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Pi Network Price Prediction | How much is Pi Network Worth 2022

Pi Network Price Prediction | Pi Network Value, Pi Network Coin Price, Pi Coin price today, pi network price today. 


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Pi Network Coin Price | Pi Network is a New Digital Currency That Can Be Mine On Phone. In This Page, We Are Going To Talk About Pi Network Price. 

Pi Network Price Prediction - how much is Pi Network worth

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This content answer all your questions and doubt concerning Pi π price.


But don’t worry, I will make it easy for you to read. 

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Pi Network Price Prediction – Pi Network Value 


Hello Pioneers!
  Let’s Briefly Talk About The *Price* Of Pi.
I’m Sure You Do See Pictures, Posts And Screenshots Of Pioneers Talking About Agreeing On Pi To Worth $100, $200, $314, $1000.

I Find It Hard To Agree With That Price And I Always Feel Its Misleading And Deceitful To Tell People That Pi Will Be  Worth Nothing Less Than $100 After Launched

Well To Be Honest, It’s Not Just About   Agreeing Or Voting For The Price Of Pi To Be $100, It Doesn’t Actually Work Like That.
I Used To Get Confused When I Hear People Talk About Pi Being $100, Because *Technically And Mathematically* Pi Can’t Start At That Price,  NO.

I Know Some People May Not Like What I’ve Just Said, Some Reading This Post Are Already Upset But Believe Me,  Its Not Like I’m Against The Possibility Of Pi Being Valued At $100. 
But Please Before You Nail Me On The Cross, Just Read Til The End, There You’ll Get To Understand Why.

I’m Not A Criticizer And I Don’t Argue With People,  That’s Because I Respect People’s Opinion A Lot. I Believe  In Whatever Someone Tells Me, Self-Opinion Is A Right, Opinion Doesn’t Mean Its Right Or Wrong, Its Spoken Out Of One’s Believe.

So When People Give Their Opinion, Don’t Criticise, Listen To What They Have To Say First, Ask Questions Politely And Try To Figure Out Why They Say It.
This Person Might Be Saying It Out Of Ignorant Or Lack Of Knowledge,  There You Can Give Him Your Own Opinion And Explain And Also Why.

Here On This Post,  Is My Opinion; What I Think About The Price Of Pi And I’ll Explain Why, So Let’s Go!


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Type of Pi Network Price

Alright, I’ve Discussed It Before On Our Group  In The Past That Pi Will Have Two Types Of Price.
1. Exchange Price
2. Consensus Price

Pi Network Exchange Price

Is The Value At Which Pi Is Worth In The Coin Market.
This Is The Price At Which Traders  Can Buy & Sell Pi At The Exchange.

Pi Network Consensus Price

Also Known As Community  Price Or Barter Value , Is The Price At Which Pi Is Worth Within The Pi Network Community.

This Is The Value At Which Pi Can Be Used In Buying And Selling Goods And Services In The Pi Utilities

Pi Utilities Are Places Where You Can Spend Your Pi.
You’ll Find Both *Ecosystem And Business* Model Apps Offering Their Goods And Services For Pi.

Type of Pi Network Apps

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There Are Two Types Of Apps You’ll See Ob The *Pi Utilities*:

Pi Network Ecosystem Apps

Are Apps Built For Internal Use Only,  By The Community Members.
This Apps Are Meant To Foster And Contribute To The Growth Of The Network And Pi Community At Large
This Type Of Apps Are *Non-Profit Oriented*, They Are Not For The Purpose Of Making Making.
Example Of Ecosystem Apps Includes; The KYC App, Pi Chat, Global Currency Converter,Etc

Pi Network Business Model Apps

Are Types Of Utilities Owned By *Private Individuals* , Pioneers Who Are Willing To Offer Their Goods And Services In Exchange For Pi As Payment.
This Apps Are Solely For *Profit Making*
We Have Example Such As Pichainmall, Pitogo, TPL, PiTaxi ETC.

Therefore,  If You Have Business You Do In Real Life, You Can Propose It To The *Core Team* , And If You Meet Up With The Requirements Then Your Business Will Be Added In The *Pi Utility* Platform,Where Its Been Advertised To Over 30Million Users On The Network. And You Know You Could Earn Real Passive Income If People Really Like What You’re Offering In Exchange For Their Pi.

