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Pi Nicholas has finally begun to show off: the project team has begun to make pre-layouts for the main online line on many social platforms!

Pi Nicholas has finally begun to show off


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Pi Nicholas has finally begun to show off: the project team has begun to make pre-layouts for the main online line on many social platforms!

Pi Nicholas has finally begun to show off

Pi Nicholas has finally begun to show off

Since its inception in 2019, the project team has maintained a low-key development, and has hardly carried out any publicity and promotion to the outside world.

Even under such a low-key situation, it has been a mess, and it has spread all over the world! In just over two years, there are as many as 20 million members all over the world, and the number of members can be said to completely crush any project! The reason for this achievement is that the faction has entered people’s hearts and gained recognition! This is not to say that Pai stepped on shit, but a proof of strength!


There are so many projects now. When a project comes out, it’s not that the project party convenes various conferences, what kind of capital is called, what kind of institutional support, etc. The first one is bigger than the other, and the century of investment of billions and tens of billions of billions. project!

The bullshit is better than the bullshit, but the result is often that the project runs off a few months later, all kinds of dumping, and the members are not working every day! So a dog that can bark does not necessarily bite, and a dog that does not bark may be a tiger!


Therefore, a project can never be developed by scams and abductions, and only those that are down to earth will be sought after by people! Pie is one of the few down-to-earth projects in the past three years without any fancy! It has been for more than two years to send a hidden endurance, everything is basically ready, now there is no need to endure, it is time to start showing the results! The project party should also be prepared to pave the way for the main online line! Let’s take a look at the heavy news of the administrator:

@gf777 However, foreign countries are really hot right now, and the project party has contributed to many social software. 

A short sentence can reflect the current attitude of the project party, and the current attitude is very clear! Began to work hard to pave the way for the main online line! The administrator said that the phrase “the project team is working hard on many social software” represents an extraordinary meaning! To put it bluntly, social software is a platform for network propaganda.


Nicholas has begun to show off, and the project party has begun to promote the mainnet! Because foreigners can read the messages sent by the project party on the design software at will, the administrator said “Foreign countries are really hot now”!

Suffering from certain reasons for sending friends to our country, I can’t see foreign news and think they are all liars! I just want to say that at the end of the year, the mainnet will be launched for about five months.


If you want to believe it, you can believe it or not. There must be no direct interest relationship between sending friends and sending friends! Whether it’s your referrer or group leader, self-media or public account, big coffee or big boss, etc., I have been tirelessly telling you that pie is a good project for two years, and my mouth is broken. If you believe it, naturally believe it.

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He who doesn’t believe will never believe it. To tell the truth, five months will pass in a flash, and there will be no post-medication! But in the end, the editor still wants to say, we must persist, and you will be done when you persist on the mainnet!

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