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Alpha Network Review | in this page, you are going to know everything you need to know about Alpha Network Mining App – Alpha Network Crypto Mining App


What is Alpha Network?

Alpha network is a revolutionary system that provides an alternative to existing cryptocurrency models with a focus on balancing the demand and supply of the market. The view of alpha network is to provide each player (miner) a simple, secure and robust experience in earning alpha coin, a next-gen digital asset.

The mining experience is playful and straightforward making it easy for everyone regardless of background or previous knowledge of the crypto industry to be able to earn alpha coin just by tapping a button on their phone. The best part of the concept is that it is entirely free to get started and mine alpha coin for as long as the supply lasts.

What is Alpha Network App?

Alpha Network is a mobile app that allows you to mine the AlphaCoin crypto only by using the Internet. It’s crypto mining on your phone and we are one of the leading companies in this new domain.

Alpha Network Review – Is Alpha Network Legit?

Is Alpha Network Legit or Scam – this is the question that ring on people’s mind everyday that, is alpha Network Real, is Alpha Network safe? Yes, Alpha Network is real and it very safe to use.

Currently, Alpha Network mainnet is launched already while people have beginning doing transaction with their Alpha Network Coin. 

Alpha Network Limited Supply is 500million, as at the time of this publication, 300million+ ANC (Alpha Network Coin) have been mined already by miner’s of Alpha Network that use the Alpha App. 

Is Alpha Network Safe?

It’s 100% safe to use on your mobile device, it just requires you to have Internet access and you can easily create an account through Google or Facebook for extra security. We will never try to harm your device or install other software in your system.

Is Alpha Network Coin Good Investment?

Alpha Network targets to become the next big thing in the world of mobile digital assets. So yes, investing your time with Alpha might be beneficial in the future.

How to Mine Alpha Network Coin – Alpha Network Registration


To mine Alpha Network Coin, you need to register and join the Alpha Network. All you need to create your Alpha Network Account is your mobile phone.

1. Go-to Play store or Apple store and Download Alpha Network mining App – or download the Alpha Network Apk

2. Register with your email/phone number, Register your full name also

3. You will need “Referral Code” to be able to mine on the Alpha Network App, use: Edycabas as your referrals code. 

Alpha Network Referral Code: Edycabas

That’s all.

4. When you start mining, then you should know that your mining session will stop in 24 hours time. So in every 24 hours, you will need to enter the App again to activate your mining again.

How to Increase Your Alpha Network Mining Rate

1. To increase your Alpha Network mining rate, keep on inviting people to your Alpha Network team. The more active team you have, the more ANC (Alpha Network Coin) you will mine. 


2. Don’t forget to keep pinging the inactive team members too, by using the “Ping” button on your Alpha Network App. 

How to Transfer Alpha Network Coin (ANC) to Others?

To transfer your ANC (Alpha Network Coin), just follow the steps below

Alpha Network Withdrawal

1. On your Alpha Network mining App, click on your “Wallet“. 

2. Click on “transfer” 

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3. Enter the “ANC Wallet Address” of the person you want to send ANC to (you can type in the Address manually if it not allows you to paste). 

4. Enter the “ANC Amount” you want to send

5. Click on “Transfer” 

That’s all.

DONATION: you can try and send any amount of ANC to this Address for testing or donation (any amount will be appreciated). 

ANC Wallet Address: ACxRurTpUuXlbfQzfhPnP9JHHDwyN2mee

Alpha Network Price Prediction

As we all know that, know one can actually say what the future price of a Crypto will be but people can make a prediction and fail and at the same time, the person can get it right. Why?, Is because Cryptocurrency price are not stable even the stable coin too are not that stable in price because most of them are peg on fiat currency. 

So for now, I can say it is very easy for ANC (Alpha Network Coin) price to reach $200 quickly because of it userbase, utilities and supply etc. 

