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Pi homepage update: Nicholas recruits product manager and engineering manager

Pi homepage update: Nicholas recruits product manager and engineering manager


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Pi homepage update: Nicholas recruits product manager and engineering manager

According to the latest news: Nicholas has started hiring people with lofty ideals, hiring product managers and blockchain & Mobile engineering managers. Those with the skills and talents in this area can sign up enthusiastically, because although there are only two positions, Pi Network can be said to be an equal opportunity employer. All eligible applicants will be considered for employment. No discrimination based on race, gender, color, religion, age, or any other legally protected basis. In short, you only need to consider whether you are competent, and you don’t have to worry about other factors at all.

Now pinetwork is getting better and better. A few days ago, some miners piapp interface updated, this interface is only updated for developers.

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Aug 15th – 3:43am

Dear Developer, if you haven’t joined a Hackathon team yet despite declaring your intent to participate, join an existing team through Brainstorm or create your own project using the Core Team’s recommended app ideas. Click the Read More button above for information on Hackathon participation steps and the App Ideas button to see recommended apps.


This is an update for those developers who are interested in this aspect. The hackathon will be over in almost a month. However, the development of ecological applications is not over. This is a long and endless process. The ecological development of pinetwork will never stop. The ecosystem determines the success of pinetwork, and various ecosystems will continue to emerge in the future.

Therefore, the project team has been advocating for all capable and motivated people to join. develop.pi is the gate of all developers, the paradise of cypherpunk. Here are the steps for you to join the development team:

Hackathon application ideas

Here are the steps the team needs to take to participate in the hackathon. You can also participate in events or use the above resources to make your project a success.

Join the hackathon through the brainstorming app

If you are a developer, please take the developer quiz in the Brainstorm application and become a verified developer.

In the brainstorming application, propose your project or join other published projects with specific application ideas. If you propose a project, please review your team’s applicants on Brainstorm via the “Manage Team” button and let other developers from Hackathon join your team.

Once you are ready to build your application, please visit the Pi developer portal and apply for and obtain your Pi SDK credentials by visiting develop.pi on the Pi browser.

Access the Pi SDK and documentation through the following link: https://developers.minepi.com

Submit the 2-3 minute video of your application demo to [email protected] or through this form https://bit.ly/pi-updates.

All of the above are the recruitment of technical talents. Now is the time when a large number of talents are needed to build a basic ecosystem. So, whether you have an idea or a technology, you can join it.

In the pinetwork network, there is always only a beginning, no end!

You choose to believe is the beginning, you start mining is the beginning, you repeatedly light the lightning again and again is the beginning, it proves that you have been there all the time, maybe you have doubted, but you still stick to it!

Defamation is the beginning, proof is the beginning, all development is intertwined with different voices is the beginning, arguing proves that everything is still in full swing!

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Adding 100,000 people is the beginning, and adding 1 person is also the beginning, because you will always move forward in the face of doubts!

KYC is the beginning, and the mainnet is the beginning. Every success is a new starting point. The establishment of every ecology means paving the way for a new ecology!

Your first shopping with pie is the beginning, and when you use pie to improve the lives of your family, subtle changes prove that pinetwork is gradually changing the world!

One pizza opened the 10-year long march of Bitcoin. The circulation of 10,000 pie is the beginning, the circulation of 1 million pie is the beginning, and the circulation of 100 billion pie is not the end. Isn’t the new world opened like this?

However, it doesn’t matter to you that everything started. The most important thing is that you started?


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