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Pi Network PiOS: A resetter of operating system game rules

PiOS: A resetter of operating system game rules


The Digital World: From Facebook to Meta

One of the hottest news recently is that Facebook, a tech giant, has changed its name to meta, which reflects the will of the world’s number one social unicorn to transform into a metaverse. The Collective Rise of Cryptocurrency Shows Power!

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As Facebook prepares to launch its stable currency Libra, three main ambitions for Facebook have emerged.

① Facebook has 2.7 billion users worldwide, which is more than any other country, and its influence is unprecedented.

② Build crypto finance and implement a completely new crypto finance system through crypto currency based on a huge base of 2.7 billion users.

③ Reconstruction of human organization Blockchain not only brings a crypto economy, but also changes the organizational structure of human society, and brings about community-type DAO building and mathematical trust building.

Due to the development of human science and technology and the expansion of civilization, the traditional Internet can no longer satisfy humans, the human soul needs a higher level of stimulation and satisfaction, and the digital world that can connect the human soul is the only direction.

This is because the meta-universe can not only satisfy the brain, but at the same time realize the common desire deep in the human heart: immortality.

Of course, this is a rough and arduous road like the Internet at the time, but we can see the potential through blockchain and advanced technology.

Facebook is a giant of traditional internet technology turning to the metaverse. In addition to the blessings of ARVR, 5G, AI, BrainLink and other technologies, there is also a very important element called blockchain. The security and uniqueness of identity the world needs.

+ Tokens on the Internet are extended to the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency cannot be avoided when talking about blockchain. This is because BTC was born at the same time when the blockchain officially appeared, or because the blockchain came into the world in the form of Bitcoin.

Whether the cryptocurrency or virtual currency we hold in our hands is called a COIN or a Token, it is collectively referred to as a coin. Of course, there is a difference between COIN and Token.

Many people say that blockchain is an extension of the Internet and is intended to store and transmit information, but whatever you see, whether text, photos, or videos, the essence is information.


What is blockchain?

The currency we have is also information, but the blockchain information is another thing than the existing internet information. ?

The internet transmits information and the blockchain transmits value information.

Due to the dual nature of the token, one attribute has the attribute of monetary payment. That is, it has a price, and it is also a price with investment properties. Another attribute is that they have voting rights, and they are the voting rights of users in real money.

These rights are a kind of power, and the blockchain is a thousand-year problem and trust in human history.

Whether tokens or COINs, based on the incentive layer of the blockchain, the more you pursue the advantages, the more you avoid the disadvantages, the more work you do, the more rewards you contribute to the network, the more rewards you will receive.

If it doesn’t make sense, why do so many people want to build a blockchain node?

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What is the relationship between Facebook and Token?

Facebook wants to use tokens on the blockchain to realize crypto finance, so Facebook will definitely find a way to issue some sort of crypto currency.

What does that have to do with the PINETWORK we are involved in?

GenCoin from PI Story Prototype US TV series

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As you may already know, in 2016 an American director filmed a TV series called “Very Entrepreneurship”. It aired in the third season.

It’s about three young people who created a cryptocurrency called GenCoin. As Rootcoin or Zencoin, ONEPI prefers the translation of “Rootcoin”), the male protagonist is Nicholas, a female programmer and a black brother jointly created GenCoin.

You should know that Bitcoin has reached December 2016. With a price of $1,000 (I want to look back at how cheap bitcoin was at the time!), the director may be a cryptocurrency enthusiast, and based on that, he created a new cryptocurrency TV series.

I don’t know if the creators of Pinetwork have seen this drama, but the story structure and development are very similar to PINETWORK.

We always want to find an archetype or root cause, like the π in the Simpsons that everyone often talks about, and reality is the process of making ideas a reality in movies and TV shows.

As another example, the mobile phone used in the American drama “The Core of Machine” can realize instant remittance with a single touch, but in fact, in the near future, digital RMB DCEP can realize networkless remittance. Some devices like Mount Everest, and extreme environments like the Sahara Desert and the Brazilian rainforest.

The reason ONEPI mentions GenCoin is because GenCoin lives in a TV series and PICOIN can realize a vision that even GenCoin or BTC didn’t realize.

