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Step Mother Part 2 (Don’t Miss)

Step Mother Part 2 is out.


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This is a story a story about a sister who get married to her sister husband after her sister die when she get pregnant to her third child.

Then her sister who has always wish to marry her sister husband become a step Mother in John house.

Do you want to know when cause her sister dead? Then continue reading………….

This is a story of a wicked step Mother from a sister.

If you haven’t read Step Mother Part 1 Click here to start reading.

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Step Mother Part 2

****** previously on step mother*** the twins
always cry and talked to their dead mother.
Few days later, Grace told John it’s time to move
on, Belle is already dead, she’s not coming back.
Your kids need you so be strong and put a smile
on your face.
I’ll always be here for you and the kids, you know I
love them very much , she said to John.


Step Mother Part 2

John asked her to be a good aunt to his children,
meanwhile since Bella is dead he’ll marry her.
Grace is happy she promised to be a good step

Step Mother Part 2

John gave a flower.

Step Mother Part 2

He hugged her not knowing she killed his wife

He hugged her

He told his kids that he’s marrying their Aunt, the
kids have no say. They agreed thinking their step
mother will take good care of them.

Step Mother Part 2

Later that evening, Grace is playing nice in the
present of John.



Step Mother Part 2

John went upstairs to take a nap, she’s watching

Step Mother Part 2

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When John is gone , she’s telling the kids never to
tell their dad what happened on his absence or
they’ll face the consequences.
“You too are a mistake, your father never loved your
mother, he loved me . He married your Dead mother
Because of you devil’s ” stay out of my way, She
told them.

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Step Mother Part 2

John always come home late , so Grace had the
opportunity to deal with the children before he
returned from work.

Step Mother Part 2

She’ll shout and beat them up.

Step Mother Part 2

She only do this when John is not home, the
children can’t tell their father because they’re afraid
of Grace and their father .
How can a good man marry his wife sister? This
was the first thing that run through their minds so
they kept the pains to themselves.

Step Mother Part 2

In evening, Grace is preparing dinner, she’s behaving
like a house wife.

Step Mother Part 2

They had dinner together, she’s watching the kids,
the children aren’t comfortable at all.

step mother

Few days later, John went on a business trip, she
showed the children hell.
They’re crying, asking their mother when she’s
coming back.
Meanwhile Grace stopped them .

step mother 2

“Get the hell inside you little witch! She’s dead,
Bella is not coming back ” she shouted at the

In tears

They left in tears.

She laugh at her sister grave

She’s laughing at her sister’s grave.

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 1

The children went to bed .

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 2

She’s angry,” who said you can sleep on your bed?
She wake them up .

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 3

She followed them downstairs,” that’s our bed one
of the kids said to her, how dare you talked back?
You two should go and sleep outside she replied.

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 4

The twins went outside, they cried their hearts out.

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 5

And they sleep on the couches near their mothers

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 6

John is back from his business trip, he saw his
children sleeping outside in the cold dark night.
They told him it was Grace order.

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 7

He’s shouting at Grace, you’ve got to be kidding me
Grace! Why are they sleeping outside the house? He
asked with anger.

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 8

She started crying and begging John , she knows
John weakness.

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 9

Dude forgave her, he took her to bed.

Step Mother Part 2 (Don't Miss) 10

Meanwhile the kids went to bed.

They fell asleep

After the rough handle they fell asleep, Grace want
to get rid of the twins, her plan is to have her own
children with John .
She want the house and property to be hers alone.

To be continued

PART 3 comming soon


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