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ERUKA Episode 2 | ERUKA Chapter Two

ERUKA Episode 2.  PREVIOUSLY On ERUKA Episode 1: I laughed with them and thanked him and also thanked Madam Kate before leaving, i noticed that Dave was looking at me but I paid him no attention the only thing that occupies my mindset was Bazil, as I rush up to his place. ERUKA Episode 2.

STORY: Thorn In The Flesh Episode 2

Thorn In The Flesh PREVIOUSLY ON Thorn In The Flesh Episode 1: Greg starts his car, and drove off leaving Fiona standing, Fiona was wishing he will change his mind but Greg was gone. THORN IN THE FLESH Episode 2.  Greg rang the door bell again and waited but no respond came, it was late, he | Aschoolz Focus KeyPages | aschoolz

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The hunger

The Hunger a gripping novel of the famously ill-fated Donner party.The westward-bound wagon- train whose members became stranded in the Sierra- Nevada mountains by winter snows, running out of food and turning to cannibalism of their dead to survive is It illustrates the unexpected challenges the would-be settlers would conflict resulting in the horrific solutions

A beautiful love story

A beautiful love story – Motivational Stories of success – Love story – Love story book The boy came from a poor family so the girl’s parents were not happy. A beautiful love story – Motivational Stories of success – Love story – Love story book One day, a young boy and a young girl fell in love. The boy came from