Differences Between Pi Network Ecosystem Apps and Business App

So The Difference Between Ecosystem And Business Model Apps Are Like The Difference Between A *Government  Company* And A *Private  Company*.

Generally,Most Government Companies Are Non-Profit Oriented, It Provides *Essential Services* To The Citizens Of The Country, while Private Companies Are Established For The Purpose Of Making Money.

Now Let’s Go Back To Discuss The *Price Of Pi*.

The Price of Pi Coin

People Suggest A Lot Of Prices For Pi Ranging From $100, $200, $314, $1000 ETC.
But The Most Talked About Price Is Usually *$100 Per 1π*.

I Some Time Explained To People That Already *1π* Is Worth *$100* Within The Pi Community And This Price Can Be Seen As The *Barter Value* Within The Pi Community. Yet,  You Won’t Be Able To Exchange Pi To Fiat Currency At That Same $100/1π Price Rate, Because That’s The *Barter Rate* , Not The *Exchange Rate*.

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So I Said Pi Might Be Worth *$100* As Consensus Price But  The Exchange Price Could  Be Around *$1* Or Less Than *$1*.
Well, My Assumption Doesn’t Mean That I’m *Write Or Wrong*.

Nobody , Even The *Core Team* Cannot  Predict The Price Of Pi.
Oh!, That Was Then , But Now That We Know The Estimated Amount Of  *Max And Circulating Supply Of Pi*, Then Mathematically We Can Now Estimate What The Value Of Pi Would Be.
So Let’s Get Down To It.🤝🏽

Pi Network Price Prediction PART 2

Since The Price Of Pi Isn’t Speculative And Manipulative, Its Said That The Price Of Pi Is Base On *Consensus Voting*.
If Pioneers Can All Agree And Vote For *$100* Per *1π* Then Surely Pi Will Worth *$100+*.

This Statement Is Very Correct And 100% True, But How Is That Possible? , How Can We Achieve That Price , Because Its Not Just About Saying “Vote For $100”, We All Need To Do Something.

So The Question Is , What Is It That We Have To Do?

You Know, I Was Never Comfortable With People Saying Pi Will Be $100, People Keep Saying It And The More I See Those Posts It Makes Me Feel So Bad That If Pi Launched And It Doesn’t Turn Out To Be *$100/1π* A Lot Of People Will Start Giving Bad And Negative Reviews About Pi Network.

I Know That Mathematically And By Formula, Pi Cannot Be Worth $100 As *Exchange Price*.
Even Though  Pi Won’t Be Listed On The Exchanges But We Still Have To Consider The Exchange Price As Well.

Well , That Statement Is  Very Correct Too And I’m Aware That Pi Doesn’t Need The Help Of The Exchanges To List Pi.
But Then People Are Still Saying Pi Is Worth $100+.

There I Keep Asking People…

  • Don’t You Think That
    Coins Are Ranked On The Market By It Market Cap?
  • Do You Think Its Economically Possible By Calculations For Pi To Be Worth $100 And Why?
  • If Pi Is Worth $100 Have You Thought About Multiplying It By The Number Of Pi In Circulation To See It Market Cap, Cos Obviously It Will Be More Than 3x Of The Whole Crypto Currency Market Cap. 
  • If Pi Is $100 , By Market Cap It Will Definitely Dr Debut And Rank #1 On The Market Which Is Not So Possible…
  • So If People Say Its Going To Be $100 As Exchange Price, Why And How Is That Even Possible?

People Don’t Usually Give Me The True And Right Answer To This My Questions Above, Instead They’ll Say “The Only Way To Achieve It Is Through Consensus Voting By Pioneers To Agree On $100/1π”. 

Some People Will Say “Believe It Or Not, Pi Is $100, Just Wait And See” .

Then It’ll Pop Another Question In My Mind,  Asking, “I Know, We Mined Pi For Free And All Of Us Would Love To Sell Our Pi High At $100/1π For Anybody But The Big Question Is, Would You Buy Pi At $100/1π ?

