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How to Become Pi KYC Validator | Pi Network KYC Validator

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How to Apply for Pi Network KYC Validator | On This Page, I am Going to Tell You How To Become Pi KYC Validator and Earn More Pi By Validating People/Pioneers. How to apply for pi kyc validator, how to become pi KYC validator, how to apply for pi Validator. 

WARNING 🛑: While Validating People’s KYC, don’t screenshot or make any videos on the validating process (Don’t let there be any breach in people’s Data or else your Pi Account will get ban and get deleted immediately. 

How to Become Pi KYC Validator | Pi Network KYC Validator

Few days ago, the Pi Network Mass KYC roll out, and as we all know that Pi Network KYC is built on both centralised and decentralised KYC. With Pi network KYC, none of your documents Data about yourself you submit will be leak out because the decentralised machine handle your documents Data while human Validator handle your picture and your Live video, this make Pi Network KYC is one of it kind. 

Do you even know what KYC means?


What is KYC?

KYC means “Know Your Customer/Client” (KYC) is a process that verifies identification to distinguish genuine accounts from fake ones. Or a process that verifies identification to distinguish robot from human. 

Pi Network have the most secure way of verifying people around the world with the help of his human Validator combine with machine Validator.

As we all know, you can’t claim the pi π you mine and get on the Pi Network Apps without passing the Pi KYC.

To pass the Pi KYC, you will have to submit some few details about yourself and also a legal document issued by the Government of your country to proof you’re real human and not robot.

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How Does Pi Network KYC Work?

As I said earlier, the Pi Network KYC is built on both centralised and decentralised whereby we have the decentralised machine validator to validate people by scanning and looking through people’s or pioneers Data if it original from the Government.

NOTE: this machine is not control by anyone (decentralised)

While we also have the human Validator’s to check the picture in your documents and the Live video of yourself that you submit to know if you are really the person in the document. 

In the Pi Network, there will be four (4) Validator’s to validate a single person. So I’m this case, if one person lie, I don’t think all the remaining three people will lie too and I don’t think the machine can also lie too. 

NOTE: the human validator’s cannot see the vital information in your documents but they can see your picture and your Live video (centralised). The human validator’s earn Pi π by validating people. If a human validator validate a fake account as original account, or mark original account as a fake account, then when the machine detect your lie as a Validator, you will be kick out as a Validator’s and you might also get a restriction for that.

Advantages of Becoming Pi Network KYC Validator

  • One of the advantages of being a pi KYC validator is that, it help the Pi KYC to become more accurate and faster.
  • You will also get paid in pi π anytime you validate people correctly

The speed at which Pioneers all over the world are able to complete their KYC will depend on the speed at which each local community provides the KYC validator crowd work force as well as the speed at which individual Pioneers participate in the KYC.

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The Effect of KYC on Mainnet rewards

There will be a rolling grace period of six calendar months for a Pioneer to complete KYC. Thereafter, the Pioneer loses all the Pi mined outside of the rolling 6-month window and is unable to transfer the lost Pi to the Mainnet. The retention of the mined Pi in the 6-month window continues indefinitely until they pass KYC or the KYC policy changes. Note that this KYC-window mining framework will only begin when the KYC solution is generally available to all eligible Pioneers in the future, and will be announced to the community beforehand. The six-month restriction will not be immediately in place yet when we launch the Mainnet.

Because of the importance of true humanness in our social network-based mining, only the Pioneers who pass KYC will be able to transfer their Phone balance to the blockchain. Our objective is to have as many true Pioneers as possible pass KYC. As explained further below, the rolling sixmonth window serves the following important purposes:

  • strike a balance between giving Pioneers adequate time to pass KYC and creating enough urgency to pass KYC,
  • prevent unverified Pi beyond the rolling six-month KYC grace period from migrating to the Mainnet, instead freeing it up for mining by other KYC’ed Pioneers within the allocated Pi overall supply limit for Pioneer mining, and
  • limit KYC spam and abuse (see 30-day delay in KYCing new members below)

If Pioneers do not pass KYC in time, it delays the Mainnet transfer of their balances and the balances of other Pioneers who have them on their Security Circles and Referral Teams. Without balances on the Mainnet, Pioneers are not able to use payments in Pi apps, thereby undermining the growth of our utility-based ecosystem. A six-month window creates a sense of urgency for Pioneers while giving them adequate time to retrieve their mined Pi. The KYC verification process will generally take into account Pioneers’ likelihood of being real human beings based on Pi’s machine-automated prediction mechanisms run over the last three years. Newly created accounts will not be able to immediately apply for KYC verification, until after 30 days. This helps the network limit the ability of bots and fake accounts to spam and abuse our KYC process and prioritize KYC validation resources for real human Pioneers.

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Finally, the lost Pi of the Pioneers who delay KYC verification beyond six months will not be transferred to the Mainnet and will not be accounted for in the calculation of the systemwide base mining rate (B) beyond the rolling six-month KYC grace period. Pioneers will, therefore, need to claim their Pi in time, or their lost Pi will be reallocated to B for mining in the same year by other verified Pioneers who can make full contributions to the network.

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How to Become Pi KYC Validator – Pi Network KYC Validator

To become a Pi KYC Validator, is not that hard to do but it a one time opportunity, when you miss it, then you miss it forever.

When you do your Pi KYC and you successfully pass your Pi KYC, then, they will ask you on your Pi KYC App on the Pi Browser saying “Do you want to help validating pioneers

  •  Click on “Become a Validator” 

How to Apply for Pi Network KYC Validator

  • After you’ve click on “Become Validator” then, your validator application will be in awaiting for acceptance to become a Validator. 

How to Become Pi KYC Validator - Pi Network KYC Validator

  • After a few hours or days of being in awaiting acceptance, your application will be approved after a thorough checkup on it. And by then, you can now start validating people and you will be paid with Pi by being a Pi KYC Validator on the Pi KYC App.

Pi KYC Validator Precautions

Pi KYC validator warning

WARNING 🛑: Don’t screenshot or make any videos on the validating process (Don’t let there be any breach in people’s Data or else your Pi Account will get ban and get deleted immediately. 

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That’s all, thanks for reading. ✓ 

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