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Is Hawkit Legit or Scam, Hawkit Review, Review, Is Legit or Scam, Hawkit Registration, is Hawkit Real or fake Reviewin This Page, You Are Going To Know If is Legit or Scam…. Full Hawkit Review is Here –Hawkit Registration Guide

What is

Hawkit is an online platform that allows users to earn money online by liking, commenting, following, sharing, and lots more. 

They claim you can make ₦5000 daily income on their platform by just performing a simple task suck commenting, like etc. 

According to us here, this sound somehow to us. How can someone be earning money online by just liking, commenting, share, following ete.  They said, you can make upto ₦5000 daily on the platform (that’s ₦150k in a Month). 

Hmm… Is legit or scam?, We can’t say yet, so guys, let div into review, let check if hawkit is scam or it really paying. 

Hawkit Review – Is Hawkit Legit or Scam

QUICK – Hawkit registration link

According to, users can earn up to ₦5000 (five thousand naira) daily by completing some few tasks on the platform.

Have been online quite some years now, and have seen and published about a lot of platform that performs the same services hawkit is rendering to it members.

Some of these platforms crash while some are still operating till date. — You can check through our website for lot more

But how do we know if hawkit is not a scam like some other scam platforms out there?

Do has a product they sell?, Where are they getting the money they pay their members from?

The answer is simple, hawkit get the money they pay their members from their members. (Are you confused)?


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When you register on the platform, is either you join the platform to advertise, sell, buy, boosting your products or you register to just earn extra income by performing tasks on the platform. 

So, when someone wants to earn extra income from the platform, the person will have to pay a membership fee of ₦1000 ($2). When you pay for the ₦1000 membership fee, you will now have access to every means of earnings such as earning from referring someone to the platform, earning by liking, advertising, commenting, sharing, selling etc on the platform. 

So, what we found out about hawkit is that hawkit pays their members from the money they generate from their members fee and from those members who pays for advertising, get followers on their social handle, members who pays to get YouTube followers, like, commenting, share of post etc. 

Hawkit pays their users half of the money they get from adverts and keep the other part of the money to maintain the platform. 

So from my review, I believe you can vividly figure out if hawkit is a scam or legit, I believe you can tell if hawkit will crash soon or last. 

I don’t know for you but to me, this guys are really doing good business with what they are doing. And I believe if they can continue with this strategy and continue paying their users without applying greediness to it, I believe they will last more longer but if they apply greediness into their platform by not paying their users again, the platform will surely crash and be tag a scam. 

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How Does Hawkit work – how to make money on

Let me quickly summary this part for you. 

1. Firstly, before you can make money from hawkit, you will need to register on hawkit and become a membership by activating your hawkit account with one time payment of ₦1000. 

After that, you’ve become a membership user of hawkit platform, then you can now start earning money from the platform every day. You can make upto ₦5000 daily on hawkit daily (₦150k Monthly) and you can make more than that to upto ₦10000 daily (₦300k Mothly) on hawkit by just doing the simple task on the platform such as: like, commenting, sharing, following etc. 


When you have the membership right in the hawkit, you can also buy airtime and Data at a 10% – 50% discount rate too. 

2. You can also earn money on hawkit by advertising your products, goods and services to thousands of users who visit hawkit Platform daily.

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3. You can also make money from your own social media handles such like WhatsApp, telegram, twitter etc on being a hawkit member.

4. You can buy and sell your goods on hawkit too to make money.

Hawkit Refer and Earn Big

As a member on Hawkit, you can earn two types of Referral Bonuses which include:

  • Earn an Instant Referral Commission of ₦500 when you refer someone to become a Member on Hawkit. The more you refer, the more you earn.

    For Example: If you refer an average of 20 users per day, you will ₦10,000 per day and ₦300,000 per month from just Referral Bonuses alone.

  • Earn Social Boost Referral Commission of 20% of any amount paid when you refer someone to Buy Likes, Followers, Comments, Shares, Whatsapp Post Views etc.

    For example, if you refer 50 users to buy 2000 likes or followers worth ₦10,000, you will earn ₦2,000 per user and a whooping ₦100,000 instantly.

Hawkit Registration – how to register on

Just follow this step here to create your hawkit account. 

1. GOTO the Hawkit registration page and Click on Sign Up to register. 


2. Enter your “full name” and “referral code” and click on “Sign Up“. 

3. Enter your Username, email address (Gmail address), password and then click on “Create Account“. 


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4. GOTO your email inbox to copy the Authenticator-Factor code sent to you and paste it on the box and then click on “Continue“. 

5. Select your Gender, state, local government and click on “Set Location“. 

6. Set your “Date of Birth“, your “Religion” and click on “Continue”

That’s all! You’ve successfully Create your hawkit account. 

If you want to make upto ₦5000 daily from the platform by performing the task, then you will need to fund your hawkit account with ₦1000 (one time payment). Then you click on “Become a Member“. 

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How to fund your Hawkit Account

To fund your hawkit account, just follow this simple steps below

1. Click on “fund” on your hawkit dashboard. 

2. Fund with bank card – provide your bank ATM card payment details. 

3. Then enter the amount you want to fund your hawkit account with and make the payment. 

How to Activate your Hawkit Account

To activate your account, just follow the steps below


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1. Click on “Become a member” 

2. Then as money is in your hawkit account already, just click on active a membership. 

That’s all

You can now go to your profile and link your bank account number to your hawkit account for withdrawal purposes.

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Hawkit Withdrawal Proof


In Conclusion to my review is an online advertisement platform that pays members by performing a simple task from the money they generate from members who pays for advertisement on their site and membership fee. 

So guys, if you like you can give it a try but if you don’t want to, you can go on with your life (but don’t just do what you will regret later). 

You can keep surfing through our website for more Updates. 


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