Let’s Say It This Way…
Selling 100π For $10,000 Could Make You So Rich.

But If You Never Had Pi, Would You Be Able To Afford $10,000 To Buy 100π???

So Why Do We Want Pi To Be Worth $100? , So That People Won’t Be Able To Afford It?
Or So That You Could Become Rich Just Because You Mined Pi?
Doesn’t That Sound A Bit Too Greedy?

I Mean , I Tell People, At Least If Pi Is Worth $1, People Who Doesn’t Have Much Pi Can Afford To Buy More Pi And Hold. But $100 Will Discourage People From Buying Pi.

Well, I’m Not Against Pioneers Agreement On $100, I Totally Support It, But I Want To Help Explain Something To Us, So Please Listen.

Telling People To Vote For The Price Of Pi To Be $100,
Is Achievable Only As A The *Community Value* But Not Possible As The *Exchange Listing Price*.

When *Crypto Experts* Hear Pioneers Saying That 1π Will Be Worth $100 , They See It As An Act Of *Ignorant Greed* 

 It Sounds Like A Joke To This Experts, Because This Is Same Thing As Saying…
For In stand If You Have An *Apple Farm Land* , It’s Time For Time For Harvest And You Decided To Open And *Apple Shop* To Sell Apples.

Let’s Assume That The Actual Price Of 1Apple Is *$1*, But Then Cos You Have An Apple Farm Where You Get Apple For Free, You Came Into Apple Market And Tell All The App Sellers To Agree On Lifting The Price Of Pi From *$1 To $10* .

Now What Do You Think Will Happen If By Consensus Voting Apple Sellers Start Selling Apple At *$10*?

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This Means The Ordinary Won’t Be Able To Afford Apple Anymore But The Rich People Will Keep Buying Apple Regardless Of The Price, Even If 1 Apple Is Worth $100, They Rich Will Still Buy It.
Pi Network Price Prediction | How much is Pi Network Worth

Don’t You Think It Will Be An Act Of *Greediness And Selfishness* To Voluntarily Lift The Price Of Apple To Be Sold At $10 , Just Because You Have An Apple Fake Hwrre You Get Apppel for Free, Oh! Cos You Want To Get Rich Over Night But Have You Thought About Other People’s Feeling???

Apart From Being Greedy And Selfish , There Are *Market Laws, Monetary Policies And Price Formulation Policies* That Governs How Commodities; Coins, Stock, Shares Etc Are Being Bought And Sold

There Are Agencies Such As *Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC)* & *Anti Money Laundering Commissions* Charged With The Authority To Oversea That All Marketers Must Adhere To  All The Required Laws, Regulations And Policies In Other To Prevent Sellers From *Greedily Exploiting* The Consumers And Taking Advantage Of Them.

This Market Laws, Rules And Policies Are The Reason Why Pi Can’t Be Listed At *$100/1π* On The Coin Market As *Exchange Rate* Or *Liquidity Rate*.

Pi Network Price PART 3

Let’s Take Another Example To Illustrate More.
Here In *Nigeria*, A Litre Of Fuel Is Sold At *170 Naira* That’s About *$0.30*
Let’s Imagine What If One Day A Man Discovers That He Has *Petroleum Oil* In His Land After *Land Survey*.

Then This Man Starts Drilling Oil From His Land For *Free*,  And Goes After Informing  The NNPC , OPEC And All Oil Dealers In Nigeria  To Vote For The  Price Of Fuel To Be Sold At *1,000 Naira Per 1Litre*.

Now What Do You Think Will Happen?
You As A Consumer , How Will You Feel About The High Increase In The Cost Of Fuel?
Would You Be Able To Afford Buying Fuel At *1,000 Naira* Per *1 Litre*?
Meanwhile Don’t Forget That The Rich People Will Still Buy Fuel Even If It’s 10,000 Naira Per Litre.

This Will Create A Gap Between The Rich And Poor. The Poor Will Feel Oppressed And Weak.

Now On The *White Paper* Of Pi Network, There’s A Place That Talks About *Bridging The Gap Between The Poor And The Rich*.
The Core Team Are Not Greedy, They Lead By Example.

This Network’s Foundation Was Built By The Act Of Selfless Support,  Love, Trust And Team Work.

