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The hunger

The hunger

The leaders of the party call it a wolf attack, although Bryant remarks that no wolf kills and devours its prey so thoroughly.


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The Hunger a gripping novel of the famously ill-fated Donner party.The westward-bound wagon- train whose members became stranded in the Sierra- Nevada mountains by winter snows, running out of food and turning to cannibalism of their dead to survive is It illustrates the unexpected challenges the would-be settlers would conflict resulting in the horrific solutions The writer’s ambition to revisit the events of the winter of 1846-1847 through the lens of a supernatural horror story.

The place which is described in the novel is desolate, the air full of the bad smell of blood, the muddy ground littered with pieces of human bone. From the novel backtracks, when the Donner party has joined the Russel Party, and the first wagon train is only a few days out across the plains from Springfield .MO.Charles Stanton, who is haunted by a past tragedy to Donner who conceals her knowledge of her biology and folk medicine A young boy, goes missing. When his lifeless body is found, the flesh has been stripped to the bone.

The leaders of the party call it a wolf attack, although Bryant remarks that no wolf kills and devours its prey so thoroughly. There must be something following the wagon train, waiting for the next hapless victim to wander too far from safety.

Katsu includes a letter from Bryant to his wife which reveals a possible clue to what befell the slaughtered child. The mountain man described it as an instance of human sacrifice as he had witnessed a small local tribe.

She will close out her account of each month in the party’s trek with a similar narrative shift, on an essential moment in the life of one of the wagon-trains members. One of their dogs tastes what little flesh remains, then bites his owner.

The man, of course, will undergo a frightening transformation from a meek individual to something aggressive and hungry. There is a struggle between civilization and savagery. So we can’t help hoping they will escape the fate we knew was hurtling toward them. She ends the novel with an image of sacrifice and an image of reconciliation, each of the powerful and affecting.

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