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How to Create Pi Wallet On Pi Browser Android and iOS | Pi Browser

How to Create Pi Wallet On Pi Browser | How to create Pi Network Wallet 


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Pi Browser pi Wallet | In this page, am going to teach you on how to create Pi Network Wallet using the Pi Network official browser “Pi Browser“. 


What is Pi Browser? 

Pi Browser is a decentralised and centralised Blockchain browser which intend to carry all the Dapp App and utilities App in the Pi Network Ecosystem. 

You don’t have Pi Network Account? Check here on how to create Pi Network Account and start mining Pi free on your phone. 

Please don’t jump reading, make sure you read everything and follow the instructions given below.

How to Create Pi Wallet On Pi Browser Android and iOS | Pi Browser

How to Create Pi Wallet

📌 Instructions

Before you can access your Pi Wallet, please download the new “Pi Browser” app from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Please make sure that you download the “Pi Browser” developed by Pi Community Company. To ensure you download the correct app, you can also complete this step later by following the steps below.

1. Open the Pi Network mining app (the original app that you use for mining Pi).

2. Go to the side menu in the upper left hand corner, and select “Pi Browser”.

3. Read the instruction there and tap the button “SIGN IN TO PI BROWSER”.

a. This will open either the Pi Browser and automatically sign you in if you’ve downloaded the Pi Browser, or to the appstore where you can install Pi Browser then open it.

b. For some Android users, it will open a link in the phone’s default browser instead of the Pi Browser, so you may need to open the Pi Browser app itself.

4. To sign in to Pi related apps on Pi Browser, the simplest way is through the mining app as instructed in the last step.

However, independently you can also directly sign into the Pi Browser by entering mine.pi in the URL field of the Pi Browser, and then tap on “Use other sign-in methods” and enter your Pi Network credentials.

5. After signing into the Pi Browser, you will see a welcome page with the “wallet.piicon.


Pi wallet


6. Click on the “wallet.pi” icon.



Read everything you see on the Pi Browser carefully

7. Click on “GENERATE WALLET”.

Pi wallet Passphrase

Please read everything you see on the Pi wallet carefully

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8. Copy out or write down your passphrase and make sure your passphrase is stored safely, either directly on your phone only accessible to you through your fingerprint (Android) or Touch ID/Face ID (iOS) or by copying and pasting it to a secret safe place. A passphrase is a “password” made of a long string of words.

WARNING: write down your passphrase and keep it safe and do not share it with anybody ever

This is like a private key for a crypto wallet. If you lose your key, you will lose access to the wallet and cannot recover the wallet due to the non-custodial nature of the Pi Wallet. So, please do not lose your passphrase, and do not leave it open to free access by others.

🚫 If you did not set up the biometric authentication during the wallet creation process, you may need to “UNLOCK WITH PASSPHRASE” in order to set up your biometric login (e.g. fingerprint or facial recognition).

NOTE: if your phone get lost or you uninstall the Pi Browser App, your fingerprint will not be able to open your wallet except your PASSPHRASE (after login back then you can now set another fingerprint to unlock your Pi wallet). 

Passphrase in PI Browser Wallet

A passphrase is a password to open the PI wallet. You will get it in the time of creating your wallet. You can not get it back at any cost when it is lost. There is no recovery option till now. So, a Passphrase is key to open your PI wallet.

NOTE: I advise you to keep your passphrase safe (write it down and store it in a safe place) 

Test PI

Before Pi get to mainnet, you will be given 100 Test-Pi coins as a bonus to test your Pi wallet transaction. Test-pi is not the real pi that you have mined through the PI app. Test-PI is solely for the purpose of testing transactions on the Pi Testnet and does not contain any value. The PI Testnet will be periodically reset as part of the testing, which will also reset your Test-PI balance.

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10 Things About PI Browser Wallet

1. PI browser wallet is the official wallet of the PI app. It is in beta mode as at the time of this writing, which means it still under the testing phase. In a very short time, it can hold the real PI coin when Pi π gets to mainnet.

2. You can download it from the play store or Apple store for free.

3. You need to create a wallet before you use it. You must have a pi mining app. If you do not have a pi mining app then at first you need to create it before downloading the pi browser or pi wallet.

4. Over a million Pi Network wallet was created in Just a day the wallet was released.

5. Keep your passphrase secure and store it in another place because it is difficult to memorise and it is your’s pi wallet password.

6. It is impossible to recover the passphrase because it is not stored in the Pi server.

7. Pi browser is currently in the testing phase so it does not keep real pi for now until Pi get to mainnet. 

8. You will get 100 test-Pi as a bonus which is only for testing purposes.

9. You can send and receive test-pi to anyone and check it in the history.

10. Do not download the pi browser from anywhere except from the play store and from Apple store because your pi may get lost.

How to transfer Pi π Coin

To learn how to transfer Pi to others from your Pi wallet, just follow this step below

1. Go-to your Pi wallet

2. Login with your passphrase or fingerprint (if you have it) 

You will see a Receive and Send button on the page

How to transfer Pi to others

3. Click on “Send” on the wallet

NOTE: if you don’t have any wallet to do your pi-testing, you can copy my wallet address below and test any amount of Pi with me 

My Pi Network Wallet Address: 


4. Copy the wallet address and test any amount to it for testing. 

In less than 2sec, the Pi will show up in my wallet.

That’s all.

You can now go to history to see the transaction details.

NOTE: pi wallet address from the Pi Browser always start with ‘G‘ or “GB

How to Receive Pi π Coin from others 

To receive Pi coin from others, just follow the steps below

1. Click on Receive

You will see your Pi wallet address 

2. Copy it and share it to the person sending you pi. 

That’s all, congratulations for creating your Pi wallet. 


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