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ERUKA Episode 2 | ERUKA Chapter Two

ERUKA Episode 2. 

I laughed with them and thanked him and also thanked Madam Kate before leaving, i noticed that Dave was looking at me but I paid him no attention the only thing that occupies my mindset was Bazil, as
I rush up to his place.


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ERUKA Episode 2 | ERUKA Chapter Two
ERUKA Episode 2.

As I got to Bazil’s house that evening, I knocked on
his door, I can hear murmur, he has a visitor, I tried
to listen but they were talking in low voices, I can
hear a female voice or was it my ear that is
deceiving me, my heart skipped as I imagined him
and another woman together, that will really hurt me
deeply and I silently pray that such will never
happen, I knocked again at the door and after
sometime I heard somebody unlocking the door,
and when the door was open I saw Bazil, in his
short and shirtless, he doesn’t look happy as he
saw me, he close the door and came to stand with
me outside,
“have I not told you before to call me first before
coming to my place, how many times do you want
me to keep telling you that…are you daft…why don’t
you take instruction Ruka..
“I’m sorry, I know I was suppose to call, but I was
worried about you and you haven’t called me all
day, so I… decided to come…please can I go in…
why are we standing outside…you make me feel like
a total stranger around…

“Because that’s what you are when you come to
somebody’s house unannounced, educated people
don’t do that…well I know you are not even a
graduate like me…you are not educated…we are not
on the same level, you are some trader or let me
say market lady…or whatever…you are not in my
class yet I accepted you but you always make me
angry…coming to my place uninvited….who do you
even think you are…
I look at him as he went on insulting me, I know he
was still angry with me so I couldn’t utter any word,
I felt like crying that moment but I blink back tears
because that will embarrass him, but he doesn’t
have any right to treat me like trash, I pay his bills,
I give him money anytime he ask just because this
period I couldn’t get him what he want he is already
foaming and insulting me, I hate it when he says
I’m nothing yet I have being able to meet all his
needs, he is educated but jobless and my market
money has clear many off his debt, I got angry as
he kept raining insults on me and I decided to talk
back at him
“So I am a stranger to you now, an uneducated
market lady who is not in your class, but I have
being able to pay your bills with same money I got
from the same market that you condemn, I don’t
blame you Bazil, you are such an ingrate…I wil…
And before I can say another word Bazil landed me
a heavy slap, twice on my both cheek, this wasn’t
the first time he was raising his hand on me and
every time he will promise not to do it again. I held
my cheek angrily as tears run down from my eyes
uncontrollable, I turn and started going, he pulled
me from behind
“Ruka, stop…you caused it, I thought you are
helping me because you love me, i said all that
because you got annoyed me, and you don’t need
to paint it to my face that you are helping or giving
me money, you know I don’t have a job or anything
doing that can fetch me cash at the moment…you
know all that so why will you spread my weakness
to my face and make me feel like I’m not man
enough…you always do or say things that will get
you being slapped or beaten…you have to stop
doing that or I will not hesitate to do it again if you
say things you are not suppose to say to me…do
you have any money for me now…or anything at
all… I told you not to come over to my place empty
I looked at the man I fell in love and all I see is an
ungrateful and self centred man, who cares only
about himself, he did not even say sorry for the
slap he just felt like is normal thing to strike me
because he always do it and get away with it, he
doesn’t care if I live or die yet I can’t stop loving
him, I don’t know if I will be able to live without
him. I still love Bazil that’s the sad part, I was
already afraid to say any other thing that will annoy
him, I also wanted to ask him which visitor he has
inside but it was better I shut up and not provoke
him any further which may aim me another slap or
worst, I brought out the money from my bag, I have
already separated the money I will give Julio for her
form and also my transport back home, seems it
look like Bazil will not want me around so it was
better I go home until he is calm enough, I gave
him the money, he quickly collected the money and
counted it.
“is this all the money…this will not be enough for
what I plan to do…I’m pursuing one business and I
need all the money I can get my hands on and right
now you are my only source Ruka…you can do
better than this, this one is too small Ruka…you are
becoming too stingy for the man you claim to love
or is there another man aside me…if there’s’ none
then prove it to me by adding more to this little
cash you gave me…
In other to prove to him that he is the only one I
have I put my hand into my bag again and gave him
all the money including my transport.
“Good girl…my one and only love, this money is
still not enough but I will manage it, I will just
manage it like that, when you have more you can
bring and I am very busy inside the house now, I
don’t really want distraction, is concerning that
business I told you off so I have to concentrate…go,
I will call you and let you know when you should
come around…but today is not a good day…just go
home okay…and get more money for me because I
need every penny to add to that business…
He walk back inside and lock the door and I started
hearing some murmurs followed by a loud laughter,
and I was very sure it was a female laughter, the
second person sound like a lady, he was laughing
with the person, I wanted to bang hard at the door
to know who he has inside but I quietly walk out, I
