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Dry ticket: sell 900,000 houses to prepare for mainnet stud pi! Strength Capital prepares 5 billion US dollars to collect pi for 1pi1000!

Dry ticket: sell 900,000 houses to prepare for mainnet stud pi! Strength Capital prepares 5 billion US dollars to collect pi for 1pi1000!

As the Pai mainnet gets closer and closer, many Pai friends broke the news that a lot of capital is large or that the bi circle big guys are preparing hundreds of millions of billions or even tens of billions to wait for the Pai mainnet to receive a large number of payments, and wait for the appreciation of wealth. ! For example, some friends broke the news that BG Capital, Seven Star Capital, Wilson Family, Agreement Joint Fund, Asia Sound Fund, CO Capital, Anderson Fund, DF Capital, GP Capital, etc., are all top capitals with large amounts (statement: the above capital is large Um, the other sent friends broke the news, the editor has also made inquiries, but the editor has limited ability and did not find out, so send friends to check if the above is true or not)! Only the editor of GP Capital found it, and it has public information to check, and many friends have seen this GP video (the video is below). The video details GP Capital’s plan to spend 5 billion US dollars to acquire the pie, and at the same time GP Capital will work with Gates Fund to help make Pai smooth mainnet online!


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Dry ticket: sell 900,000 houses to prepare for mainnet stud pi!  Strength Capital prepares 5 billion US dollars to collect pi for 1pi1000!

And GP Capital also made a forecast, predicting that the distribution will achieve 1,000 US dollars in 2023, so GP Capital is preparing to receive 5 billion US dollars!

So are the other large amounts of capital mentioned above true? Since the editor has not found it, I dare not judge the true or false (sorry for the limited ability of the editor), the editor only writes the GP capital that is reasonable and well-founded! If other friends find it, they can contact the editor to empower the group together! In addition to large amounts of capital, there are also many big players in the bi circle who actively broke the news that they will sell some of their mainstream goods BI (such as Bit, Ether, etc.) to collect a large number of them after the main network! For example, more than 30,000 Bit Bigger videos broke the news on the main network and received a large number of them. For example, the tens of billions of Bit Big Brother Xiang Ge also broke the news after the main network. There are also a large number of Bit Biggers who have joined dozens of bi circles. The big guy is ready to receive a large number of dispatches after the main net!

In addition to the large amount of capital and the big guys in the bi circle who are preparing to send a large number of distributions on the mainnet, there are also many ordinary friends who are also preparing to send the mainnet and then receive the distribution! Some friends have prepared 50 million, 20 million, several million, hundreds of thousands, and even tens of thousands, all of which are prepared according to their actual conditions! Today, some friends broke the news. They have prepared 900,000 yuan for the sale of the property after the main network. They only wait for the main network to receive the distribution. Let’s take a look at the news first:

Paiyou broke the news and sold the house, ready to do the big stud pie! Paiyou had 1,200 bits that year, but because he didn’t hold it, he only sold 9,800 yuan! After seeing the current price of the bit, the bit has always been brooding about it! The arrival of the pie gave this pie friend another hope, so he didn’t want to make the mistake of Bitt again, so this time he was going to make a big vote and sell the stud pie directly! What a great friend of my faction, the faction is definitely a believer! This kind of courage is commendable, but it is not recommended for everyone! Everyone must play pies according to their abilities and within the scope of their abilities!

So friends, after the mainnet is launched, there are a lot of big bosses and big capitals. Many large capitals have been lurking again, and they can only send the mainnet online to quickly harvest! Pai friends must hold the pie in your hand and let the capital boost the value of the pie quickly. Our ordinary pai friends just wait to enjoy the benefits of the fisherman!

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