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How to Earn More Pi Coin Aside from Mining | Pi Network

How to Earn More Pi Coin Aside from Mining, How to Earn More Pi Network Coin


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How to Get more Pi Coin | In this page, I am going to tell you many ways you can use to Earn More Pi π Coin Aside from the Normal Mining. How to Earn More Pi Coin

How to Earn More Pi Coin Aside from Mining | Pi Network


What is Pi Network? 

Pi Network is a digital Blockchain currency (Cryptocurrency) by the people and for the people spend by everyday people. Pi is a cryptocurrency you can mine on your phone — RECOMMENDED: Create Pi Network Account and Start mining for free

Recently, the Pi network cutting released a new mechanism to my pad and to earn more pi, so on this page, I am going to share with you everything you need to know on how to earn more Pi Network coin. 

This is not a cheat neither a trick, but this is from the pi network core team themselves. Pi network has been a wonderful crypto project right from the beginning in 2018/2019 and is still one of the best crypto projects ever created has it has all the features of money

Pi network is a unique blockchain project and web.3 and the most popular crypto ever created with the most active community. 

Don’t let me talk too much, let’s go into our main topic on how you can earn more pie coin.

How to Earn More Pi Coin? 

As I said earlier, pi core team has released a new mechanism to earn more pi and many pioneers are not aware of this. But don’t worry, because I will tell you how to earn it here below.

1. To earn more Pi coin, invite more active people into your money team, the more active you have the more pi coin you will be mining. 

 2. Add maximum of five (5) people into your security cycle.

3. Run pi Node (this is one of my favourite and the most passive earnings on Pi Network). By running the Pi Node is like having a money printing machine in your home. (You can run the Pi node on your laptop, desktop at home). 

4. The fourth one am going to tell you here is by using the “Pi Browser App”. The Pi Browser is a pi network web.3 app/software. I will advise you guys to start using the Pi Browser to start browsing the web instead of using Chrome, Firefox, opera mini, U.C browser etc. Start using Pi browser to browse the web instead. The more you use the Pi Browser, the more Pi you will earn. 

5. You can earn more pi biplane some of the pi network game in the Pi browser such as “World of Pi championship”, Pi game platform, pi network games from latin America, and so much more game coming up soon.


6. You can also earn more pi coin by using the “pi workforce pool“. Pi Network workforce pool is a freelance platform built on Pi Network Blockchain. Is a platform where you can offer people work, get job from there and you will be paid in Pi Coin only. 

7. You can also earn more pi by selling goods on the Pi marketplace such like on the pichainmall, pihub, piexpress, pi mall, pimallmetro etc. Visit them on the Pi Browser for better use. 

8. Lock some amount of your Pi and increase your Lock-up duration. RECOMMENDED — how to Lock-up your Pi to increase your mining rate

Instead of wasting your Data on Facebook, YouTube, Google, twitter, Instagram e.t.c without getting paid, why don’t you login into all these platform or do everything you want to do online by using the pie browser instead. None of this platform you use pays you by using them but pi network Pi Browser will pay you. 

9. Use the Pi Browser to chat (upgrading is coming soon on the Pi chat and you will be able to add people, upload, watch etc on the Pi chat soon). 

But to be able to earn pi π coin from the pi browser, you will have to make sure your Pi browser app is linked to your Pi Network mining App. — RECOMMENDEDhow to link Pi mining App to Pi browser

So guys, these are the ways to earn more pi coin. If there’s any other way, I will update this page. 

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That’s all! Thank you for reading and knowing how to earn more pi coin aside from mining Pi π on the Pi Network App. 

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