So Whatever You Do On Pi Network, Consider Your Work And Think About Other People’s Feeling Concerning Your Choice.

Now,  If The Consensus Price Is *$100/1π* , Don’t You Think That The Same Rate  Will Also Reflect On The Exchange?

I Mean…
If You Are Offering Your Goods For Pi , Won’t You Feel Discouraged That You’re Selling $100 Worth Of Goods For Just 1π
Meanwhile Someone At The Exchange Is Selling Fiat Worth $100 For 100π ???

And On The Other Hand…Why Would A Pioneer Spend 100π To Buy Fiat(Cash) Worth $100?
What’s The Purpose Of Having Fiat? To Spend It , Right?

So Why Did You Have To Sell Your 100π For $100,  Meanwhile You Could Only Spend Just 1π For A Product Worth $100???

So Its Kinda Like Complicating If We Say That Pi Has Two Different Types Of Price , Which Is Why I Tell People That Whatever Is The Consensus Price , That Same Price Will Also Have To Reflect On The Exchange.

Nobody Was Able To Really Explain To Me Why They Believe Pi Can Be Worth $100, But I Was Able To Find Out The Answer By Myself Because I’m More Of A Visionary On Pi Network , And True Pioneers Don’t Criticise , Instead They Keep Doing Research Everyday To See How They Can Truly Understand Every Single Thing On The Network.

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So I’m Happy That I Was Able To Find Out How It’ll Possible For Pi To Be Worth $100.
Yes, I’ll Say Its By Consensus Vote Or Agreement, But That’s  Not All , Voting Alone Won’t Work, There’s Something We Need To Do, Which Is What I Like To Call *The Greed Factor*.

In The Past Since Early Last Year On Our WhatsApp Group, I Explained The Price Determinants Of Pi.
The Factors That Would Lead To The Rise In The Value Of A Commodity/Pi .

Economically, The Number One Major Factor Is Usually Caused By *The Forces Of Demand And Supply*,
I Mentioned Other Factors And Then I Also Mentioned *The Greed Factor* .
So Let’s Find Out What That Really Means🤣🤣🤣
And How It Can Help Us To Achieve The Price Of *1π* Being Worth *$100*…

Since Our Consensus Barter Price Is $100/1π But This Price Is Not Economically And Mathematically Possible As Exchange Price. Because It Won’t Be Fair For 1Pi To Worth $100 Within The Community And Then $1 In The Exchange.

No, Both Exchange And Consensus Price Has To Be The Same.

Since Its Not Economically Possible, But We *PIONEERS* Wants To Shock The World And Show Them That We Have The Power💪🏼 In Our Hands✊🏼 To Do *The Impossible* And Dominate The Crypto Market.

Our Pi Economy Is Very Strong And We Can Do Whatever We Want Since We Have The Power.
The Power Is In The Consensus.

So The Question Still Remains , What Do We Have To Make The Same Consensus Price Of $100 To Reflect On The Exchange?
Don’t Worry, I’ll Explain. Just Read On…🤝🏽🥲
I’m Already Getting Too Excited And Happy To Reveal This To You🤗☺️😄😆

What We Need Is Just Two(2) Things Which Is Consensus Agreement &  Greed Factor. 

Consensus Agreement & Greed Factor on Pi Network

1. By Consensus Agreement: It Means A Democratic Voting By A Group Or Community Of People Agreeing On  A Particular Thing.

In This Case, Every Pioneer On Pi Network Must Agree And Acknowledge That Pi Should Be Worth $100+.

Naturally, Human Beings Are *Greed* By Nature.

For Example, If There Are 3 Sellers In Pi Utilities

*Mr.A* Offers Goods Worth  $1 In Exchange For 100π

*Mr.B* Offers Goods Worth $10 For 10π
While *Mr.C* Offers Goods Worth $100 For 1π

Its Obvious That Everybody Would Would Only Buy From *Mr.C* Because He Requires Little Amount Of Pi In Exchange For A Huge Sum Of Product.

No Body Would Want To Spend Too Many Pi Is Buying Things From Mr
A Or B.

There, Our Greed Will Automatically Give Pi A Standard Value Of *$100 Per 1π*.

