Is Satoshi BTCs Mining Legit or Scam: Satoshi BTCs Account Registration, Login

Is Satoshi BTCs Mining Legit, Satoshi BTCs Mining Sign Up, Satoshi BTCs Mining Login, How to Create Satoshi BTCs Mining Account, How to join Satoshi BTCs, Satoshi BTCs Registration, Satoshi BTCs Register, Satoshi BTCs Referral Code 


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Satoshi BTCs Mining Review | In This Page, You will Know if Satoshi BTCs is Legit or Scam and how to create satoshi BTCs Mining Account Without Doing Any Mistake – Is Satoshi BTCs Mining Scam or Legit. 

Read go down to know how to Register and Download the app.

I saw a lot of people registered without mining, hey, do you want to be like such people? Those time wasters, I think your answer is NO, then make sure you do your KYC and start mining immediately 1BTCs is expected to be 1Ethereum ($3000). Continue reading to see the full guide on how to register, do your KYC and start mining and also earn free Bitcoin daily too on the App. 


What is Satoshi BTCs Mining?

Satoshi BTCs mining app is a Cryptocurrency mining app, project and its complexity is different from other crypto mining apps. 

This days, there are a lot of cryptocurrency mining apps out ther on Play store and on Apple Store of which one of the first mobile based cryptocurrency mining app is Pi Network

Satoshi BTCs Mining Review Is Satoshi BTCs Mining Legit

BTCs mining app is legit and its complexity is different from other crypto mining apps. The highlights of the apps is Satoshi coin (BTCs). BTC is just an incentives for recruited miners who verified their identity (KYC).

The project is free and fair, and is serious to recreating the crypto ecosystem. 

According to my research and finding about this project, I find out that Satoshi BTCs mining is legit and not scam. 

Have seen a lot of people in the app mining and also getting real Bitcoin giveaway in in the app (0.01 Bitcoin worth $400 to $4000 daily there)  

So, from all these have seen in the app, I find it hard to tag Satoshi btcs mining a scam even though the app is yet to launched.

I guess, as you have know that BTCs is legit and not scam, the next you would like to take is to register and join satoshi BTCs mining and start mining free BTCs on your phone.

Satoshi BTCs Sign Up – How to Create Satoshi BTCs Mining Account

To register and create BTCs account, all you need to do is to follow this simple step below.


  • Enter your “Email Address
  • Enter the code sent to your email in the box
  • Give yourself a secure password
  • Click on “REGISTER”

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That’s all! The next step is to download the app on your phone and login, do your KYC and start mining BTCs everyday on your phone.

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Video Tutorial on How to Create Satoshi BTCs Wallet

How to Mine Satoshi BTCs


When you login into the satoshi btcs app for the first time, you will need to do your KYC before you will be able to start mining, you need to do your KYC. So get ready your ID Card to do your KYC. (Make sure you have any of these documents to do your KYC – Passport, ID Card, driver licence etc) 

When you login into the satoshi btcs app, you will see your mining button given you a signalto click. All you need to do is to tap on the mining button and the mining will start immediately. 

Satoshi BTCs Wallet Setup

You need to have a wallet to store your mined Coin 

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Satoshi BTCs: How to Increase Satoshi BTCs Mining Speed.

To increase the mining hash of btcs, you can do it in two ways. You can use the hash card function or the gift card function. The most used is the hash card method. Using the hashcard method you can either choose to initiate and share the generated code with other miners to combine hash and mine together or you can get a code and join other miners to mine together.

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Satoshi BTCs – How to Earn Bitcoin on Satoshi BTCs Mining App

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As earlier mentioned, you can also earn BTC on this app. This is just an added benefit and you should know that you are not mining btc with this app. Signing up as a new miner, you get rewarded with some BTC. But apart from that, you can earn btc in two other ways; you can earn BTC by inviting friends and you can earn btc from the giveaway section.