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Alpha Network Whitepaper –  Everything About Alpha Network Project

Alpha Network Project Phases

The project has been structured in three phases in order to create an easy-to-understand overview of the development plan from the team. Each phase represents a milestone for Alpha Network and can be triggered by a specific event.

Alpha Network Phase 1 – Mining and Userbase

The first phase of the project proposes the launch of the initial Alpha Network miner app which enables players to start contributing to the system by earning alpha coin. This is handled for both Android and iOS devices in a staged manner with an initial release on Android followed by iOS.

The phase continues with general improvements to the platform until the Alpha Network Wallet app is ready for the market, which we expect to be anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Alpha Network Phase 2 – Transactions and consolidation

The Alpha Network Wallet app is released and provides a secure system for players to make transactions, see their balance, transaction history and some options for investing alpha coin for the opportunity to earn even more. These however will be revealed later on – IT’S BIG!. The phase continues until the alpha coin pool is drained by its users.

Alpha Network Phase 3 – Full release, Mining closed

The physical mining node (PMN) software is released for your computer (we expect this to take about one to two months from when the alpha coin pool is drained). This software validates transactions for the system to help achieve a fully decentralized system where only the full registry of transactions is kept on the Alpha Network’s domain for transparency purposes.

The software doesn’t generate new alpha coin units but instead provides the users that choose to install it the opportunity to participate in the Alpha Network committee and have a say in deciding the future of the project.

At the time of the third phase, the Alpha Network miner app is closed since the mining pool is now empty. The Wallet remains the permanent way to utilize alpha coin in transactions and the new PC PMN software is introduced.

Further information on this phase will be released as the time for it approaches. It all depends on the time it takes Alpha Network to gather a big enough user base to drain the alpha coin pool.

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The ever-increasing market for cryptocurrency has benefited from a snow-ball effect in popularizing the concept to the masses for the past several years. As digital assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum emerged, their value has been continuously affected by the people mining the coins which have ultimately made the price for these cryptocurrencies skyrocket. While at a first glance this sounds like a happy-ending story where the miners win big, the reality behind proves otherwise. The value of these assets on a day-by-day basis rather looks like a gambling game than a wise investment opportunity.

Moreover, due to the flawed market reach design of such cryptos, the early adopters have had the opportunity to earn thousands of coin units just by running an app on their computers while the rest of the players had barely broken-even on their initial investment. As the number of miners grew, the ones winning the most were those that could vertically scale their mining hardware (buy more computers, better processors). This has grown so ridiculously that nowadays entire server rooms are required for mining a fraction (6.25 BTC/block) of the original (50 BTC/block) reward. This in turn has made it attractive for companies that have capital on hand to buy into crypto and invest in mining farms which essentially eliminates small players from the landscape.

Alpha Network Solution

The solution proposed by Alpha Network is a set of adjustments to the original model of crypto that has been carefully formulated by a team of software engineers with extensive knowledge in the field of data science and several crypto currency enthusiasts. The result is a new digital asset built from the ground up on a scalable backbone that enforces network security, transparency and makes use of modern software technologies and principles interpolated with the original concept of linked blockchains. While the inner workings are proving to be rather complex, the core improvements assessed from a market-oriented perspective are easy to outline. These are presented below.

a. Mining complexity

While the previous models had been reliant on the secure but tedious process of hashing blocks of transactions, which as the network scales requires increasingly difficult computations to be performed, the innovation behind Alpha stands within the decentralized architecture which promotes the use of Virtual Mining Nodes (or VMNs).

VMNs are digitally generated nodes that mine coins on behalf of the user. In this regard the user’s phone is only the orchestrator of the mining pipeline requiring little to no computational power (even a smart fridge could do it). Moreover, the nodes themselves are highly optimized and share resources between their instances to provide the best complexity to reward ratio.

b. Supply

Another opportunity for improvement over the conventional crypto model resides in the coin supply management of the network. This has previously been linked with the mining complexity and therefore halving every so often when milestones (such as blocks mined) are reached by the platform. In the case of Alpha, the supply is capped to 500,000,000 and can only be obtained by the players on the platform by performing the 24H mining cycles (the necessity for cycles is due to the complex process of synchronizing VMNs which is resource-intensive and therefore needs to be adjusted so that it doesn’t end up having a negative impact on the mining pipeline architecture).

