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Pi Network KYC – How to do Pi Network KYC | Pi Coin KYC

Pi Network KYC | Pi network kyc process, how to do pi network kyc, pi coin kyc, pi network kyc verification


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Pi Coin KYC | in this page, you will know how to do your Pi KYC and pass it successfully. 

Pi Network KYC - How to do Pi Network KYC | Pi Coin KYC


What is KYC?

KYC means “Know your Customers” or Know your Clients. KYC is a means of identification by law. 

Pi Network KYC 

Pi Network KYC is one of the most important part in the Pi Network project. It took the Pi core team more than one and half years to fully create a suitable Pi KYC App for the Pi Network.

Pi Network KYC help the Pi project to manage one person one Account on the Pi ecosystem. 

Pi KYC is very important because without passing the Pi KYC, you won’t be able to claim your Pi π on the mining app and you won’t be able to use Pi in the Pi network ecosystem. 

It’s compulsory to do the pi kyc so that you can claim all your mined Pi. 

One thing’s that amazed me most about the Pi KYC App is that, it support all the countries in the World legal documents and the KYC App is Decentralised with little centralised to make people’s Data be safe and secure.

Imagine, the largest and we’ll known Yoti KYC App was unable to build a KYC App that will support all the legal documents of the country’s in the World but Pi Network was able to do so.

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Yoti KYC Vs Pi KYC

There are so many things Pi App KYC used to over rank Yoti App KYC. 

1. Yoti KYC accept only dollar as means of payment for KYC process (traditional currency or currency with border)

WHILE Pi KYC App accept only Pi π currency/crypto as a means of payment (International currency or currency without borders)

2. Not every country can use Yoti KYC App 

WHILE All the country in the World can use Pi KYC App

3. Pi KYC App is 90% Decentralised + 10% centralised to approve documents WHILE Yoti KYC App is Centralised. 


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Pi Network KYC Documents

To know the legal documents of your country Pi Network accept, just check on the Pi KYC App and select your country and you will see all the legal documents of your country accepted by Pi Network. 

Pi KYC Procedure – How To Do Pi Network KYC 

To complete your Pi Network KYC, you will have to create your Pi Wallet first and also confirm your Pi Wallet in the Pi  App 

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After you have create your Pi Wallet, just watch it on the video below or read and follow the steps on the text instead. 


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Follow the steps by step instructions below instead. 

For Now, Watch The Video Of The KYC Verification (We will Update This Page with Picture Guide On How To Complete Your Pi Network KYC Verification Process Soon). You Can Always Check Back Here For The Updates Version Of The Pi KYC. 

1. GOTO your Pi Browser 

2. Click on “Pi KYC” on the Browser

Then you will see a page that looks like this one below


3. Select your Country

You will see a page that looks like this one below





How to Become Pi KYC Validator’s and Earn Pi Coin

To become a KYC Validator on the Pi Network, you will need to pass your KYC and per each person you validate you will be paid 0.25π as at the time of this writing. 

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Pi Network KYC Payment Price 

As at the time of this writing, Pi KYC App is changing people 1pi (1π) to do KYC but we believe the price will be lower as time goes on. 

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