Pi Network Sign Up, Sign in, login | Pi Network Account

Pi Network Sign Up, Sign in, login | Pi Network Account

In this page, I am going to tell you about the first Cryptocurrency that can be mine on phone without draining the battery of your phone or give any bad side effects on your phone. But the only effects it will bring into your life, is to make you rich and wealthy like that of Bitcoin. 


Pi Network Sign Up: The Cryptocurrency I am talking about is Pi coin (Pi Network) Cryptocurrency. 

I know many of you don’t know what Cryptocurrency is or what cryptocurrency can be used for.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a new form of digital currency that can be used as a medium of Exchange, payment, store of value etc. Cryptocurrency is not a paper currency but a digital currency.

Now let go back to the main topic

Pi Network Sign Up

Like I said earlier, Pi Network is a new and first cryptocurrency that can be mine on smartphone easily without draining the battery of your phone or require much money to mine it. Pi Network is very easy to mine on phone and is not hard like it is on Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency in the World). 

Bitcoin required high rate of energy and huge money before you can be able to mine 1 Bitcoin on computer or on the mining machine. But to mine Pi Network coin, you will only need a smartphone to do mine. 

Watch Video: How to mine Pi Network

The Pi Network is the first Cryptocurrency in the World that have the most highest mass adoption in the World.

No Cryptocurrency has ever made it to 10Million+ Engaged in less than 2 years in the World. But Pi Network was the first Cryptocurrency to change the history by making it to 10Million+ active user’s even before launching it for use. The Pi Network community is more larger than some country in the World.

How much is 1 Pi Network coin?

Right now, no one knows the actual value of Pi Network because the coin is yet to be launch. Until the Pi Network get to phase 3 and get launch before anyone know what 1pi actually worth. 

But Pi coin is going to worth something big tomorrow as it is when Bitcoin was launch in 2009, Bitcoin worth $0 (nothing). Even 10000 of Bitcoin worth zero dollar by that time.

There was a time 10000 Bitcoin was being advertise online for just $50 but no one buy it because they thought it won’t worth anything. But has at the time of this writing, 1Bitcoin price is $19000 (N9million). 

This is what is going to happen to Pi Network too. 

Right now, Pi Network is still at it early age of distribution and is currently at phase 2 of the project which is known as the Testnet. Right now, anyone can still mine Pi and get the free coin before it gets launch at phase 3 of the project whereby transaction will be launch fully.

You can still mine as many Pi as you want before the next halving whereby transaction of the pi coin will be occur by everyday by day people across the world.

NOTE:  Pi Network Cryptocurrency is already used as a medium of Exchange between some of the pioneer that have pass their KYC. 

The first Pi Network transaction

The first pi coin transaction was made by the pi core team (Nicolas) where he exchange 10000 pi coin for a domain and the exchange rate of 1pi is $15 per Pi and everything was equal ($150000) N60million as at the time of this writing. 

Another pioneer Exchange 21pi for 21 USD at a rate of ($1 per 1pi)

And again, there’s another pioneer that used 50pi to buy 10 jar of honey at value of $125 at a rate of ($2.50 per Pi) 

There’s another pioneer that used 64Pi to buy digital camera worth $150, coffee, shoe’s, baby bike etc.

So guys, if you are here and you have not join the Pi Network, I will advise you to do so quick before Pi Network free mining stopped.

Pi Network Invitation Code: Aschoolz

To join Pi Network, you need to open a new Pi account on your phone today. 

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How to Create Pi Network Account

1. To register Pi Network Account, you need to visit the Pi Network- Official Website:

You will see a page that looks like this one below, and you will see an option to download the Pi Network on Play store or Apple store on the page. 


2. Click on Download to download the App.

Register PI Account on Pi Network App
– After download PI App and install successfully: 
Open App to register your account (See figure 1 below)

Two Options to register Pi Network: 

  1. Register it with your Facebook account
  2. Registerby using your phone number to register (Recommend)

After you have choose your preferred ways to register your Pi Network Account, then your next page will looks like this image below:

3. Scroll the Pulldown menu to select your country
– Select DONE as shown in (Figure 1) to the next step.


4. Select your own password and type it into the field of  Password and confirm your Verify your password. 

NOTE: your password must include upper, lower, number 

5. Select SUBMIT to complete the registration process.

6. Type your FIRST NAMELAST NAME (as it is on any of your ID card) 

7.  Give yourself a USERNAME  

8. Select SUBMIT to complete the registration process.

Then the next page wil looks like the image below:

9. This page require Pi Network Invitation Code: Aschoolz

Just input Aschoolz as the invitation code exactly as it is here on the box (starting with capital letters) and you will be giving free 1pi (1π) for using that invitation code. 

Pi Network Invitation Code: Aschoolz

10. Select SUBMIT to complete the registration process.

Now, you are successfully completed the registration process of Pi Network account.  Now, Let’s go starting to mine #PI.


How to mine Pi Network Coin on phone

When you first login to your account, you will see something like this

Then the mining button. 

Click on that Green light button to start mining.

That’s all. 

You only need to click on that button once in a day (24hr). 

Pi Network Wallet Differences: Watch Video


Happy Pi mining

Pi Network chatting room

Pi Network also have a chatting room on the App where you can chat with all the pioneer in the World to ask questions and also know any other information you don’t know.

About Pi Network

If you want to know more about Pi Network, you can go-to the Pi Network Whitepaper or go-to the FAQ in the App.

Don’t forget to remember to click on mine in every 24hrs. 

Pi Network Alternative Mobile mining

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2. Bee NetworkCLICK HERE

CRYPTOTABBROWSER Install this App and start mining Bitcoin free on your Phone/Laptop without draining battery - CLICK HERE


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