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Is Qava.org Legit or Scam – Qava Review | Qava.org Registration

Is Qava.org Legit or Scam, Qava.org Review, is Qava legit or scam, Qava Review


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Qava Reviewin this page, you are going to know of qava.org is legit or scam. You’re going to know if you can really make money on qava.org – Qava Registration Link Here

Is Qava.org Legit or Scam | Can I Really Make ₦200,000 on Qava in 7 Days


What is Qava.org?

Qava is a digital currency that aims to revolutionize the way money is created and distributed! It wouldn’t cost anything to send or receive Qava, making it practical and feasible for everyday transactions, and even micro-transactions.

The Qava ICO is an initial offering with the aim of proofing the concept around Qava, by distributing a total of 1Billion Qava (₦1Billion). By participating in this ICO, you can earn up to ₦200,000 worth of pre-launched Qava. There are 10 levels in the ICO. Every participant starts from L1 and can continue upgrading till they’ve reached L10. The ICO will end when 1Billion Qava has been distributed.

Qava liquidity pool

The Liquidity Pool is part of the Qava ICO program that aims to provide liquidity to the Qava exchange system. As a reward for participating in the liquidity pool, you get 20% bonus on every Qava locked for 7 days.

How Does Qava Work?

To make money on Qava, you will need to buy the Qava ICO with ₦1000 and you will get ₦2000 immediately. You can withdraw this money or use it to upgrade to the next level.

If you upgrade to level 2 with ₦2000, you will get ₦4000, if you upgrade to level 3 with ₦3000, you will get ₦6000 e.t.c. Check the Qava levels below

Qava Levels

LEVEL 1 (3 hours)₦1,000Q /fee₦2,000Q /reward
LEVEL 2 (3 hours)₦2,000Q /fee
₦4,000Q /reward
LEVEL 3 (6 hours)₦3,000Q/fee ₦6,000Q/reward
LEVEL 4 (12 hours)₦5,000Q/fee
LEVEL 5 (24 hours)₦8,000Q/fee
LEVEL 6 (24 hours)₦14,000Q/fee
LEVEL 7 (24 hours)₦24,000Q/fee
LEVEL 8 (24 hours)₦40,000Q/fee
LEVEL 9 (24 hours)₦60,000Q/fee
LEVEL 10 (24 hours)₦100,000Q/fee

What happens after Qava Level 10?

You will simply start or continue in the Liquidity Pool where you earn 10% bonus on every Qava locked for 7 days.

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About Qava Partners

  • Who are Partners?

    Qava partner program allows you to earn a commission for inviting users to our platform. You will earn 20% commission every time the user joins a Level.

  • What is partner code, and how do you get it?

    Partner code is an identity numbers and letters that is unique to all Qava members. By giving your partners this code, it will help us know they came from you.

    To get your partner code, simply login, go to menu and click on Partners. There, you will see your partner code in all its glory. Simply share it to your friends. And once they’ve joined and activated their account by joining a Level, you will start earning 20% commission.

    • You invited someone, but the person is not recorded as your partner?

      The person is not showing simply because the person did not use your partner code when registering.

      To verify if this is the case, tell the person to go to his Qava profile and check who is shown as the upline. If nobody is showing, it means the person did not use any partner code. If someone else’s name is showing, it means the person used another person’s partner code.

    • You paid to purchase 6 partners, but you still can’t Cashout?

      Please note that whenever you purchase partners, ONLY unactivated partners are assigned to you. You have to call those partners and encourage them to activate their accounts. Without them activating their accounts, they will remain inactive, and you won’t be able to cashout.

Qava.org Review – is Qava.org legit or scam

According to my experience on online stuff like this, I can tell you that Qava look like a Ponzi scheme but it not.  

All I can see here is that, they collect money from one person and add it up to your own and paid you.

Qava claimed that thay are running ICO (initial Coin offering), but what is their vision and mission? Are they going to list this on Crypto exchange?. 

Qava look real but at the same time it looks fake. 

Although, Qava might be a Ponzi scheme but what I see about the platform is that the money transactions occur on the platform is decentralised. (i.e, you pay me and another person pay you with immediate effect). 

