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Step Mother Part 1 (MOST READ STORY)

Step Mother Part 1


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This is a story a story about a sister who get married to her sister husband after her sister die when she get pregnant to her third child. 

Then her sister who has always wish to marry her sister husband become a step Mother in John house.

Do you want to know when cause her sister dead? Then continue reading………….

This is a story of a wicked step Mother from a sister.


Step Mother Part 1

Step Mother Part 1

Meet this beautiful family, Bella ,her husband John ,
their beautiful twins and Bella’s sister Grace.
She sometimes visit and stay a few days before
Grace is having an affair with her sister’s husband
and Bella isn’t aware. She’s a stay at mom, she
gave up working after the arrival of their twins.
Grace had a miscarriage for John few years ago
before he married her sister, meanwhile Belle isn’t
aware of their past relationship/affairs and they’re
still sleeping with each other.


Step Mother Part 1

Every night the couple will read bedtime stories and
put their twins to sleep.

Step Mother Part 1

Step Mother Part 1 (MOST READ STORY) 1

They will kiss them goodnight.

Step Mother Part 1 (MOST READ STORY) 2

John love Bella that’s why he married her instead of
Grace .

Step Mother Part 1

They went to bed after their twins fell asleep, it’s
not easy taking care of two babies .

Step Mother Part 1


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Meanwhile Grace is sleeping in the guest room, she
sometimes text John and they’ll woohoo while Bella
is busy sleeping.

Step Mother Part 1 (MOST READ STORY) 3



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Next morning, he’s kissing his wife, Grace is
jealous, she’s not happy .
It’s seems John used her to get to her sister.
She should be the one John is kissing not Bella ,
she’s bitter but yet she refused to tell her sister
what happened between her and John.

Step Mother Part 1

Few minutes later, they feed the kids , meanwhile
Grace is busy making a fake call .
John is watching the kids and Bella is preparing

Step Mother Part 1

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After lunch John went to work.

Step Mother part 1

Bella is talking with her sister and the twins love
Grace, they’re sitting close to her.

Step Mother part 1

They’re hungry again 🙆 these kids enh!

Step Mother part 1

One faithful evening, Bella is going out , she left the
kids with her sister and husband, Meanwhile Grace
is preparing evening meal.

Step Mother Part 1

John and Grace started making out the moment
Belle left the house.

Step Mother Part 1

Nobody to disturb them, the twins are toddler’s they
don’t know what’s going on.they can’t talk or think

Step Mother Part 1

They’re kissing and Romancing, suddenly , Bella
came out of nowhere.
They’re freaking out because Bella saw them.

Step Mother Part 1 (MOST READ STORY) 4


she’s in pain, she’s shouting at her husband.

Step Mother Part 1

And then to her sister, how could you do this to
me? You’re sleeping with my husband? Bella
shouted at her sister.

Step Mother Part 1 (MOST READ STORY) 5

Grace told Bella she’s supposed to be married to
John and not her , she shouted back at Bella.
Grace knew John was in love with Bella but she
suduce him and they had an affair, she got pregnant
for him she lost the pregnancy , few months later
John married her sister Bella.
Bella told her she won’t leave her husband’s house
for her , she’s raising her twins with her husband
and they’ll grow old together.

Step Mother Part 1 (MOST READ STORY) 6

This isn’t over she said as she walk away.

Step Mother Part 1


Few years later, Bella is pregnant with her 3 child ,
she suddenly had a heart attack.

Step Mother Part 1


She died instantly.

Step Mother Part 1

Meanwhile Grace came uninvitedly and she’s crying
with the twins.

Step Mother Part 1

Few days later , she went to Bella’s grave,” who’s
alive now? She asked her dead sister with anger.

Step Mother Part 1

John and the kids are mourning Bella.

Step Mother Part 1

The twins spend most of their time crying and talking to their mother.
Grace started mistreating the kids , whenever their father is out for work, she will beat and starve
She warned them not to say a word to their father.
But Bella’s soul is not at rest, she must protect her children if she wants them to survive.
To be continued…..


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