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Million Money Smart Contract Secret | free 32 Eth


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Million Money Smart Contract Secret

We call this page project, Million Money do it for me, Million Money Smart Contract do it for me, Million Money automatic referrals.

The Only Legit Way to Become Millionaire in Less than 4 Months – We Are in a Digital life.

Make sure you read the content on this page from A-Z

I believe you know what million money is all about, if you didn’t know what million money smart contract all about then continue Reading……

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But if you already no about million money then that means you are here because you want to know the secret to achieve big in million money smart contracts, then click here. (Jump link) 


Million money is a revolutionary unique DAPPS (Decentralized Applications) matrix system that is deployed to the Ethereum Blockchain network using smart contracts. It can’t be deleted or changed. It’s impossible to hack it. It will always be there for as long as the blockchain itself exists. The code is open source, anyone can read and audit. Wallet needed are ECR 20 ethereum wallet that has Decentralize app. Examples of such wallet are; Trust wallet and Metamask ethereum wallet.

How Does Million Money Smart Contract work

Its task is to redirect members transactions from wallet to wallet, according to the given marketing conditions. It does not keep the funds of the participants on the site. It has the ability to repeat the profit earning cycle every 100 days at all levels at the same time.

Basically, million money smart contract is simple and effective. Imagine a system where all you need to do is bring in 2 serious referrals with a minimum capital of $15 (N4000) and you could be earning over 100 million naira every 3 months!! Yes, every 3 months, and now you might think this stuff is a Ponzi scheme or some other kind of scam but it’s not. No one as ever says that Million Money is Scam, except those that have not try it.

Learn how to make $800 and more in a single Day (N5,016,000)

NOTE: the registration price to buy Ethereum keep rising every day. If you already have an Eth to start, you don’t need to buy any again but if you don’t have, I will advise you to quickly buy some because of the every day rising of the Crypto (Eth)

MILLION.MONEY can be divided into 2 concepts:

*First:* Is a smart contract or cryptocurrency network application on Ethereum. The application code is programmed to distribute incoming transfers among participants according to a specific algorithm.

*Second* – This is the site itself, providing an interface for the convenience of working with a smart contract.


In this project of Million.Money there is no administrator. There is a creator who uploaded the contract code to the cryptocurrency blockchain Ethereum. Since then, the smart contract has been part of the overall network, which is supported by miners.
No one has the right to affect the operation of a smart contract, delete it or stop it. Any attempt to make unauthorized changes will be rejected due to inconsistency with previous copies in the block chain.


In the cryptocurrency industry, there is no such thing as wallet blocking. This is impossible and technically impossible even by the creator of cryptocurrency (this is a feature of the technology). Created by you ETH- the wallet belongs only to you.

*Friends don’t confuse the smart contract system with other donation plans or investment Companies which can vanish any time*

*Best wishes💰💰*

Million Money Secret Host(Welcome) 

As we all know that to be able to upgrade to the next level in your million money account you will need two people to refferr to register under your account with your referral link.

*So that is why we are here to help*

Many people find it hard to refer 2 people to register in Million Money with their refferrer link.

*And that is why we are here to help you achieve that easily*

Million money is a money generator that need two people before it can work for you. 

Without your two people you will not be able to move or upgrade to the next level.

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How does million money level works

The image below will explain better on how Million Money level are and how it works to upgrade.


When you register, you will be in level 1 and that will be only you there with no referrals. 

So to upgrade to level 2, you will have to refer two people to come into “million money” under you, using your referral link.

Please “Watch this video” below to understand what am saying. 



I believe you now understand how “Million Money Smart Contract” works better.

So what is the million money secret we are talking about.

The Million Money Smart Contract Secrets

The secret here in Million Money Smart Contract is to be in a good and active team. Without you being in an active team, it will be hard for you to make this millions we are talking about from Million Money Smart Contract.

That’s why am advising you to join my team

*We are team of over 500 members* 

 Join Our team today and you will make your money faster than you think. 

WARNING: Please complete your reading before you join this WhatsApp group.

This group you are about to join, was not for the already registered members but for those that are yet to join. You will be added to the registered members group when you register.

WARNING: Please complete your reading before you join this WhatsApp group.


Please complete your reading, then stroll back here to join the group when you are ready.

Ask your questions in the group and do not join if you know you are not serious about it, because we will remove you in less than 5minutes and you will not be able to join again.

We are going to help you achieve your goals by helping you to get your two refferrer quickly.

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All you need to do is to tell your friends and family about how they can make millions on Million Money Smart Contract or you can just copy this page link below and share it to your friends and family to enlighten them on how they can be rich in less than 4 month.

What we ask when someone is ready to register

We will ask you who referred you to Million Money and the person refferrer link (who inform you about it). 

NOTE: When you are about to register, tell the person that is going to guide you on how to register that Mr.Abey invite you to Million Money or give the person one of these two links below to register under me.


Or this below

NOTE: If I (Mr.Abey) was not the one who inform/invite you to Million Money Smart Contract, please kindly talk the person that inform you here and ask for his/her refferrer link before you will register under our team.

When you register, you become an upline for yourself.

What to do before register your Million Money Account

To be among our team:- After you have by your Ethereum, then you will need to download “tockenPocket” App on Play Store

tokenPocket Image

Then transfer your ethereum 2 you’re “tokenpocket” wallet.

That’s is all for you……

Then from here, we will now do our team work to register you under an “upline” that need 2 people.

NOTE: there are some other secrets thing we do to boost our team member, but we won’t be able to say it here “we believe you know the reason

Please use this WhatsApp link below to message me when you are ready to be in our team.

WhatsApp Link

Please don’t join the group if you are not ready to start because we will block you……..


Your only work in the team is to just try your possible best to tell people about this website page (this exact page) on how we can help them make things easier for them.

Million Money Smart Alternative

Here is an alternative to Million Money Smart Contract, which anyone can start easily and become Millionaire 

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We are the great team™ that makes Millions out from Million Money.

Thanks for joining our team ✓

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