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AgriCoin Staking | How to Stake AGX in Trust Wallet • Agricstake

Agricoin staking, AGX Coin staking, AGX staking | How to stake Agricoin on Trust Wallet


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Agrichainx AGX Staking | in this page, you will learn how to stake your AgriCoin (AGX) and earn extra income every day. 

AgriCoin Staking | How to Stake AGX in Trust Wallet • AGX staking

Yeah, apart from making profit from Agrichainx Node Account and liquidity mining, there’s another way to earn USDT, BUSD and Bitcoin with your Agrichainx AGX Coin.

The Agricnode is the first to introduce by the Agrichainx community and next, liquidity mining was introduced, then staking AGX to earn was introduced and in the next coming weeks, AGX yield farming will also start in the Agrichainx Agricnode page soon and many more to ways to earn money on the Agrichainx platform will be introduced. 

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But in this page today, we are going to look at how to stake your AGX Coin on Trust Wallet. Before we move on how to stake AGX on trust wallet, let me quickly explain what Agrichainx and staking means for you.


What is Agrichainx?

Agrichainx is a Blockchain agriculture platform connecting farmers to market, finance, tools and resources. Agrichainx is built on blockchain to make agricultural operations seamless.

What is staking?

What is staking? Staking is the process of actively participating in transaction validation (similar to mining) on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. On these blockchains, anyone with a minimum-required balance of a specific cryptocurrency can validate transactions and earn Staking rewards. 

AgriCoin Staking | AGX Staking 

So on the Agrichainx Blockchain platform, when you stake a certain amount of AGX, you will be earning 20% of your staking in three different coin such as BUSD, Bitcoin and WBNB in a Month.

Now I believe you understand what staking means in a Blockchain.

AgriCoin Smart Contract Address

AGX Smart Contract Address: 0xa2d78cb5cc4e8931dc695a24df73cb751c0aeb07

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BNB)

How to Stake AGX in your Trust Wallet

To stake your AgriCoin (AGX) on trust wallet, just follow this step below but firstly, make sure you have AGX Coin (Agrichainx coin) on your trust Wallet before you start. After you confirm there’s AGX Coin in your trust wallet, then proceed.


1. Copy the link above👆👆

2. Open your trust wallet

3. Click on “Dapp

4. Paste the link in the search box and click search

5. Change the ethereum to smart chain by clicking on top right corner of your phone

6. Connect your wallet

7. Select the type of pool you want

8. Then put the amount off AGX you want to stake

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9. Then tap to stake

NOTE: Agx will not be giving to you back but Bitcoin, BNB and WBNB will be given to you instead..

If you staked $100AGX in BUSD pool you will get you $120BUSD after one month

If you staked $100AGX IN BTC pool you will get $120 worth of BTC after one month

If you staked $100AGX in wBNB pool you will get $120 worth of wBNB

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NOTE: all staked Agx is paid on 20% interest rate after one month of stake. You cannot unstake your coin until one month.


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