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In this page, we will tell you what Gramfree is all about, Is Gramfree legit, Is Gramfree real, What is Gramfree, Is Gramfree really paying, Is Gramfree Scam, How do I make money on Gramfree, How do I Sign up new Gramfree Account, How to Open Gramfree Account, How do I register new Gramfree Account, How to make money on Gramfree, How to withdraw money from Gramfree, How to deposit money into Gramfree, What is Gramfree Smart-Contacts, Gramfree Payments proof with Videos e.t.c.

💯💯💯 Legit👇👇👇

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Gramfree Sign Up Guide

Gramfree is a new platform with incredible opportunities. With Gramfree, you can make $1000 in a day but that depends on your luck on the platform. How to make money on Gramfree

What is Gramfree

Gramfree is a new platform with incredible opportunities.

Gramfree is a platform where you can earn money free without investing anything or pay to play.

GramFree is a blockchain-based digital project developed to be fast, safe, scalable and capable of processing millions of transactions per second. It is designed to compete with Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized applications, while being extremely scalable.

Private permissioned blockchains ensure, by definition, faster execution time than public permissionless blockchains because they rely on a small number of selected and trusted verifiers rather than requiring the consensus of a large amount of “anonymous” nodes, which need to be checked through ingenious algorithms.

Gramfree Gram’s

Gram is a cryptocurrency. A feature of Gram is the high speed of transactions. Cryptocurrencies implemented on early blockchain platforms due to the low speed of transactions are more suitable for investment than for use as a payment tool. 

Gram is faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains and can even outperform Visa and Mastercard in transaction speed – we talk about more than a million transactions per second.

The main principle is to execute transactions parallelly and to separate all the data into different small blockchains that can interact with each other.

Gramfree Features

Gramfree In terms of Security

Gramfree system is confidential, the same as Telegram, it has advanced protection against hacker attacks.

Gramfree In terms of Speed

In Gramfree, TON brings speed and scalability to a multi-blockchain architecture that allows to process several millions of transactions per second.

Gramfree In terms of Anonymity

In Gramfree, the complete anonymity of the client base and the absence of a public transaction history exclude any extraneous interference.

Is Gramfree Legit

Yes, Gramfree is Legit and is safe to use. Many people across the nation world wide has shared their payment testimony about Gramfree and none has ever report Scam, so this shows that Gramfree is real and is good to use.

Is Gramfree free

Yes, Gramfree is free and does not require any investment. 

Why is Gramfree free

The reason why Gramfree Gram is free is because 10% of the Gram mass is allocated to a nonprofit organization which will keep the infrastructure operational.

Gramfree Must Watch Videos

There are two videos you must watch before signing up for Gramfree. 

1. Gramfree review

2. What you should not do on Gramfree (if you do it, you will not receive your payment

Don’t sign up to Gramfree without watching these (2) two video. 

1. Gramfree Review

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2. What will Make Your Gramfree Account Getting Ban

Before you create your own Gramfree Account, kindly use your time to watch this video below that show’s how to earn fast and get paid quickly.

I believe you now know what to do to get paid quickly and what that will hinder you not to get paid quickly.

ATTENTION: You can join my Gramfree Telegram Group and ask questions and the community will be happy to help you out with whatever you wish to know about Gramfree

Click to joinGRAMFREE Telegram GROUP

NOTE: I am not a Gramfree Staff, I am a User of Gramfree like you.

WARNING: Do not sign Up to Gramfree with two accounts on the same phone because if you do so, Gramfree will know and they might banish you from the platform, so be careful. Gramfree is Real and Legit ✓

And if you know that you cannot try your best to make it to level 2 in your Gramfree Account, please don’t waste your time in joining – Because payment is only for those that make it out from level 1 to level 2 upward.

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How to Create Gramfree Account

Follow the simple steps below to open a Gramfree Account free:

1. Firstly, click HERE to have access to the sign up page.

You will be taking to a page that looks like the image below

2. Then, click on Sign-up

Then by clicking on the sign up button will take you to the Create Account page, the link will take you to a page that looks like the one below

Then here, you will have to choose if you want to create your Gramfree account with your facebook or by using your Google account (Gmail) 

Creating Gramfree Account with Facebook Account

If you decided to create your Gram free account with facebook, you will see a page that looks like the image below – You don’t have Facebook account, click here to create one

Then click on the ‘Continue as your Facebook Username‘ 

That’s it.

Creating Gramfree Account with Google Account (Gmail)

But if you decided to create your Gram free account with your Gmail account, you will see a page that looks like the image below

Select your prefer Gmail account if you have more than one Gmail account. – You don’t have a Gmail account, quickly Click here to create one.

That’s all

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Congratulations to for register your Gramfree to make money.

How to Win Gramfree Gram

How to play Gramfree

To play Gramfree free is simple, just go to your Gramfree dashboard and click on free

After clicking on the Gramfree free page, you will see a page that looks like the one below

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Then click on the ‘Roll Button‘ then wait to see your lucky number. NOTE: your lucky number indicate what you Win as you see it in the page.

