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How to make Pi have High Value and Price in Dollars

How to make Pi have High Value and Price in Dollars 


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How to make Pi have High Value and Price in Dollars

Well, First Off, Let’s Start By Reminding You Again That “Pi Is Money”, And The Sole Purpose Of Money Is For Spending In Buying Of Goods And Services.

For Us To Achieve That Mission Of Making Pi To Become A Universal Currency, We Need To Spend Our Pi To Buy Goods And Services Instead Of Withdrawing Pi To Cash.

So In This Case, The Activities May Cause Positive Or Negative Effect To The Network.

How to make Pi have High Value and Price in Dollars


Let’s illustrate Pi Value and Price With 2 Examples…

Let’s Say, If You Want To Buy A New Phone That Cost $1,000.

When Pi Is Launched And Its Worth $1 Per 1π
In Your Bank You Have, Fiat Currency(Dollar) Of $2,000 And On Your Pi Wallet You Also Have 1,000π (CryptoCurrency). 
Remember Since Pi Is Money This Means You’re Having A Total Of Money (Fiat+Pi) Worth $3,000.

Example 1 – Negative Activity

First Thing That Comes To Your Mind Would Be To Withdraw Your Pi By Converting Your 1,000π To *$1,000* Cash And Then Use The Cash To Buy A Phone.

Which Now Leaves Your Former $2,000 In Your Fiat Bank Untouched And Your Pi Wallet Emptied.

Do You Know That Your Action Has Caused A Slight *Negative Effect* To The Value And Growth Of Pi Network? While Leaving Your *$2,000* Will Cause *Positive Effect* To The Bank , Of Which You Are Not A Shareholder And You’re Not Entitled To Any Profit That The Bank Earns From Any Positive Network Effect.

Example 2 – Positive Activity

Since You Have *$2,000* Fiat Balance And *1,000π*.
Why Don’t You Think About Buying Extra 1,000π First, Then You’ll Have A Total Of $1,000 Fiat Balance And 2,000π Pi Balance.

Now You Could Browse Through Any Of The Pi Mall Or Pi Stores Within Your Regions (Via Pi Utilities) And Order For That Same Phone And Pay With 1,000π.
Then You’ll Be Left With A Total Of $1,000 Fiat Balance And 1,000π Pi Balance.

At This Point Your Activity And Smart Idea Of Spending Pi To Buy The Phone Instead Of Withdrawing Pi Cash, Has Caused A Positive Effect On Pi Network.

But My Question Is; Does The Bank Pays You Interest For Keeping Your Money With Them?…No!

Remember , If Pi Network Earns Any Profit/Interest From The Positive Network Effect , All The Miners(Pioneers) Including You Will Also Be Entitled To Share In That Profit/Interest.

Alright, In Case You May Not Really Understand, Let’s Put It This Way…

1. If I Deposit A Cash Of $5,000 Into My Bank
And Then 10 Of My Friends On Seeing This, Also Deposit Went And Deposited Their Respective Amount Of Cash In Their Banks.

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This Will Cause A Greater Positive Effect To The Bank But All The Profit/Interest Belongs To The Bank Owner(s) Alone. Whenever You Need Your $5,000 The Bank Will Give You Back Your $5,000 Without Any Interest.

If You Buy 5,000π With $5,000 Into Your Pi Account.

And 10 Of Your Friends Also Do The Same.
This Positive Effect Will Increase The Growth And Value Of Your Pi.

As A Result Of This Effect, Your 5,000π Might Increase In Value And Price To $5,100 Or More Instead Of The Initial $5,000.
Which Means That The Network Has Now Paid You An Extra Interest Of $100 From The Positive Effect On The Network.

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Well, Some People Might Wonder About Where And How To Spend Their Pi To Buy?
Wow, I’m Glad To Let You know That The Pi Utilities Platform Has Got You Covered. 😀🤝🏼

And Your Next Question Would Be, What’s Pi Utilities.

*Pi Utilities* Simply Means A Place Where You Can Spend Your Pi In Exchange For Any Goods Or Services.

On This Utility Platform You’ll Find All Types Of Company And Businesses That Accept Pi As A Medium Of Exchange, Where You Can Order Anything You Want While You Pay With Your Pi Currency, Not Fiat Currency.

We Have Upcoming Utilities Such As Pi Chain Mall And Pi Barter Mall And Other Pi Malls As An E-commerce Online Market Stores Just Jumia, Amazon, Alibaba ETC Where You Can Shop Anything You Want, Pay With Your Pi And Get It Delivered To You .

Alright, I Hope Today’s Discussion Has Helped You To Understand And Also Realise The Importance Of Network Effect And Pi Utilities. 

So _We’re Actually Killing Two Birds With One Stone_, You Can Use Your Pi As A Store Of Value( Long Term Investment) And Also As A Medium Of Exchange(Buying And Selling And Withdrawing).

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Alright, That’s All For Now, I’m Super Grateful For Spending Your Time To Read The Text, I’m Sure You
Won’t Regret It.
Thank So Much🤝🏼

We Are Pi Network Pioneers ✊

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