PIOS: Next-Generation Blockchain Operating System

ONEPI has previously written an article about what PINETWORK is. It was originally a free mining project for mobile phones.

Over time, this blockchain-based project is no longer a cryptocurrency project. Gradually enrich their territory from just what they had at first.

One PIAPP, PINODE, PIBrowserAPP, hackathon to promote ecological construction, wallet function built into PIBrowserAPP and PI:// protocol function all show that PINETWORK wants to do bigger things. It is to achieve the original vision and goals described in the white paper.

Previously, ONEPI had said that the PIBrowserAPP and Pi:// protocol were the link between the existing internet and the emerging blockchain arena, but until we saw the word “PIOS“, we couldn’t find a suitable word to encompass them.

PIOS must be a Pinetwork operating system. The word PIOS came up a few days ago when I carefully read the ID card KYC test plan.

You must have heard of Microsoft systems, Symbian systems, Android systems, Apple systems, Hongmeng systems.

Every operating system represented a different era and created greatness. Taking the Apple system as an example, Apple was rewritten when the Android system was rampant in the world.

Restriction rules have been modified, game rules have been reorganized, and IOS has been released, and the next rewrite of the mobile phone system is Huawei’s Hongmeng system.

Remember the sentence I mentioned in the previous article on ONEPI?

If you can’t join the game, re-enact the rules of the game!

The necessary conditions for rewriting the rules of the game are your own strengths and users. 

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Does PI NETWORK have such conditions?

①Technology level and product level. Technical Background Nicholas and Fan Damei’s human behavior, combined with the currently hardened PINETWORK infrastructure such as the PiBrowserAPP and Pi:// protocol, and numerous nodes, is the ability to redefine the rules of the game.

②User level and consensus level. With close to 30 million active users and markets, FOMO sentiment has proven feasible as the first encrypted consensus currency type, and the number of users and the degree of consensus are already poised to redefine the rules of the game.

The question is, what do you think of this PIOS?

First, PIOS is an operating system that connects the existing Internet and emerging blockchains, and the entire operating environment of PIBrowserAPP can be viewed as PIOS.

In the case of mobile phones, they only use mobile phone features, but they don’t really understand the system.

Second, PIOS is a next-generation cryptographic financial operating system, and in the future, whether PICOIN, PICHAIN-based applications or tokens, or APPS/DAPPS related to PINETWORK will all run on this cryptographic financial operating system.

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The list of icons will be populated in the future and then sorted. Just like the application store or many crypto wallets now use application listings.

Third, PIOS is a teardrop for the world, and where the world is torn, the birth of cryptocurrencies will lead to new crazy growth, just like the torn of traditional finance and traditional fiat currencies.

They tend to receive the highest dividends in certain sectors. PINETWORK, dubbed by many as the longest airdrop in cryptocurrency history, is a mining method that can be used with energy-efficient mobile phones.

PIOS is to reset the rules of the game for PINETWORK’s traditional finance and crypto finance. Microsoft relies on Windows systems, Apple relies on IOS systems, PC to WAP, then Internet to blockchain, and a blockchain operating system.

If PIOS breaks the circle smoothly, will you still feel that PICOIN as an incentive layer is undervalued? Do you still think the total amount of PICOIN is too high? Do you still think PICOIN is not enough?

The size of PINETWORK depends on the boundaries and integration of PIOS, not PICOIN!

The advent of PIOS has taken PINETWORK one step further. PINETWORK is more than just a blockchain project. The creators of the next-generation blockchain operating system game rules in the crypto-financial world, and the creators represent everything!

Let’s go back to the beginning of the article. Facebook’s three main goals are to transcend borders and , to build cryptographic finance, and to reshape human organizations.

PINETWORK is also doing this, but challenging it in a different way. Facebook is based on social interaction based on meta universe, and PINETWORK is based on cryptocurrency. Make rules.

I don’t know if I can make PIOS or make it bigger, but I know this is a whole new challenge, success or failure is next, but let’s do it first!

PIOS is the one who makes the rules of the new game!

Man proposes and God takes care of it!

The best news for November is that the ID card version KYC is not starting on November 1.

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There has never been an official announcement of an exact date or price, so you should look at the facts rather than rumors.

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