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SuperEX Registrationin this page, you are going to know how to create SuperEX Account, how to login into your SuperEX Account, how to create SuperEX Super wallet, how to use SuperEX etc. 

SuperEX Registration Link


What is SuperEX?

SuperEX is a cryptocurrency super Exchange platform where you can buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrency. SuperEX Exchange provide cloud wallet (centralised) and super wallet i.e non custodial wallet (decentralised). 

SuperEX is an alternative to Binance, Coinbase WhiteBIT Exchange etc but SuperEX provide non-custodial wallet for people to store their assets and be in control of their assets unlike Binance that is centralised.

Currently, superEX exchange is offering their exchange airdrop to new register user’s as Binance did then by offering their BNB to newly registered member and now, I believe you know how much 1 Binance Coin now worth. As at the time of this publication, 1BNB as rise to more than $300+.

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SuperEX Airdrop (SuperEX Registration)

When you create a new SuperEX Account, you will be given a free 10 ET token worth $10 for now. 

Warning: don’t create two SuperEX account. Only 1 account per person. 

The token will be lock by the Exchange for a while so that people will not be in eager to sell quick in order for the price and value not to be destroy. 

Let me tell you a short story: few years ago, a friend of mine get 10000 Binance on his Trust Wallet and he write down his passphrase and keep it. But since then, he forgot he has Binance keep in one place.  This year, when he was doing some arrangements inside his room, then found the passphrase he wrote down back then in 2017. 

He download Trust Wallet again and input the passphrase in to login into the account, Boom, to his surprise, he found his 10000BNB Coin in the Wallet. As am telling you now, this guy is super rich. 

You can do the calculation, let me put it this way, $300 x 10000BNB = $3million.

From something that worth just $1000 then in 2017, now in 2022 do you see. (He told me he don’t even know where he got it from then because he doesn’t have that kind of money $1000) then.

Moral: whatever crypto or Crypto’s project you might be doing, make sure you always write down your login details and keep them safe, not because of today but because of tomorrow. 

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SuperEX Sign – How to Create SuperEX Account

To open new SuperEX Account, just follow the steps below

1. GOTO the SuperEX Registration page HERE 

You will see a page that looks like this one below


2. Register with your email address or phone number (Recommend email)

If you don’t have email address Gmail address), click here to create one for yourself. 

3. Enter your password

4. Make sure your referrals ID is “F41MGDTTT

5. Click on “Register


After you click on register, a verification code will be sent to your email address

6. GOTO your email address to copy the code and paste it into the provided box and click on “Submit“. 

That’s all! You’ve successfully Create a new SuperEX Account.

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And now, they will direct you to a page where you will download the SuperEX  it App. 

Download it and login and you will get free 10ET token immediately. 


SuperEX Login – How to login to SuperEX Account

To sign in to your superEX account, just follow the steps below

1. Enter your email address or phone number

2. Enter your password

3. Get the Authenticator-Factor code sent to your email inbox or phone number

4 Click on “Login“. 

How to Recover SuperEX Password

Do you forget your SuperEX password? Then, click on forgot password, enter your email address or phone number to receive a link or code to create another password. 

That’s all

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How to Create SuperEX Super Wallet

The SuperEX Super wallet is a non custodial wallet (decentralised wallet) i.e you will be in control of your assets. The wallet is like trust wallet. You will have your own personal personal passphrase (if you loss your passphrase, then your assets is gone forever) and no one can hack passphrase except you lost it. 

So when creating this wallet, make sure you keep your wallet passphrase safe.

SuperEX Super wallet

1. Click on Super wallet. 

2. Give the wallet a name. 

3. Backup or Write down your passphrase. 

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How to make a Deposit on SuperEX Exchange

To make a deposit on the SuperEX Exchange, CLICK HERE to see the full guide on how to make a deposit on SuperEX Exchange. 

How to make a Withdrawal on SuperEX Exchange

To make a withdrawal on the SuperEX Exchange, CLICK HERE to see the full guide on how to make a withdrawal on SuperEX Exchange. 

That’s all. Join SuperEX Official Telegram Channel HERE

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