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Satoshi BTCs Mining Login

To login into your satoshi app account, just follow this step below

  1. Tap on the click login button on the top of the page
  2. Input your Email and password (if you do not remember your password, tap on forgot password then follow the easy process to reset your password).
  3. Login and Continue mining your satoshi btcs.

How Satoshi BTCs Mining Work?

BTCs mining (satoshi) >

1) It is an independent app and subscribes through the link of the recommender without the app support from Google Play and IOS.

2) Mining volume:
a) When a user joins, they generate 0.0008 blocks per 10 minutes at a rate of 100K, and sometimes access and collect blocks.

* When there are 150 blocks, stop producing blocks until the user collects them.
b) Hash increase method The first recommendation increases by 20%, and if there is a second level lower user, there is a 10% increase.
c) There is a gift card in the second way, and if I get another user’s gift card and put the code in my gift card, it increases by 30%, but I do it only once.
d) There is a hash card in the third way, and when the card is opened, another user puts the code into the card with the same hash ratio and usually 5 people kick it, the high hash ratio is compensated and reset.

3) KYC and wallet support is not available yet.

4) A half-life comes after four years.

5) Satoshi Coin is the brother of Bitcoin and is signed by Satoshi in the white paper. Mobile Bitcoin mining has begun.
Sign up and use it, and you’ll feel it’s the best mobile mining application ever.

6) The total number of publications has been 2.1 billion and 180 million so far. Since the amount of mining per individual is low, it is expected to be mined for a long time, such as Bitcoin, and to make a big profit later on.

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BTCs Satoshi Whitepaper Summary

Future Blockchain Economy Infrastructure Bitcoin-based SATOSHI+ Consensus Algorithm Optimal Solution for Decentralization of Smart Contract Public Chain Authority

Current Social Problems Currency Problems

Wealth refers to all the goods and services that can meet the needs of human beings at all levels in society, while money does not. On the one hand, money is the basis to engage in economic activities. Without money as a measurement tool, there is no way to evaluate the contribution of individuals to the entire society, and it is impossible to implement various transactions efficiently. Therefore, the distribution of money in society will lead to the “redistribution” of social wealth. The ideal way of money distribution should reflect everyone’s output without bias, but this is not the case.

First, central banks of various countries produce most of the currencies. The central banks decide the total amount and how to issue the currencies based on their research. However, no matter how comprehensive the central bank’s research is and how talented the economists hired, it is the incomplete observing operation of the society from a small number of people, and their inputs and outputs cannot be exhaustive. Therefore, society is a chaotic system, and the slightest loss could be a thousand miles away. It is still doubtful whether the management is effective.

Second, the transmission path of money is from center to individuals. From the perspective of fairness, currency should be distributed to everyone in a way that matches the individuals. From the standpoint of justice, the poor should get more money than they have, which can help them out of the woods and is more conducive to social stability. Because the central bank produces the currency, its transmission path can only be the central bank >large banks>small banks>large enterprises>small enterprises. The closer to the center, the easier it is to get more money, and the farther away from the center, the less money it gets, which creates a gap between the rich and the poor. Furthermore, due to the system, the central bank needs to issue more currencies to make up for the vacancy because the poor do not have enough money, making the disparity between the rich and the poor continue to enter a vicious circle.

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Financial Issues

To develop business, banks will continually release new credit currencies. Because there is only one legal currency in a country, different banks’ credit business with different risks produces the same credit currency. When a specific credit project has a problem, and the corresponding credit currency has gone through enough circulation, and nobody knows which account the credit corresponds to, and effective risk cutting cannot be carried out. It is up to the central bank to cover all credit risks. A financial crisis will break out when risks accumulate, and even the central bank cannot bear them. The cause of financial engineering problems lies in the circulation of risks, and it is impossible to correlate risks and credit currency one-to-one.

