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progress! Part of Pi’s ecological application is released! The explosion of ecological applications is coming!

progress! Part of Pi’s ecological application is released! The explosion of ecological applications is coming! telegram


Part of Pi’s ecological application is released! as follows


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1. PNM, shopping

Yesterday, it was discussed at the over 150 developer conference organized by the core team. This is one of the discussed

2. PinetworKjobs, a platform for freelancers

3. Pishop, shopping

4. PinetworkNFTs, NFT, NFT talked about before

5. PiGames, games

6, PiQR

This is only part of the ecology. I haven’t taken the statistics carefully. After all, everyone has limited channels to understand things.

In fact, what has unlimited imagination in pi is not a hidden packet, nor a node. These can only be regarded as one of the most basic elements of a blockchain. The most imaginative space in the Pi is actually its ecology System, the magic of the blockchain is that it can turn our common centralized business ecology into a decentralized business ecology. What is a decentralized business ecology? The most basic requirement is its value transmission medium. It must be decentralized, for example: a shopping platform that mainly uses confidential assets as a barter channel, for example: a shopping platform that mainly uses pie as a barter channel. For example, the following is a shopping mall that uses pi as a medium for value transmission. 

progress!  Part of Pi's ecological application is released!  The explosion of ecological applications is coming!

Chinese translation: The intelligent and interactive online sales platform of Pai Mall Center.

From shopping centers to chain stores in every country. Every shopping mall can deliver goods to international customers. Of course use pi barter.

How will it work.

Each supplier or buyer will have its account and personal data. Both parties can chat with each other and ask questions and suggestions. The users are fully interactive and can chat together and put forward opinions about each product.

evaluation system.

Each supplier, buyer or product will have a rate, so after a period of time, it will display the rate of all goods.


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International Transport.

It can be delivered globally, but in the best case it can be delivered to every country/region, which means faster shipping speed and buyer trust.

Interpretation: Isn’t this the Pi version of a cat international or a Mason! This may not be a new idea, because it is very mature in centralized business, but now it is done again with a decentralized thinking, but it is awesome enough in this industry, and sending friends will be in the future. In Pi’s ecology, we have used various pi versions. We saw other business ecology (pi version of a treasure. A certain sound, a certain shell. A certain hire, etc.). At that time, we can have Pi in our hands, and everything will be changed.

The essence of business is exchange. It counts down to 5 months. What does the send friend in front of the screen want to barter with pi? No matter what you want to change, your dream is about to come true. Soon, please continue to stick to it!

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