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Satoshi BTCs Delegate, Node, Validator, Staking | How to Stake Satoshi BTCs

Satoshi BTCs Delegate, Satoshi BTCs Node, Satoshi BTCs Validator, Satoshi BTCs Staking 


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Satoshi BTCs DelegateIn this Page, I am Going to Teach You on How To Delegate Your BTCs Coin and Link To The Top BTCs Stakeholders And Earn Rewards for Your Delegate Coin. 

Satoshi BTCs Delegate


What is Satoshi BTCs?

Satoshi BTCs is Cryptocurrency Blockchain which was named after Satoshi Nakamoto (the founder of the first Cryptocurrency Blockchain in the World). 

In the case of Satoshi BTCs, the word “Satoshi” means the Blockchain while the word “BTCs” means the currency of the satoshi (blockchain). 

Satoshi BTCs is a good Cryptocurrency Blockchain project and has at the time of this publication, the project has increased and have about 34 millions user’s mining the BTCs Coin on the Satoshi (Blockchain) using their smartphone to mine.

It is called the second Bitcoin (BTC) while some called it the lite version of Bitcoin.

The core team of Satoshi BTCs use the combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain code to develop the Satoshi BTCs Blockchain.

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1BTCs is expected to start with the same value with Ethereum and later half of Bitcoin (that’s why it being called the second Bitcoin). 

Now, let go back to our main topic on this page. 

How to Delegate Your Satoshi BTCs Coin

You can delegate tBTCs to validators to share system rewards with them and the minimum BTCs you can delegate is 1BTCs. 

Satoshi BTCs Validators

Visit https://validator.test.btcs.network/ on metamask. On this page, you can find information of all validators. There are two batches of validators:

  • Staked validators: validators who stake large amount of tBTCs.
  • BTC power validators: validators who are mapped with hash rate from Bitcoin network.

The delegate functionality is only available to staked validators.


Satoshi BTCs Delegate

Explanations of staked validator properties:

  • Voting Power: total tBTCs staked on the validator.
  • Max Delegate: total amount of tBTCs you can delegate to this validator, which is calculated as 8x of validator self staked tBTCs.
  • Left Delegate: remaining amount of tBTCs you can delegate to this validator.
  • Commission: fees collected by the validator, calculated in percentages of system rewards assigned to this validator.
  • APR: annual rate of interest paid to delegators.

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Satoshi BTCs Delegate Procedure

Choose a validator and click Detail button to view more information about this validator.

Satoshi BTCs Delegate



If you want to delegate to this validator, click the Delegate button on the top left. You need to connect to the MetaMask wallet to proceed the delegate operation.

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Satoshi BTCs Delegate

After you successfully delegated to a validator, you can find your total delegated amount under Delegators tab and the corresponding delegate transactions under the Stakings tab.

If you want to cancel the delegation and get you tBTCs back, click the Undelegate button and sign the transaction.

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You can delegate to more than one validators.

How to Claim Satoshi Delegate Rewards

The delegate takes effect at the next round and reward distribution of each round happens at 0:00 UTC time each day. As a result, you can collect your first reward in no more than 2 days.

1. Click my staking on the top right. You will see your reward information on each validator you delegate to.

Satoshi BTCs Delegate, Node, Validator, Staking | How to Stake Satoshi BTCs

2. Click the Claim button on the top left. Sign the transaction to claim your rewards. After you successfully claimed rewards, you can check the corresponding transaction under the the Claims tab.

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