Xterio Airdrop (How to Claim Xterio Airdrop)

Xterio Airdrop, How to Claim Xterio Airdrop


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Xterio Airdrop| On This Page You’re Going To Know How To Claim Xterio Airdrop. 


What is Xterio About?

Established in 2022, Xterio is a free-to-play-and-own gaming and game publishing platform. Founded by a collective of elite professionals spanning the realms of gaming, tech, and entertainment, our journey is under the visionary leadership of Michael Tong, the former COO of Netease, and Jeremy Horn, a former VP of Jam City. Xterio is here to revolutionize the interactive landscape of tomorrow.

A New Era in Gaming

Xterio represents the next generation of game publishing powered by digital ownership & AI, purpose-built for community-driven gaming experiences. Each project featured on the Xterio platform from XTER`s launch (to be announced soon) harnesses the power of $XTER within our unique ecosystem, where dedicated communities participate in Xterio`s development and growth.

$XTER: Xterio Platform Currency

In our ecosystem, $XTER is the central currency for all marketplace transactions. It serves as the cornerstone, weaving together the expansive network of experiences under the Xterio banner. $XTER`s listing date will be announced in the near future

Xterio backed by Binance is a game developer and publisher with a global team footprint.

Xterio has launched Palio & Sesamelabs campaign. User might be eligible for Xterio tokens for participating in both campaign.

How to Join Xterio Airdrop

Just follow the simple steps below 

Steps on how to claim Xterio

Steps to Join Airdrop

  1. Visit the Sesamelabs XterioPage.
  2. Connect with your Google or Metamask.
  3. Complete all Quest Task.
  4. Create & share posts that mention $XTER or @xteriogames to gain more Points. Posts with tags other than Xterio’s won’t count!.
  5. Now visit the Palio Page . For palio cmapign you need to bridge 3 USD worth of BNB.
  6. Do all the quest to gain points. Put Invite Code 9ca8ab0a4e936ecbdafa9c326b9e490e to gain additional point and boost. Check the Official Guide for more details.

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