first halving is 0.8×24 hours = 19.2 base currency, 43 days

3. The second halving reached 100,000 on July 5, 2019. 0.4pix24=9.6 base currency per day, 115 days

4. The third halving reached 1 million on October 30, 2019. 0.2pix 24 hours per day = 4.8 base currency, 403 days

5. On December 8, 2020, it will reach 10 million and the fourth reduction in production will be 0.1pix24 hours per day = 2.4 base coins,

If you joined after December 8th last year, you currently have 800 base coins, and you have to make sure to light up the lightning every day! So everyone should cherish the 1,000 base coins in your hand, which can be used as soon as the mainnet goes online. Other hashrate coins are released periodically, and the official will explain the length of the release time!

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However, due to the different perceptions of friends, even if you are one of the 25 million active members, you may not be able to hold these 1,000 coins. The mainnet is online, maybe $100 each. You may be eager to buy a car and buy a house. If you use the base currency to cash out, your base currency will soon be taken away by 20% of high-consensus senders at a low price, because you think that the coin itself is free, and you think it’s okay to sell $100. Because the mainnet is online, you can send coins. The value of the currency has just begun, in a period of value confusion, you may not be able to bear all kinds of price highs and lows, and finally make your army shaken and sell the coins at the floor price.

The researcher analyzed this part of the wealth of the basic currency, and because 80% of the friends don’t know it well, they simply can’t hold onto this wealth! But there are still surprises in regret. Nicholas understands the weakness of human nature, because the coin has a release mechanism, the first to be released is the base coin, even if you sell a floor price, there are also hashrate coins, which are released according to the life cycle. Some administrators broke the news that the release rule is similar to the Bitcoin index declining rule to release. The total amount of coins distributed will be 100 billion, but the base coin is only 20 billion, and the hashrate coin reaches 80 billion. Send friends have 1,000 base coins on hand, and there may be 4,000 hashrate coins. Of course, the number of hashrate coins depends on your preaching.

Due to the special release mechanism of pi, you passively retain Hashcoin and release it according to the life cycle. Your real wealth is in this Hashcoin!

As you throw away the base currency at a low price in the early stage, it is the so-called eating a ditch and gaining a wisdom. At this time, you understand pi and see the value of pi. You will not easily sell at a low price. We know that the starting price of pi is 100. U.S. dollars, as the pi ecosystem becomes more and more perfect, coupled with the release mechanism of pi, after people see the value of pi, 80 million registered members instantly become active members, and they don’t have many coins in their hands, so they can only come to the market. Buy, other non-members also joined in large numbers, resulting in a scarcity of coins. According to analysis, the coins will reach $1,000 in 2023.

Those who sold in the early stage will definitely regret it. Fortunately, the hashrate coins are released according to the life cycle, and it is Nicholas who helped you keep your wealth! Therefore, it is not easy to acquire wealth, and it is even more difficult to hold wealth! You must first light up the lightning on time, and secondly, you must be able to hold the coin, otherwise the wealth will be easily lost.

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Pi is the wealth outlet for the next ten years. Now you have the opportunity to seize it. It is your ability to seize it. The result of Nicholas’s creation of pi and the average distribution of social wealth for you depends on whether the release can be grasped and whether it can withstand it. Can the fluctuation of pi price last three years?

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