If you want to make money on Qava, I can say someone should start has it is still early because when they start having millions of members in the platform, the platform might cash (Might crash or may not crash). 

Although, I personally I have make thousands of Naira on the platform in this few days I join the platform. 

Qava might not be so solid but you can give a try before the platform become scam.

Just register and start making money from now on before it get crash. 

Qava.Org Registration – how to register Qava account

To create a Qava Account, just follow this simple steps below

1. GOTO the Qava Registration page or Click HERE

2. Click on “Join Now” 

Qava Sign Up, Login, Qava.org ₦200,000 for 7 Days | Qava Account

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After you have click on “join now”,  you will see a page that looks like this one below

Qava Sign Up, Login, Qava.org ₦200,000 for 7 Days | Qava Account

2. Fill in all your your name, phone number, email address and password

3. Qava Partner Code: 23267qf

4. Click on “Register” 

That’s all! You’ve successfully create your Qava account. — CHECK HERE to know how to make money on Qava. 

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Qava.org Review (Video) 


Qava Register: Qava Registration Link


Qava Support Page

Here are few things you need to know. 


How to Buy Qava?

Simply login and click on Buy. You would be asked to enter the amount of Qava you want to buy.

  • What is Pending Buy Order?

    Whenever you want to buy Qava, and there is nobody to merge you with (that is, there is no seller available), the amount you will pay to buy the Qava will be recorded in your pending buy order till there is a seller available.

  • You’ve paid the required amount, what else?

    After paying the person you are merged to pay, you have to click on I’ve Paid. Once you’ve done that, the person you paid to has to Approve your payment also, before it will finally be approved in our system.

  • You have paid, but the person has not yet approved your payment?

    It might just be that the person hasn’t received your payment, maybe due to network issue. There is no reason to fret. Just make sure you have clicked on I’ve Paid, and keep getting in touch with the person till he/she finally approves the payment.

  • You have paid, but the person failed to approve your payment?

    If you have made the payment, but the person claimed you haven’t paid, simply click on I’ve Paid. Once you’ve done this, you should just wait for further instructions from us. There is no reason to fret at all.

  • You have paid, but your payment was rejected?

    This means the person claimed you did not pay, and the 72 hours deadline has elapsed. Simply contact us via [email protected]


How to Sell Qava?

Simply login and click on Sell.

  • What is Pending Sell Order?

    Whenever you want to sell Qava, and there is no buyer to merge you with (that is, there is nobody buying Qava at that particular moment), the amount you are selling will be recorded in your Pending Sell Order till someone wants to buy Qava.

  • You were not paid, but the person claimed he or she has paid you?

    It might just be due to network issue. There is no reason to fret. Contact the person to know what is going on. But once the time has expired and you still haven’t received the money, just click on Not Paid and wait for us to verify who is lying. Verification usually take 72hours (3 days). We know that is long, but please bear with us.

  • You were not paid, but the payment was APPROVED?
  • This can only happen if you failed to click on Not Paid after the time had expired, or after conducting our verification, we found out that you were TRULY paid.

    If this was an error on our side, please follow this EXACT INSTRUCTION:

    Before the instruction, take note of this warning:

    WARNING: You must only send us the email if the payment that you haven’t received was APPROVED.

    Now the instruction: Send an email to [email protected], with this subject: Sell 306, and explain what happened. Make sure you include your Qava email address and the Qava transaction ID.

    Please take note that the subject of the message must be: Sell 306. If it’s not, you will not get a reply from us.

    Again, the subject of the message must be Sell 306, nothing more, nothing less.

    REMEMBER: You should only send us the mail if the payment was APPROVED. If it’s still pending, DON’T send us the mail. If you do, you might be banned.



  • What is Liquidity Pool?

    The Liquidity Pool is part of the Qava ICO program that aims to provide liquidity to the Qava exchange system. As a reward for participating in the liquidity pool, you get 20% bonus on every Qava locked for 7 days.

  • You can’t find where to Join the Liquidity Pool on your Dashboard?

    Only members on Level 2 upwards can Join the Liquidity Pool.

  • Do you need to invite partners to claim your Liquidity Pool Earnings?

    Not at all. You don’t need to invite anybody or do anything to claim your liquidity pool earnings.

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