So Already We Have Achieved That Consensus Price Of *$100/1π* . Because The Power Is In The Consensus Agreement, Whatever The Community Agrees On Is What Will Be Done And Nobody Can Value Pi Less Than $100 Within The Pi Community.

But Since Its Not Possible For Pi To Be Worth $100 At The Exchange , Then I’ll Show You That We Can Make It Possible By Implementing Our  Natural *Greed Factor*.

Recall That Pi Will Have A Total Supply Of *100Billion*
And According To The *Token Distribution* , The Core Team Has Taken *20%(20Billion Pi)* , While *80%(80Billion Pi)* Is Left For The Community.

Alright, Check The Screenshot On The Next Text To Read More About The Tokenomics. (I mean the second screenshot of Pi liquidity pool). 

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Pi Coin Price Prediction PART 4 – Pi Liquidity Pool 

Pi Network Price Prediction

Our Focus Here Is On The *5Billion Pi* Reserved For *Liquidity Pool*.

*Liquidity Pool* Is Similar To A *Launch Pool*

Its Simply A Collection Of Funds Locked In A Smart Contract Program Where By Traders Including Pioneers Can Easily Buy And Sell Pi For *Fiat Currency(Cash)* Or Swap It With Other Types Of CryptoCurrency.

This Is Why We Say That Pi Doesn’t Need The Help Of  Exchanges To List Pi. Don’t Be Surprise If You Don’t See Pi On Any Online Exchanges.

The Reason Is Because We Have Our Very Own *Liquidity Pool* Which I’ll Like To Call It Our *Pi Exchange* .If You Happen To See Pi On Any Exchange,  Traders And Pioneers Are The Ones Taking Their Pi There To Be Traded,  Not The Exchange Itself.

The Exchange Will Only Provide A *Launch Pool* For Traders To Trade Their Pi And Earn More Money.

The Core Team Has Reserved *5Billion Pi* For Liquidity Pool, This Means That A Total Of *5Billion Pi* Will Be Available  For Pioneers And Traders To Buy & Sell.

This Is What I Always Say On Our Groups, There’s No Need For You To Go Into Pi Groups And Be Asking “Who Wants To Buy My Pi?” Or “I Need Pi, Who Wants To Sell His Or Her Pi?” 
No Need For All This, Because You Can Simply Buy & Sell Pi On The *Liquidity Pool(Pi Exchange)* Either Directly With Your Card Or Through *Peer-To-Peer(P2P)* Trading.

But Take Note That Trading Pi In The Liquidity Pool May Only Begin On The Open Network Since Due To The Rules And Terms And Policy On The Enclosed Network Period Which Restricts Pioneers From Trading Their Pi For Fiat And Also Prohibits Connectivity With Other Blockchain Networks.

Now Your Question Should Be, “How Much Is Pi Gonna Be Traded For?, What Will Be The Exchange Price Of Pi In The Pool?” 
Wow, I Love That Question. 

Alright,  Since We Have Our Consensus Price To Be $100,  This Same Price Has To Be The Same On The Liquidity Pool Exchange. But How Do We Do That?

Normally, Consensus Price Is Created By The Community Member’s Agreement, But When It Comes To The Exchange Price Rate Its Not In The Hands Of The Community Members, Rather The Developer Or The Largest Liquidity Provider Chooses The Price At Which The Coins Can Be Traded For.

In This Case, The Core Team As The Largest Liquidity Provider Of *5Billion Pi* In The Pool Has The Power To Choose How Much 1π Can Be Traded For.

We All Know That The Core Team Are Selfless And Always Doing Things In An Essential Way That Would Benefits Both The Low Class And High Class…

So My Suggestion Is That, The Core Team Will Trade Pi At The Rate Of  *$1* Or *$3.14*.

For Pi To Be Traded At *$1/1π* Both The Poor And Rich Would Be Able To Buy More Pi From The Pool, Don’t Forget That Everyone Knows That 1π Is Worth $100 As Barter Value, So Everybody Are Gonna Rush To The Pool To Buy All The Pi Since Its Cheaper And Affordable


Already We’ve Seen News Of *Binance And CoinMarketCap* Wait-Listing Pi And Thousands Of Traders Has Also Added Pi To Their *Watch-List*

Cryptocurrency Watch-List Meaning

*Watch-List* Also Known As *Wait-List* And *Pending List* Is A Feature On The Exchanges Where Traders Mark And Save Ongoing And Upcoming  Crypto Projects.

