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How to Pass Jamb Examination And Score 250+ (2020/2021)


This is a good solution article for all Jambite Student that wish to Pass Jamb Examination for the 2020/2021.


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How to Pass Jamb Examination And Score 250+ (2020/2021) 1

Jamb Examination is one of the father exams student need to write and pass before gaining Admission into any tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

You can follow up with this table of contents below for quick link.



Some student has written Jamb examination more than three times and still no gain Admission, because of why, it because they didn’t meet up with jamb cut off mark, of the school they choose has their first choice or Second choice.

And what is the reason of not scoring the main cut off mark of that school? They didn’t score the required Cut off mark of that school because they refuse to find a way on how to pass Jamb examination.

But don’t worry, for as long as you are on this page in this site, i have come up with a solution that have work for over 90% for people like you.

But before we go further on how to pass Jamb exam for this year, we will have to look at the meaning of jamb, what jamb is all about, jamb cut off mark, how and how to create Jamb profile account.

What is the Full Meaning of Jamb?

Jamb means, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.

What is jamb all About?

JAMB is responsible for conducting Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) which possesses a cut off mark and acts as a requirement for gaining admission into all the tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

jamb cut off mark?

Jamb Cut off mark do change in every year, that is why we won’t tell you anything concerning jamb cut off mark in here, but I advise you to check our every year update of – Jamb Cut off mark for this year here.

How to create Jamb profile account.

In this computer age of smartphones everywhere, anyone can now easily create Jamb profile account with their smartphones, laptop e.t.c within 5minutes – How to create Jamb profile account.

So now, let looks back to what bring you here, of which I believe is how to pass Jamb examination.

Can I Gain Admission Without Jamb?

Yes, you can gain Admission into University, Polytechnics or College of Education without Jamb Exam. Keep reading, you will find out how to gain Admission without Jamb.

See>> List of schools that do not require jamb form

Is Jamb the Best Way to Gain Admission?

Actually, the answer is Yes, applying for Admission through jamb is still one of the best way to gain Admission in Nigeria, Ghana etc. – Check: Why you should apply for admission through jamb here.
When students score the required Jamb cut off mark and the school of their choice, the assurance of been offered an admission is 100%.

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What to Do, to Pass Jamb Examination?

Really, to go into Jamb exam Hall is so eas, but to pass Jamb exam is not that easy as you think.

Some people may have told you that Jamb is so easy, but I tell you today, that until you see the result of your jamb exam before you can tell if it easy or not, because when you writing the exam, you might be thinking that you will score everything finish, but when the result come out, you will ee that is only God that just help you.

There, you will see some people we be bragging that they score 200+ in their jamb, which most of it are all lies over lie.

So, how do I pass Jamb exam? To pass Jamb exam can be so easy only if you follow the tips am about to tell you, which come out through my experience, when written Jamb examination, I have come up with some tips and strategies that have work for many people long ago and that will still work for you, only when you follow it. They are below;

1. To pass Jamb Examination, you need to study jamb past Questions very well – Jamb (Utme) past Questions and Answers.

2. To pass Jamb exam, you need to go to tutorial for the subjects that you registered in your jamb registration.

3. To Pass Jamb Examination, you need to be in jamb students forum chat where you can ask questions from old and new jamb aspirants like you and also answer any questions from aspirants like you to solve some unclear questions. – You can check out here and register on this forum for that.

4. Some people are good in cramming, if that is what do work for you, you can also use it – How to Cram book and Remember Or check: How to remember what you read.


How to Upload your O’level Result on Jamb Caps Portal

How to check if your O’level result is on Jamb Caps portal

How to check your Admission status on Jamb Caps portal

List of all jamb office in Nigeria and their contact address

How to check jamb result

How to accept/reject Admission on Jamb Caps portal

How to print your jamb admission letter

Jamb Subject Combinations For Online registration

Jamb Change of Institution and Course Form

How to Print Out your Jamb Original Result Slip

How to Gain Admission Without Jamb.

You can gain Admission in Nigeria without writing Jamb Examination through these underlisted method.

1.  National Open University of Nigeria

NOUN is a university that accept student without JAMB. 

If you meet the requirements of the educational institution (the general assessment is based on the compliance with O level standards), you can begin to study without passing JAMB exam.

2. Interim Joint Admission Matriculation Board (IJMB)

IJMB is another popular way to get admission into university without JAMB.

This program lasts 1-1.5 years and is accepted by most educational institutions in the north of the country.

3. Diploma/basic/pre-degree program

If you want to use this way to get direct entry without JAMB, you have to register for a one year of few months diploma programme in the school you are interested in.

Then once you to pass your courses with a required grade point you’ll get direct admission into 200 level B.Sc.

Depending on the school and the course, you will have to spend 1-3 years on such a program.

After its completion, you will receive a direct admission with 200 level. Pre-degree is designed for 7-9 months depending on the school.


This is another convenient option which will allow you to avoid JAMB.

JUPEB is the national examination body responsible for assessing the knowledge of students who want to get a direct entries.

You need to have at least 5 O’level credits for registration. As a rule, the program lasts 1 year.

6. Private universities

Private educational institutions function according to their own rules, so many of them do not need the results of JAMB examination.

You can check more on how to gain Admission without Jamb here.

In Conclusion,

If you know that gaining Admission is very important to you, I advise you to put all these tips, I tell’s you on this page into practice, especially by studying Jamb past Questions and Answers very well.

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