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Pi Network KYC and mainnet | Pi Network PiOS

Pi Network KYC and mainnet are getting closer and closer to us | Pi Network PiOS 


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The world’s 22nd exchange has already started taking action on the Pi, and it’s getting closer to mainnet, with more and more positive news to come.

Pi Network KYC and mainnet | Pi Network PiOS

The advent of PiOS takes PINETWORK to the next level. PINETWORK is more than just a blockchain project. The creators of the next-generation blockchain operating system game rules in the cryptographic world of finance, and the creators represent it all!

PI NETWORK was originally a free mining project for mobile phones, but over time, this project based on blockchain technology is no longer a cryptocurrency project, but is gradually expanding its scope. PINODE, PIBrowserAPP, a hackathon to promote ecological construction, a wallet function built into PIBrowserAPP and a PI:// protocol function, all of which indicate that PINNETWORK wants to do bigger things, and it all comes in order. In order to achieve the original vision and goals outlined in the white paper, the question is what do you think of this PIOS? – RECOMMENDED to READ this Pi Network PiOS


Pi launched its own domain name .pi from the ground up. In over 10 years of cryptocurrency history, only pinetwork has its own and proprietary domain name. Software developers have been involved in building the pi ecosystem. At that time, the ecology of the pine tree was tall and defi… Domestic Tathagata, Xinghuo mall… etc. At the end of September, unexpectedly, pinetwork actually launched the pi:// blockchain internet protocol. This is a revolutionary action that redefines the rules of the game.

On pinetwork’s official Twitter, they all directly stated that they would start web3.0, but without technical skills, they would not have dared to say such a thing.

Then, on November 1st, the KYC announcement showed PiOS, which is an operating system. Who developed this operating system? Apple mobile phones have their own closed Apple system. The Android system is open source, but what is the market value of ecological applications built on it? Currently, mobile phone manufacturers are Android phone manufacturers, except for Apple.

So the question is, who is the PiOS operating system designed for? There is only one answer. It’s a Tesla π phone!


Pi Network KYC and mainnet


Pi Network KYC and mainnet

So the current pinetwork is becoming more and more incomprehensible. It’s probably just the tip of the pinetwork iceberg.

Everyone knows that Metaverse is the hottest right now. Recently, Facebook changed its name to Meta. Fully develop the metaworld. So if Metaverse cannot run on web3.0, then such web3.0 is not real web3.0 but pseudo 3.0. There is no huge massive data storage server to run huge data streams like Metaverse, just relying on pi network nodes is not enough.

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The number of active nodes selected by pinetwork reaches 15,300, but images, voices, animations, animations, movies…

To run applications with these kinds of big data streams, they depend on them and have more than 300,000 nodes applied to them. Not only can it store data, it can’t even run super-large applications like the Meta Universe at all!

It is a shopping mall built on pinetwork, and if it runs well in the future, the amount of data generated by the barter mall will be a daily data stream.

What exactly does pinetwork do? If pinetwork can’t deliver very large data streams from very large applications like Metaverse, and can’t deliver huge data from barter malls, defi, nft… will the pi network network collapse after years of development? So, as Nicholas said, every pioneer will achieve great things. Everyone should understand that pi network is definitely not within the scope of our knowledge and what he has to do can only be done by a madman.



It takes all pioneers to achieve great things!
All Pi pioneers will achieve great achievements!
This is Nicholas’ original saying, persistence will pay off the best in the end!

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It is a blessing to meet Pi, and those who do not see the essence can only see the outside and cannot see the inside. If they do not seize this opportunity, they will regret it. The opportunity is right in front of you, and it will be even more regrettable if you don’t understand it and don’t seize it!

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