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Each player starts at a base rate that can be boosted by performing supportive actions to the platform (such as inviting friends to start mining which further increases the trust of the network and obtaining boost rewards by watching an advertising announcement which helps the team behind the project afford the necessary hardware for further development as well as paying for the server nodes).

When the supply of alpha is drained, there is no going back to mining, at that point the only way to further benefit from the network is to install the computer version software of the Alpha Network platform (which will be released in a further phase of the project) which enables one to validate transactions via a Physical Mining Node (PMN). The rewards in this regard are given in the form of a membership to the Alpha Network committee which together will take the decisions on what is the future of alpha coin.

c. Value

The value of alpha coin is implicitly bound to the trust its users have on the platform; therefore, it is towards the project’s advantage for the development team to be explicit on the structuring of the phases the project contains as well as to listen to the user base for potential improvements and additions on top of the already established road map.

The alpha coin asset is obtained as is without guarantees of any kind and for the time being it cannot be exchanged in any way or form outside the platform. As part of the phase 2 of the project, the soon to-be-released wallet app will open new opportunities for the players to make transactions in-between them or even exchange for goods and services (one might be interested in obtaining alpha coin by selling their goods or skills and accepting transactions via the wallet app in return).

In terms of market value by contrast with other existing cryptocurrencies, alpha coin is expected to better retain a steady value due to the limited supply readily available from the start and the relatively flat model for mining the coin units via the alpha network miner app.

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How Alpha Network works

While Alpha Network strives to use bleeding edge technology to optimize the network’s inner processes, everything needs to be encapsulated in an easy-to-understand package for the user and therefore, the current section offers an explanation to the already intuitive features of the application.


Please keep in mind that any type of fraudulent use of the application that is detected can be punished with a permanent ban on all of Alpha Network’s further released products. Also, each user is limited to only one account. In the event of suspicious activity, an individual can be considered fraudulent and therefore punishable by permanent ban if they cannot prove with official documentation that their identity is valid.

Alpha Network Roles

There is currently only one role in the Alpha Network miner app, the role of miner (or player) which describes the individual that uses the app in order to earn (mine) alpha coin.

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Alpha Network Referral

The concept of referral proposes the ability of miners to authenticate new players, since each player contributes equally to the network’s security and stability, the person referring a new player gets a permanent boost to their mining rate when the referred miner states their user ID (Referral code) at the time of creating their account. The new miner has the option to enter a referral code at the time of creating their account. While this is not mandatory, it is advised as the new user receives 1 alpha for using a friend’s referral code.

While the number of new users an existing one can refer is not capped(limited), the calculation for the equivalent reward for the referring user is reflected by the formula below:

0.2 x [referred users – max 10000] + 0.01 x [referred users – anything above 10000] = [total referral rate reward]

Alpha Network Mining Rate

The mining rate represents the rate at which a player earns alpha coin on behalf of the VMNs that their device orchestrates and is expressed as [number of alpha]/(per) [hour] which is rewarded in its entirety after the 24H mining cycle in which it has been earned, whenever the user connects to the application again. The rate is divided as: ([base rate] + [referral rate] + [boost rate]) * 24 = [alpha earned per mining cycle] Please find below the explanations for the meaning of each element.

Alpha Network Base rate

The basic reward for enforcing the trust of the Alpha Network through the process of mining alpha coin. It is 0.5/h and every player obtains it permanently (until the alpha coin pool drains) by creating an account.

