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Filipino Celebrity dig 2000 Pi in 2 days

Another nation-wide digging faction is officially born! The Filipino Pioneer only joined in 4 days to dig out more than 2,000 factions, and another 440,000 fans and singers pushed crazy pie!


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Recently, the Internet broke out in the Philippines! A Philippine pie friend who has only been a pie vanguard for 4 days actually owned more than 2,800 pie in 4 days! Other talents only joined for 4 days, which is more than half a year than some pioneers joined. She showed it to everyone on her personal platform and predicted that she would reach 80,000 to 100,000 in December 2021. This faction has properly counterattacked and become a big faction player in less than 4 months.

This indirectly reflects that the acceptance of overseas faction is far stronger than you think. It is such a consensus that after the mainnet It will break through 100 million Pioneers in a very short time. Guys do it hard, they are all in hindsight, we are already at the forefront!

Filipino Celebrity dig 2000 Pi in 2 days


Filipino Celebrity dig 2000 Pi in 2 days


Recently, another popular singer with 440,000 fans on Facebook posted 6 consecutive posts about pi in just a few days.

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The purpose is to tell everyone that he is mining the pie so that he can invite more. Pioneer traveled with him, and his fans responded under his post that they were willing to join him. The music creation videos of this big brother are basically at the level of tens of millions of views.

Although there are only 440,000 fans, the influence it brings is definitely comparable to that of a million-fan blogger! Moreover, the craze for digging pie in the Philippines has begun to sweep across a large area, and it is fighting against the national digging pie in Vietnam.

Now in the pie chat room, many of the pie friends with small flags in the English community are from the Philippines.

Newly joined friends, people who like to watch the pi English community chat room will find it. Near the end of the Pai main net, Pai is gradually showing an explosive trend in more and more regions, and the acceptance of Pai overseas is far more violent than you think!

After we launch the main network at the end of the year, the first phase of the Pai network simulator will be permanently shut down, and the system will always operate independently without any control.

Future updates to the agreement will be contributed by the Pai developer community and Pai’s core team, and proposed by the committee.

At this point, their execution and deployment have completely relied on node update launches, just like any other blockchain, the faction will be completely decentralized.

Fake users or duplicate users will be discarded.

This will be the stage where Pi can connect to the exchange and exchange other assets. It is also the time when all our friends formally announce that we are the participants and contributors of the world’s first peer-to-peer network. In fact, we have won this battle!

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