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Use (Aschoolz) as your “Pi Network Invitation Code” for fast minning

Pi Network Invitation Code 

Pi is a new social cryptocurrency secured and backed by everyday people. Developed by a team of Stanford PhDs and graduates, Pi can be easily mined on mobile phones with low financial cost, limited battery drain, and a light footprint on the planet.

As at the time of this publication, you cannot Withdraw your pi earn and no one knows what pi value will be until the release of the Pi Network phase 3.

But I will advise you to give it a try by Downloading the Pi Network on Google play – DOWNLOAD after you download it, you will be required to provide an invitation code to use the app, so just use Aschoolz has your invitation code.

Pi Network follow the same step Bitcoin follow in 2008 when it was first laugh and has no value in the Currency but right now, Bitcoin is the most Highest cryptocurrency in the world. So also is Pi Network, right now it has not value in the market but according to their founder white paper, its seems Pi Network will really have huge value in the future.

How to mine Pi Coin

To mine pi network, you will have to download the app and then you will need a pi network invitation code to get started and earn. You can use this invitation code (Aschoolz) to get started with your Pi Network.

NOTE: Remove the bracket i.e the invitation code is Aschoolz

Just type it paste Aschoolz to the box that request for the Pi Network invitation code.

Pi Cryptocurrency value might worth more than Bitcoin value in the future due to the higher rate of 5Million Users using the app to mine currently.

Pi Network Review on Quora Forum

Here below are what people say about pioneers (Pi Network) on Quora Forum.

1. Marine Opperman

I have been mining Pi since November 2019. Based on my experience I would say that the app is “legit.” However, if your question is whether the Pi Network and the Pi currency is legit the is answer is: time will tell.

The Pi Network has a white paper, which is available on the app, and it seems that the development of the app and network has been following the vision set out in this document. It is quite clear that this network has a long term vision and goal and that it is not just another quick scheme. At the very least this makes the intention of the developers seem legit.

At this stage, my view is much the same as many other Quorans, ie, there is really nothing to lose by joining the network at this stage, except perhaps your phone’s battery being drained by the app, it may be worth a shot to download the app to test it out.

Which is what I did. My experience ties in with what Amanda Tellyalater and Ben Wood wrote in their answers about Pi. One thing they did not mention is that your device needs to be verified in order to withdraw coins (once that becomes an option) and if you are not from the US or Canada this entails sending a text to a UK or US number, which may be subject to certain rates in your jurisdiction and also ensuring beforehand that you are able to text abroad from your jurisdiction.

Pi Network invitation Code is Aschoolz

I must add that, after dutifully clicking on that mining button every day for months, it is quite exciting to be a part of something new and potentially revolutionary!

My experience with the app is summarised in a pros and cons list here below.


  • The app is free.
  • It runs in the background even when it is closed.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the app really doesn’t drain your device’s battery. My phone is going on 5 years so needless to say the battery is no longer what it used to be, yet the app does not have any impact on my battery.


  • You need to “click” the app once every 24 hours, to ensure that you are human and active. Whilst a schlep the app can send you push notifications when the 24 hour period has lapsed.
  • You need a reference to start mining – feel free to use my code if you want to try out the app: Aschoolz

Overall I do not think that anyone stands to lose anything from downloading the app. As the saying that I just made up goes: you could, in future, have your Pi and eat it too- if you have the app.

2. Rawal Satyam

It is 100% legit..Currently it is in phase 2(testnet).

According to Pi they said, “Before we launch the main net, the Node software will be deployed on a test net. The test net will use the same exact trust graph as the main net but on a testing Pi coin. Pi core team will host several nodes on the test net, but will encourage more Pioneers to start their own nodes on the testnet. In fact, in order for any node to join the main net, they are advised to begin on the testnet. The test net will be run in parallel to the Pi emulator in phase one, and periodically, e.g. daily, the results from both systems will be compared to catch the gaps and misses of the test net, which will allow Pi developers to propose and implement fixes. After a thorough concurrent run of both systems, testnet will reach a state where its results consistently match the emulator’s. At that time when the community feels its ready, Pi will migrate to the next phase. ”

Pi Network invitation Code is Aschoolz


And for phase 3, “When the community feels the software is ready for production, and it has been thoroughly tested on the testnet, the official mainnet of the Pi network will be launched. An important detail is that, in the transition into the mainnet, only accounts validated to belong to distinct real individuals will be honored. After this point, the faucet and Pi network emulator of Phase 1 will be shut down and the system will continue on its own forever. Future updates to the protocol will be contributed by the Pi developer community and Pi’s core team, and will be proposed by the committee. Their implementation and deployment will depend on nodes updating the mining software just like any other blockchains. No central authority will be controlling the currency and it will be fully decentralized. Balances of fake users or duplicate users will be discarded. This is the phase when Pi can be connected to exchanges and be exchanged for other currencies. ”

Its Worth giving a try !

I am an active user..mining since 2 months.

If you wish to give it a try..use this invitation code : Aschoolz

Always wont loose your rate of mining ever. ^ ^

3. Patrick Broadfoot

The PI network is not a blockchain yet. It’s now in phase 2…. Phase one was a centralized ‘server’ mimicking mining in order to start interest and a distribution of Pi coins…. I think they are up to 5 million users now…. Phase 2 is an actual crypto currency blockchain running with nodes and creating test currency… the purpose is to do some network testing before ‘going live’ with the actual Pi Network… when phase 3 happens they will create a genesis block ( block 1 ) with all the coins everyone has earned during phase 1 and 2…. The coins you are earning now will go ‘live’ and be available for spending, trading and such… you can think of them as being pre-mined…. Already distributed…. And their goal is to have 10 million people ready to go at that moment….

they seem legitimate to me and it costs you literally nothing to participate…. The app does not use up any CPU cycles on your phone…

I say ‘GO FOR IT!’

Pi Network Invitation Code to Use

Pi Network invitation Code is Aschoolz

Another Name for Pi Network

The other name you can call pi network is Pi currency

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