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Benefits of Pi Network Lock-up | Pi Network Passive Income

Benefits of Pi Network Lock-up, Pi transferrable lock-up mechanism, benefits of Pi lock-up mechanism. 


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Pi Network Lock-up Benefits : how Pi π Network lock-up will be earning you passive income (Daily Income).

Benefits of Pi Network Lock-up


Benefits of Pi Network Lock-up

In this post, I will be telling you with some key points and benefits of locking your Pi Coin. 

KEY POINTS 1: Pi Lock-up benefits

Do you know that even though pi is worth $10, but with the help of the lock-up, you can be earning $20, $50 to $100 or above daily? Yes… Let me explain further to you.

For Example: let says, you lock-up 90% of your transferrable Pi π and maybe you are among the pioneers with about 300% – 400%+ boost, that means per day (24hrs) you will be mining 5π+.

Now, let say, 1pi is worth $10, that means you will be making $50+ or if 1pi= $20, you will be earning $100 daily without doing any work but by just spending less than 15sec pressing on your mining button per day.

If you calculate your income per month, that means you will be earning not less than $1500 or $3000 per Month… 😊😊 (I think that’s really cool).

NOTE: this price is only when 1π=$10 or $20 please don’t attack me for lowing Pi π price to that level 🥴 (Pi π price at mainnet starting from 1pi=$100 above is possible).

Now, according to what we calculate up there, what if 1pi=$100? Imagine, how much Dollars you will be earning per day. You will be mining $500 per day 😳 wow…. I said woow... It amazing 😳 $500 per day and $15000 per month without doing any work (thank God am lazy 🥴 now there’s free money to the lazy people 🤭)

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KEY POINTS 2: Pi Lock-up benefits

Many investors will come in into pi because it’s more profitable than the other Cryptocurrency. WHY?

Because mining is still continue but with what? Now not with the power of the people in your team but through the power of the amount of Pi π you lock in the Pi Blockchain to mine.

So in state, many investors will find a way to sell most of their Other Cryptocurrency to buy some of the little Pi π in circulation and they will put it in their Pi Wallet and they will lock it up so that they too can mine Pi.

NOTE: the more investors come in to buy Pi, the more the Pi price will keep growing…… And when it comes to this, we all knows that Crypto investors do long term investment, so that means they will put higher money into Pi to mine higher than people that even start with Pi from beginning.

In few months, pi can easily appreciate from whatever price it start with, maybe from $100 to $600. (That means, someone who is making $500 daily in the from mining, will now be making $3000 daily. GO BACK TO KEY-POINT 1)

KEY POINTS 3: Pi Lock-up benefits


Benefits of Pi Network Lock-up | Pi Network Passive Income

Pi Ecology Applications for buying and selling will continue adding is own value (this part is the most hilarious part of the Pi value. This value coming from here is mind blowing 😱 this is what Bitcoin and ethereum was created to do but they fail us because they didn’t create the market before creating money, so what do we used the money for when there’s no products to buy)?

When the power here join the first 2 key points, someone who is mining 5π worth $50 to $100 daily might started getting $1000 daily instead of $50 (Don’t be surprise and don’t think is not possible) it’s possible.

Pi Network Lock-up calculation (Calculator) 



Benefits of Pi Network Lock-up | Pi Network Passive Income

KEY POINTS 4: Pi Lock-up benefits

Exchanges site like Binance, Coinbase etc will find it difficult to have many Pi π in their hands, so they will offer you big price to buy your Pi π not to list them all on their site but to lock-it up for big mining (don’t forget as many pi you lock and the duration you lock for also contribute to your computing power to mine many).


From all these points, you should know that Pi π locking some of your pi is profitable because at last, when your lock-up period end, your lock-up Pi would have worth millions in Dollars. By that time too, I don’t think you will have time to touched the unlocked Pi π again (I believe you will prefer locking it back for even 10years too so that you can keep mining from the fees)

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This is why it’s written in the Whitepaper that Pi π is for everyday people…. Pi should be spend everyday by everyday people.


Now, let say you have already lock 90% of your Pi for 3yrs, and at mainnet, your PASSPHRASE was compromised (hacked or leaked out) the person will only be able to transfer your 10% pi and he/she will not be able to transfer the Pi π in the locked safe.

So, at this period, when you know that there’s an unwanted rat in your cupboard 🤣🤣 (thief in your wallet account), you can quickly call up on the 5 people in your security circle to help you get back your passphrase back easily (but don’t let the people in your security circle know each other) but make sure their someone you can easily get reach to anytime.

This is one of the reason you should make sure your main Pi mining App is more secure very well so that hackers or unwanted rat will not get ways to enter into your 2 cupboard 🤣 (dont let them hack your Pi browser and your Pi mining App at the same time. I think you should keep their details in different places but don’t forget where you keep them and don’t just write it down and drop it in your safe….. Remember, TRUST NO ONE).

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DON’T FORGET, EVEN THOUGH Pi launched at $20, you will be making $100 daily without doing any work. What if it now launched at $100? You will be making $500 daily with your jobless hand ✋ 😏. But it depends on your lock-up period and the percentage you choose to lock. I prefer 90% if you are not too old like over 60 years…. I think 60years old men and women should lock less but 59year old downward should stay at 90% for 3years.

DON’T FORGET THERE’S A REASON THE CORE TEAM PUT THE DEFAULT LOCK-UP AT 90% AND 3YEARS. They see what you don’t see and they are doing everything for your own benefit not for them (they don’t collect any money from you and yet they finance the project with more than $900billion or more than that since 2019.

If you lock 90% for 3years, I think 1 pi can start $500 because of it scarcity, more scarce than Bitcoin too.

The 10% and the new mining Pi π will be OKAY for you to spend for the rest of your life.

How to Lock-up Pi Coin

To lock your Pi, simply Go-to your Pi App and locate mainnet, then click on configured Lock-up.

Then lock your Pi for the best duration you like. That’s all. 

Thanks for reading, I appreciate 👍

Aschoolz ✓

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