In The Case Of Upcoming Crypto Project,  The Watch List Helps To Alert The Traders When Saved Coins Has Been Launched And Listed On The Exchange So That They Can Rush To Go And Buy It  Early While Its Still Very Cheap And Affordable.

Funny Thing Is That, Don’t Be Surprised,  In Less Than 24Hours(1Day) Or 1Week People May Buy All The *5Billion Pi* From The Pool At The Cheaper Rate Of $1 Or $3.14 

Since The Pool Is Emptied And All The 5Billion Reserved Pi Has Been Sold Out, There’s No More Reserved Pi Left For Trading,
And If There’s Not  Enough Reserved Pi For The Liquidity Pool Then How Will Exchanges Gets Pi To List? …Now Way, We Don’t Even Have Enough For The Pool. 

This Is When The Liquidity Pool Will Now Be Fully Decentralized Like A Launch Pool Whereby It Will Give Pioneers Access To Contribute And Provide Their Pi Into The Pool To Be Traded.

And This Is Reason Why They Say That Pi Will Not Be Listed On The Exchanges,  Except Pioneers Are The Ones Taking Their Own Pi To Be Traded Those Exchanges.

Now This Is Where The *Greed Factor* Comes In To Play. Because No Pioneer Would Love To Trade His Pi For An Amount Less Than $100 On The Pool Or Exchanges.

Pioneers Will Be Like , We’re Not The Core Team,  So We Can’t Contribute Our Pi To The Pool For It To Be Traded At $1 …We Want To Trade It At $100/1π.

Due To This Factor, The *Automated Market Maker (AMM) Or Global Currency Converter (GCC)* Will Automatically Sets The Exchange Price Of Pi To Be Traded At $100/1π

Now You Can See How The Greed Factor Will Help To Make The Consensus  Price Of $100 To Reflect With The Exchange Price.

And I Believe By That Time, We Would Be On The Open Network Period Where There’s No Fire Walled Restrictions.

Pioneers Can Now Connects With Other Blockchain Networks.

And S Many Pioneers Are Going To Be Super Rich When They Can Finally Trade;Withdraw, Buy And Sell Their Pi At The Rate Of *$100/1π*.

Then That’s When You’ll Realised How Important Your Pi Is And Why You Should Value Pi And Never Joke With Mining Pi Everyday.

Even Though You Have Mined 100π So Far, By The Time You Realise How Worth Is That Little Pi, You’ll Cherish It So Much.

Alright, I Hope This Information Was Helpful To You, And I Believe It Has Helped You To Truly Understand Why People Say That Pi By Consensus Agreement Is Worth $100, $300, $314, $1000.etc

Because The Power To Create The Value Of Pi Is In The Consensus.

Even Though The Consensus Doesn’t Have Power To Create The Exchange Price, But We Can Affect The Exchange Price To Reflect With Our Consensus Price Through The Greed Factor.  

After We’ve Achieved Our Goal Of Making Pi Worth $100 As Exchange Rate,  We Can Now Focus On Other Factors That Will Help To Increase Our Daily *Trading Volume* And  Boost Our *Market Cap* As Well As The Value Of Pi

Believe Me When We Say That, “Pi Will Be Scarce”…

Why? Because Majority Of The Pioneers Are Locking Up Their Pi Already.

And The little Remaining In Their Wallet Is For Spending In The *Pi Utilities*.

Obviously , You Can See That There’s Literally Very Little Amount Of Pi That Will Be Available For Trading(Buy&Sell).

In Conclusion

Pi coin can worth $100 or more base on all the analysis above. 

Alright, We Haven’t Talked About The Market Cap Of Pi Yet, Yeah, I Know, You’ve Read Enough Long Texts For Today, Let’s Continue Next Time.

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But For Now,  Thanks For Reading🙏🏽❤️
Happy Mining👍🏼

Aschoolz Pi Network informations

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