trekked to my house that night, despite Bazil’s
place was far from my side and I needed to take
transport but because I have no money again with
me I walked the long distance to my house, I cried
half of the way because I was beginning to feel
used, I felt like Bazil was using me to make money,
he was milking me dry now I don’t have money to
stock up my shop that was almost running dry, I
don’t even have money to give Julio who has being
so helpful. I felt sad and rejected but I my only
consolation was that Bazil was no more angry with
me, he was happy when I gave him all the money
and also hearing him laugh with whoever he has
inside with was a big consolation to me.
When I got home I was really tired, Julio has
cooked and cleaned up the place, she helped me
put out water to bath, and after taking my bath, I
took food and ate, I wanted to eat little but when I
started eating I found out I was really hungry and
ask Julio to bring some more food to me and she
laugh before bringing the food.
I told her not to worry I will get money tomorrow
and give her for the form
“you say that all the time and you will end up not
giving me the money, whichever way I will be fine,
if you don’t give me the money I will find a way and
get it, because going to a nursing school is all I
have in mind. I know you have being trying, sending
money to mother and Mia, and taking care of other
need, but I know you to be very good with business
but right now is not looking too good on you
because of Bazil, I can see a finger print on your
face which is a clear sign that he slapped you
again…Ruka…I know I maybe too young to talk to
you but I really do love you too much to allow
some foolish and useless man be messing with
you, you use to be tough why is Bazil making you
look soft…
“that’s enough Julio, mind your use of word, you are
still very young what do you even know about love,
do you even understand what true love means, I told
you I will get you the money tomorrow, Bazil is my
man and he is not a subject to be discussed or
ridiculed. I’m going to bed now…
The following day, Dave called me and ask me
where my shop is located, he wanted to visit, I was
thinking of how to get money to restock and the
money for Julio who i promised to give money that
day before Dave call came in, I sent him the
address and he drove down within few hours, he
asked me questions, like the challenges I am facing
on my business as we sat by my shop and I told
him I was running out of stock, the money I was
suppose to use to buy goods I used it to solve
some family problem and Dave told me that is not
a good way to run a business, he promised to loan
me some money and after three days he did, he
gave me enough money to restock my shop with
the promise I will pay him back within a certain
period of time and I totally agreed because I
needed all the help I can get. I was so grateful,
after he left I called Julio and gave her the money
for her nursing form, she was happy, I also called
my supplier to bring goods for me, and after calling
my supplier Bazil call came in again, he said I
should come over that he is in urgent need of
money for the said business he told me off, but
Dave has already told me not to use my business
money to solve any huge family problem and I was
suppose to pay him back, if I give Bazil the amount
he was asking for again it may affect me, and if I
don’t give him he will be angry and may think I’m
stingy or I don’t love him enough. But giving him
the huge amount he asked off may run me down.
Dave gave me some business guild line which was
helpful and I intend to do exactly what he said after
all he saved me from running dry.
I told Bazil I don’t have money and he mandated
me to find it or he will leave me, I decided to divide
the money I have, I will use the larger part to pay
off the suppliers and I will give Bazil the remaining
one. And that was exactly what I did, my shop
wasn’t so filled up like I have wanted it to be due
to the money I gave Bazil but it was better than
Dave called me one day and asked me how my
business was going and he asked if he can take me
out for lunch that day or even dinner, depending
when I will be free, he also have other things he
plan to discuss with me, how I can expand my
business, I know Bazil will be mad if he ever hears
that another man took me out, and for some days
now I have not heard from him and he has not call,
and I really do not want to go over to his place
unannounced, so I agreed to go out with Dave, Dave
picked me and drove me to a fine restaurant.
While we sit and after our food was served, I picked
at it, I was already feeling guilty for hanging out
with Dave, I noticed Bazil was calling, he probably
want something and I can’t pick the call or he may
find out that I wasn’t inmy shop and may want to
know where exactly I am, so I ignored the call even
though my mind was not at rest through out.
Dave noticed my discomfort and decided to go and
drop me at home even though I did not touch my
food or paid much attention to whatever he was
saying, he drove to my place as I showed him
direction, he was quiet and I was also quiet
because my mind was on Bazil, immediately I got
home I saw Bazil standing outside my house, it was
already deep evening and Julio was home and
refuse him into the house, so he stood outside,
angrily waiting for me, my heart began to beat as I
saw him,
Dave looked at me and knew that I was really
troubled, he saw Bazil, who can’t wait to unleash
terror on me, and Julio stood at a corner with a
stick in hand maybe she was waiting for Bazil to try
and raise a hand at me again and she will unleash
her own terror on him since she never likes him.
Dave also looked ready to protect me but all that
matters is how I will explain myself to Bazil, I don’t
want anyone to hurt him, I was worried sick as I
stepped down from Dave’s car.

To be Continued……. ERUKA Episode 3

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