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The world’s top blockchain experts predict 1pi1000USD

The world’s top blockchain experts predict 1pi1000USD! Pi friends, are you ready to make a fortune! Only need to take pi for three years to realize the freedom of wealth!


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The world's top blockchain experts predict 1pi1000USD

One of the most favorite words of our friends is chicken blood. As long as a firm believer says to send some good information, some friends will say chicken blood! Is it really chicken blood that our country’s sending friends are talking about?

In fact, it is not, foreign friends send more chicken blood than our country send friends! It’s just that due to some reasons, our country’s sending friends can’t access the information of foreign sending friends, and I don’t know the extent of foreign sending friends! Moreover, the chicken blood sent by our friends is justified and based on what has already happened, such as 100 barter, 100U barter, etc.

These are all real barter records! These are not chicken blood but what happened to the narrative group, but these bartering did not happen to the friends themselves, so the friends thought it was chicken blood!

Now that we talk about the value of barter, what is the value of the Pifu you still care about? Now the general foreign and domestic consensus has reached 100U, and I hope that the main network will start at 100U!

There have been many predictions about the value of Pai. There are predictions of 100, 100U, and 1000U10000U.

Today, another top blockchain expert in the world has predicted the future value of Pai. He predicted the future value of Pai after three years. Worth 1000USD! Let’s take a look first:

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In fact, there are still a few very good videos, but the editor has uploaded several times without uploading successfully. Let’s take a look at this video first!

Can the Pi network reach 1000U?

Many people say that it is impossible for each Pi to exceed 1000 U, but I said “not impossible” but I think there should be some prerequisites for this

1 Global cash inflation must continue.

2. Cash flow must return to the cryptocurrency market.

3. The total network of Pi Network must be completed.

4. At least 3 years later.

He predicted that it is not impossible to send 1,000 U, but there must be certain conditions! It is possible to send 1000U as long as the above four points are reached! So who is this person?

Eisen Slotkin is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning business plan strategist. He successfully tested and launched businesses in multiple industries.

His fast, iterative, and re-analytical approach has become the key to more than 700 new entrepreneurs in 2019 and 2020, helping them to package their business with business plans, financial models and presentations, and at the same time teaching them how to become what they want The celebrity CEO to be. His work has been published on television, radio and conferences around the world.

Eisen Slotkin is the CEO of the shadow company, and the founder of NFT maxi is a truly super-previous blockchain expert!


His prediction of Pie is also based on his method of predicting other blockchains, so his prediction can still be used for reference!

There are already many so-called experts and institutions in Pai who have speculated on the value of the future.


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Anyway, the predicted value is not low! Several experts and institutions have predicted that the future value will exceed 1000U!


So thank you for sending friends, we have participated in a really good project, and it is really possible to surpass 100U1000U or even higher in the future!


My friends insist that we will realize the freedom of wealth after three years of mainnet! It’s cool to think about it, don’t want it!


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