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Top 9 Ways to Make Money Online on Smartphone, Computer this Days

8 Latest Ways to Make Money Online with smartphone, Computer this Days


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Hello welcome

I promise you that what I’m about to tell you in this page is real and legit.

— Top 9 ways to earn money from your phone, computer

In this page I am going to tell you some few ways on how to make money on your smartphone/computer so far you have an internet connection on your phone or on your computer.


New ways to Make Money Online on Smartphone, Computer this Days

The first way to earn money with your phone, computer I will tell you here is pi

1. Pi Network (Cryptocurrency) 

Ways to Make Money Online

Pi Network is a new crypto-currency that based on P2P (Peer-to-Peer) mining. With pi network mining you could become the next millionare in this generation. READ MORE

2. Zolous Community


How to create Zolous Account 

Zolous is a community that promised to make the life of her user’s rhyme by paying them currency using a cryptocurrency called Hydra (HDA) as a means of payment to her user’s across the globe (World) as Universal Basic Income (UBI) READ MORE

3. Gramfree

Gramfree Sign Up, Sign In, Login | Gramfree Account

Gramfree what is a platform owned by telegram and they also promised to pay their uses $1000 for just doing a simple task on their website. READ MORE

4. United4Africa

United4Africa Sign Up | How to create United4Africa Account 

United4Africa the Community Website where anyone can get AIDS from the community members. United4Africa member will pay you free money when you request for aids (help) in the website. READ MORE

5. Freebitco

Ways to Make Money Online

Freebitco work exactly like Gramfree, freebitco also provide many chance to win free Bitcoin on their website. Freebitcopromise to give you free bitcoin by just doing a simple task on their website. READ MORE

6. Million Money

Million Money Smart Contract Secret

Million Money is a Smart Contract platform where anyone can earn as many Ethereum as they want. READ MORE

7. Forsage for Tron

Forsage Tron Sign Up



Forsage is a popular ethereum tron smart contracts decentralized platform. With forsage, you can earn thousands/millions of Tron in less than a week/month with just 220 Tron for registeration. READ MORE

8. Tronex.net

Tronex Sign Up | How to create Tronex Account • Tronex.net Tron Investment

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Tronex is a Tron platform where you can make an investment minimum deposit of 100Tron and earn back up to 200% of your deposit. READ MORE

9. RoboForex – Online Forex Trading

RoboForex is an online forex trading site trusted by more than 132 country world wide. RoboForex has been in the trading for 10years and they are good to make an investment with. 

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I have been using RoboForex for more than four years now and I have never blame mself doing an investment in the site. 

RoboForex can turn you into a millionare/billionaire within Months of joining them. 

There customers care service are online 24/7 to assist you and there Investment profit is also high. READ MORE


In Conclusion,

If you have the time, I advise you to do any of these 8 or do everything, don’t miss this opportunity. 

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