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International Barter Mall is about to launch the pi test chain

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good news! good news! International Barter Mall is about to launch the pi test chain! A pi minimum of 65! Maximum unlimited! Feel free to buy with the faction in your hand!

International Barter Mall is about to launch the pi test chain



With the approach of the main network, more and more Pai malls around the world support the use of Pai ecology.

With the development of Pai’s ecological application more and more perfect, many global Pai malls will soon be open to every Pai friend in the world! You must not think that the pie in your hand is worthless in the future, just be afraid that when the time comes, all kinds of ecological services will be dazzling, and you will spend all the pie in your hand accidentally!


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Participating in pi’s ecological layout and construction will be the most violent and popular business in the next few years, whether it is through bartering, trade, services, or finance, or gaming In the future, the wealth of Pai will have several times, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times the value-added potential!

PNM, a well-known veteran international barter mall of our friends, also officially announced that it will start the test-pi transmission mechanism, and will formally connect to the pi test net blockchain website and connect to the pi test net blockchain!


It means that we will officially be able to connect to the test network and let us use the test pi for virtual bartering.

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All transactions will be carried out in the pi test network, so you will not receive the real object. But the most notable thing is that the lowest price of all products in the mall must also ensure that the value of 1pi is not less than 65! That is, the most basic consensus reserve price, a base price of 65 yuan!


The mall does not set an upper limit value for a group of representatives, only a minimum consensus reserve price, which will be very helpful for all our friends to initially establish a consensus value of no less than 65 during the test bartering process!



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The pie you dig will enjoy a global barter in the mall with a value of no less than 65 yuan! How many factions do you have?

Of course, this is just the beginning, and there will be more room for value breakthroughs in the future.


Those who say that pi is worthless or a few cents will all be beaten~ How can we build it before the main net? With this indestructible consensus, what kind of posture will it explode after the mainnet?


If the original pi obtained by Pioneer Mining in the early stage is a gold rush bonus, then the main network’s participation in the ecological layout and construction on the Pai chain in the future is a naked act of exchanging goods and services for gold!


In the future, all Pai Pioneers can not only participate in Pai mining to light up the lightning every day, watch the main screen advertisement, be a node, share their own Internet speed and storage space to obtain valuable part-time benefits. It is also possible to obtain full-time substantial benefits by opening an online store, selling your own skills, services, products, and other methods in the ecology of Pai!

Aschoolz.com telegram


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The future belongs only to people with vision, courage, and structure. However, this group of people are those who have begun to make arrangements when others are still doubting!


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