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The Pi base currency is too scarce

The Pi base currency is too scarce: the administrator broke the news that there are less than one million people with 3000 base coins! The price of pi on the mainnet will surely soar!


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The Pi base currency is too scarce

The administrator’s super heavy revelation, first look at the administrator’s revelation:

Pi coins from basic computing power (pioneer computing power) can be used as soon as the mainnet is launched. Other reward coins are released periodically. The release time will be explained by some officials!

When the mainnet goes live, the number of basic hashrates each person has is very limited

Less than 1 million people with 3,000 coins

There are only about 5 million people with 2000~2999 coins

There are about 5 million people with 1000~1999 coins

Approximately 7 million people with 500 to 999 yuan

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The rest are less than 500 coins

So everyone should cherish the Pi coins you have

The above is a heavy revelation from the administrator.

Have you overturned your perception of the number of factions? The base currency is too scarce! First of all, let everyone popularize the computing power composition of your mining group.

The total computing power is equal to the pioneer computing power + contributor computing power + ambassador computing power + node computing power. It consists of four parts.

According to today’s admin broke the news that there are less than 1 million friends who have 3000 base coins, and based on 1 million people, the base coin is 3 billion; the number of friends with 2,000 to 2999 base coins is about 5 million, according to an average of 2500.

The base currency is 12.5 billion based on the currency; the number of friends from 1,000 to 1999 of the base currency is about 5 million, and the base currency is about 7.5 billion based on 1,500 coins; the number of friends from 500 to 999 is about 700.

Ten thousand people, based on 750 base coins, it is about 5.25 billion; the rest is the number of friends who send 500 base coins to be determined.

Assuming that the number of active people reaches 20 million, the base currency of 2 million people is below 500, and the base currency is about 500 million based on 250.

If we analyze it according to everyone’s consensus 1π=100 USD (any potential virtual asset on the main network will increase by 5 times, 10 times, or even 100 times, the popularity of the currency is obvious to all, according to the minimum 10 times to calculate 1π = 1000 USD), most of the base coins released by kyc are about 500. The total result is that the wealth of the main network is not less than 500×1000=500000 US dollars, and then the RMB 3.2 million is calculated. 1π=1000 dollars!

There will be millions of millionaires, hundreds of thousands of multi-millionaires, and tens of thousands of billionaires in China.

No matter how many there are, one of them will do. According to the conversion of 1,000 US dollars = 6390 RMB, having a 156.4π is a millionaire, and having 1564.9 enters the multimillionaire team!

Pi friends should cherish the pi in their hands, and cherish the free mining time for about half a year. Our persistence will surely be rewarded richly!


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