How to Earn in GRAMFREE 👇

1. By Referring:

Refer and earn 5 Gram immediately (5 gram is equal to $10)

2. By Rolling For Free:

Roll every hour and Earn from 0.1 Gram to 1000 Gram depends on the number you roll.

3. By Clicking Uploaded Videos:

Earn 0.1 Gram ($0.2) for clicking uploaded videos.

4. By Uploading Videos About Gramfree:

Earn 5 Gram when you upload videos about Gramfree.

5. By Participating In Lottery:

Win 10 Gram to 2500 Gram.

6.Daily sign & confirm smart contacts get 1 to 5 gram

👉 Currently, Minimum Withdrawal is 500 Grams.

🤝 Grams Coin is 100% Real Project

💵 Withdraw your money using Bitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, Payeer, etc

How does Gramfree Refferrer work

Gramfree also give you opportunity to refer friends and make money. You will earn 5Gram ($10) per one refferrer.

Gramfree Lucky Number and Payout

Here is the Gramfree number and payout

Gramfree 1-980 number payout is 0.1Gram

Gramfree 981-993 number payout is 1Gram

Gramfree 994-997 number payout is 10Gram

Gramfree 998-999 number payout is 100Gram

Gramfree 1000 number payout is 1000Gram

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How Does Gramfree Lottery Work

There are 100 000 tickets on each tour. The probability of winning one ticket is 0.1%. Every day a random number occurs with the ticket number of the winner, the prize is calculated based on the table of winnings.

What is Gramfree User Level

This is an indicator of user activity on the site, which helps to identify real users from bots which automatically try to trick the system. When you reach a new level, you get bonuses.

What is Gramfree Roll time has Increase

You have reached the daily limit.

Most videos are on review, please come back in a few days. 99% of the videos don’t fit the requirements so our team check them very carefully.
It all depends on the moderation queue. Some videos are moderated by the neural network immediately, some are sent for a manual review so you’ll need to wait for a few days.

1. Video is not hosted on YouTube
2. Video is not about GramFree
3. Your video lasts less than 1 or more than 2 minutes
4. The name of the video is not full
5. The video contains ads
6. The site administration reserves the right to reject videos without explaining the reason.

Gramfree smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible. The aim of smart contracts is to provide security that is superior to traditional contract law and to reduce other transaction costs associated with contracting. Various cryptocurrencies have implemented types of smart contracts.

This contract have to be confirmed every day, otherwise you will have to pay a penalty. As an example, if you have a contract on the 10th, you need to confirm it on the 11th, the 12th, the 13th, the 14th and sign it on the 15th. With a regular contract you can skip days and sign it even in 2 months after the conclusion of a contract.

Right now, the minimum money you can withdraw on Gramfree today it is 500 Gram.

You will get the money as soon as our moderator is ready with your account check. Usually within two weeks, but in some cases it may take longer. You don’t need to pay anything. If you use an e-wallet, you’ll get the money immediately, but you’ll need to wait a couple of days if you have VISA or MasterCard.

How much is per refer on Gramfree

You will get 5Gram per each person that sign up for Gramfree through your Gramfree link.

How to Withdraw your Gramfree Earning

To withdraw the money you earn on Gramfree, Goto your dashboard and click on Withdraw
Then select the best option you wish to use to withdraw your Gramfree Earning.

Gramfree Payment Methods

How Gramfree pay
1. Withdraw Using Bitcoin
2. Withdraw Using Smart Card
3. Withdraw using Visa
4. Withdraw using PayPal
5. Withdraw using American Express card
6. Withdraw using Payoneer – RECOMMENDEDHow to Create Payoneer Account
7. Withdraw using Payer
8. Withdraw using Skrill
9. Withdraw using Neteller
10. Withdraw using Ecopayz
All these Withdraw options have their own fees, so make sure you use your favorite one.

Gramfree Payments proof with Videos

Here are the Gramfree Payments proof Videos that makes it real.

Gramfree Payment Proof 1

Latest Payout on “PAYONEER” – User already received 2nd Payout

Gramfree Payment Proof 2

Pay Proof of a User – with Operation Id

Gramfree Payment Proof 3

Here is another Gramfree Payments proof from a user using Bitcoin wallet to withdraw.

Gramfree Payment Proof 4

Another BITCOIN PAYOUT PROOF 0.126 BTC Took 3 days to Receive in WALLET after Withdrawal Request

Gramfree Payment Proof 5

Check out this another payout again
With all these 5 payout proof I provided for you here, you should know that Gramfree is simple free  way and legit to make money from the comfort of your home. So if you have not registered, just click HERE to register don’t waste time to do so and make sure you are active on the platform.

ATTENTION: You can join my Gramfree Whatsapp Group and ask questions and the community will be happy to help you out with whatever you wish to know about Gramfree

Click to joinGRAMFREE Telegram GROUP

NOTE: I am not a Gramfree Staff, I am a User of Gramfree like you.

Gramfree Alternative

Three Gramfree Alternative I will  betell you here is Blocksmash, freebitco and United4Africa, Zolous – CHECK OUT Everything About Blocksmash here
Thanks for reading our article on ‘How to Create Gramfree Account‘ and make money online on Gramfree.

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