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Tronex Sign Up | How to create TRONex Account • Tron Investment



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Tronex Sign Up | How to create Tronex Account • Tron Investment

In this page, I am going to teach you how to Invest in Tron on and withdraw 200% of your Tron deposit into your Tron wallet.

What am about to tell you here today, will answer all your questions concerning Tron Investment, Investment in Tron cryptocurrency, how to invest in Tron, legit site to invest in Tron, is Tron really good to Invest in, how do I invest in Tron etc.

Tron Investment on TRONex | TRONex Sign Up

Tron Investment platform – TRONex is a platform smart-contract is published on TRX blockchain. TRONex is a number 1 platform where you can invest in Tron and get back 200% of your deposit.

As I said earlier, I promise to tell you an 100% legit platform where you can easily invest in Tron and get back 200% of your Investment at anytime you want.

What is Tron

TRON is a Blockchain-based decentralized operating system based on a cryptocurrency native to the system, known as TRX.

The TRX Investment platform am talking about is called TRONex

What is TRONex all About

TRONex platform smart-contract is published on TRX blockchain. Nobody can change its rules or algorithms, even administration. This provides their participants unconditional confidence in safety of their funds. Anyone can check smart-contract code and be sure that TRONex platform is honest.

TRONex platform is not a Tron Smart-Contract platform where you are to be looking for refferrer to register under you (Not a downlines scheme platform where it’s necessary for you to get downlines before you can get Tron).

TRONex is a platform for Smart-contract where you will invest with just few amount of Tron and get back 200% of your Tron.

With TRONex, you don’t have to work, no stress, no advertising yourself, no loss. Immediately you start your Investment, you will begin to see how your Tron read and grow.

They Will Double Your Fund Without Any Risks 👌

Reliability of TRX smart-contract.
Scam is impossible!

Reliability of TRX smart-contract.
Scam is impossible!

Smart-contract technology ensures full safety of all participants funds. Nobody can steal funds, or change contract functions.

TRONex platform are officially registered in Blockchain

TRONex Tron Investment Conditions THE BEST MARKET OFFER

Working only with TRON (TRX) network

TRONex Minimal Deposit

Minimal deposit: 100 TRX

TRONex Total Income

Total income: 200% (deposit included)
Earnings every moment

TRONex Withdrawing time

You can withdraw any time


+1% EVERY 24 HOURS (+0.0416% HOURLY)

TRONex smart-contract calculate profit up to every deposit since the date it was made. Every hour you will get +0.0416%, every day +1%.



Smart-contract calculates hold-bonus from your deposit, or last withdraw date. If you did not request payment, it will charge you an additional bonus. After 24 hours +0.1%, after 48 hours +0.2%, after 72 hours +0.3% and so on.


Smart-contract check its current balance and charge an additional +0.1% up to your earnings for every 1,000,000 TRX on balance.

Current platform balance (TRX):

How to Invest in Tron on TRONex platform

There are only simple 3 steps to get earnings on TRONex

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Step #1

1. Download tokenPocket wallet on play store

NOTE: you can use any other Cryptocurrency app that have DApp browser if you want.

2. After you download it, registered it

3. When you are doing your registration, select Tron among the other Cryptocurrency there.

4. After you successful registered, your next step is to fund your tokenPocket wallet with TRON (up to 100 Tron or more)

5. Then, click on the DApp browser,

Your next page will look exactly like this one below
7. Then copy and paste this link below 👇👇👇
Into the DApp browser (the place the arrow is pointing to)
Then search it.
The link will take you to TRONex main website.
NOTE: make sure you have up to 100Tron on your tokenPocket Wallet.
9. Follow the instructions on your screen.
That’s all.

How to check your Investment earnings

To check how your Investment earnings are growing.
1. Go-to your DApp browser again and paste this link below there
2. Then click on “Wallet Statistics
It will take you to your Dashboard where your Investment Tron is.
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How to Withdraw your TRON on TRONex

You can withdraw your Tron at anytime you want.


Your payout will come instantly

Request withdraw from the same wallet you deposited

All your wallet deposits and referral earnings will be withdrawn with single transaction per 1 request

That’s all, happy Investment ✓
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