Alpha Network Referral rate

The computed, permanent bonus per hour to the base rate that can be obtained by referring new users, see the formula above.

Alpha Network Lootbox rate

Lootboxes appear every 30 minutes and they give rewards in either coins or rate. The coins are added stright to the balance, on the other hand, the rate only applies for the current mining cycle. These can change or be altered in further phases of the project, refer to the phases section for more details.

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Alpha Network Journey

The path we took

In early 2020, we, as a team of software engineers decided to uncover some of the mysteries behind how cryptocurrencies operate (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) and we have decided to disrupt the cryptocurrency market with an innovative product. At first such a thing seemed unreal to us and the complexity of creating such a system felt enormous, therefore further research needed to be done before engaging into the task. Moreover, a selected group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts joined the team in hopes of better aligning the overall understanding of both the project and crypto in general.


We started doing our research in order to uncover the in’s and out’s of a crypto currency. And in case someone is interested in a good read feel free to check out these titles:

  • “Blockchain Revolution” by Don and Alex Tapscott
  • “The Truth Machine” by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey
  • “Bitcoin Money” by Michael Caras and Marina Yakubovskaya
  • “The Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin
  • “The Starfish and the Spider” by Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom
  • “Inventing Bitcoin” by Yan Pritzker

We highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in developing their own crypto or wish to attain a better understanding of the inner workings of the industry as is at the moment.

The Prototype

After gathering knowledge about blockchain and proof of work concepts we decided to make our own prototype that would at least be able to emulate the mining process using computers located in different areas of the world in order to establish secure communication protocols. For this task, the computers of the team members were used as nodes and subnetworks of the platform.

Two months passed, a lot of hard work went into it but finally we had our first demo:

A computer application running on Windows that is linked to a common blockchain ledger that can be accessed, checked and proven. Of course, a node in the chain is created and communication is done through the use of identified (via hashes) nodes.

A couple of months later, the Alpha Miner v2.3b became the foundation for the all-new system based on virtual mining nodes (VMNs) which is now doing the work under the hood of the Alpha Network miner app. Through programming communities a total of 50 testers was gathered for the purpose of ensuring stability, balancing the load and ultimately validating the security of the overall design. The testing phase has been tedious but has proven the usability of the concept in an open-market scenario. It took some time but in the end with all the feedback we received we were more than happy about the results. The project was ready for the open release so we went back to the drawing board to design a mobile solution for orchestrating the VMNs.

The next big step was to understand mobile devices and secure communication. An array of different technologies went into that so a mobile device is now able to support a working “orchestrator thread” (an app that communicates with and takes ownership of the threads for the purpose of completing mining cycles) This translates to the ability of having an array of virtual nodes that the app synchronizes and utilizes their capabilities for mining alpha coin therefore increasing the trust of the platform.

We got in touch with a few developers working on Android and iOS to help us understand how mining can be achieved on a device and through collaboration and passionate work we had the Android AlphaMiner (demo).

An app that can mine in the background without interrupting anything else you’re doing on your phone. This utilizes a background notification channel for communicating with the nodes, therefore from the user’s perspective it is independent of the main UI (the app can be closed) or the network status (you can close your internet connection) as the communication only occurs to synchronize the server-side virtual nodes when the internet is back online and the app is opened again (for example to start a new cycle, check your referral code for inviting someone else or just checking the status of your mining cycle).

We were amazed by how far we’ve come! So we spent the next few months refining the user experience and design so anyone without any knowledge of crypto would be able to understand the concept and mine this digital asset. We also managed to invite a few hundred early birds that wanted to try out the app and they seemed pretty happy about our results.

Today, the app is in a stage where we are satisfied with it. More will come according to our Phases plan and also we are eager to listen to YOU, the one reading this, to help us out by suggesting potential improvements or new features.

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Thank you for reading our journey and we hope we’ll see you as part of Alpha Network! We hope as many of you as possible will get involved in this next-gen digital asset. 🙂

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