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Contract issues

A contract is the smallest functional unit for the operation of modern society. Even a purchase behavior in daily life is a verbal contract at play behind it. Although keeping a contract can greatly improve the efficiency of social collaboration, people are trapped in-game dilemmas such as “prisoner’s dilemma” and “tragedy of the commons.” In reality, many contracts cannot be fully fulfilled after being concluded. It not only causes enormous losses to the party that abides by the rules but may also bring considerable costs to the breaching party. How to establish an unbreakable contract at low cost and evolvable, and build an organization based on this, to serve the society, is also an important subject that needs to be resolved in the future.

Introduction to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a social experiment based on blockchain technology started by Satoshi Nakamoto and others in 2009, and it has been running successfully for more than ten years. Bitcoin has been significant since its born.

Building Trust by Using Mathematical Logic Reasoning

Bitcoin uses asymmetric encryption technology to determine assets ownership and PoW (Proof of Work) to solve the final consistency problem. The use of chain data structure ensures the non-tampering features of data and the use of P2P networks to ensure the openness and transparency of data. This system builds a trust system that does not require endorsement from any institution or organization based on mathematics and logic.

Bitcoin has been running successfully for more than ten years. Instead of being compromised by any form of hackers, it has attracted more and more people to participate, which shows the reliability of the mathematical logic behind it.

Prove the Viability of Free Banking

As mentioned earlier, there are drawbacks in how the central banks issue the currency. Therefore, we place our hopes on free banks, looking foward that each banks freely issuing its currency. Hayek believes that currency doesn’t have to be issued by the state, and free banks can provide better currency. Nevertheless, Economists of old age are always worried that non-state issued currency might have various problems.

Bitcoin, as a social experiment, proves that free banking is viable. Bitcoin can provide a feasible path for future currency reforms. It reasonably uses mathematical logic to endorse currency and ensure that the issuance and circulation of currency are open, transparent, and immutable.

Inspiring the Emerge of Programmingism

Programmingism refers to the determination of rules in the form of code to ensure the no one can violate the regulation sociological thinking. Inspired by Bitcoin, many inheritors believe that not only the “rule” of transactions can be confirmed mathematically, but all “operable and unambiguous rules” can also be confirmed mathematically.

Many projects that support smart contracts, represented by Ethereum, have emerged one after another. Although it seems that there are monopoly and performance problems, they provide an effective platform for practicing programmingism.

Exploration of Blockchain Technology Implementation

Many governments worldwide have recognized the critical role of blockchain in social development, and it accordingly accelerates the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. We believe that Satoshi can contribute to society in the following scenarios.

New Tool for Bookkeeping

Since blockchain can solve the trust problem, organizations and individuals can use the new bookkeeping model to measure their contributions in a small range. For example, by issuing a small-scale use of points, everyone can avoid the losses caused by the central bank’s currency transmission process. One can exchange for higher-level points to complete transactions with others when they need to trade on a larger scale.

Financial Engineering Innovation

Blockchain accounting is entirely transparent. Therefore, we can clarify each loan’s object, risk, and the amount by using blockchain. If this credit goes wrong, it will not affect other credits. In this way, financial risks will not accumulate, and therefore get rid of periodic financial crises.

On this basis, each bank can issue its currency. The bank with better risk control will attract users to hold the currency more, contributing to society’s better currency. Even if the risk is not well controlled, it will only cause the money issued by the bank to return to zero (although this will have a great social impact) and will not trigger a financial crisis in the entire society.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Blockchain can build an algorithm for a group of people to collaborate. The collaboration includes incentives and the overall plan. Reducing the collaboration cost means eliminating collaboration friction, improving individual social welfare. Based on this, a unique autonomous-organization DAO has formed. The main feature of DAO is that algorithms determine all bookkeeping and authority based on algorithms.

Society is also a unique organization if we think of it from a higher level. Therefore, it is another option to carry out digital legislation through the blockchain, thereby reducing the cost of law enforcement.

Satoshi Introduction Decentralization of the Public Chain

Since the emergence of the Ethereum smart contract, public chain projects have carried out various innovations worldwide. Still, these innovations revolve around the technology itself, while optimizing for the authority is degrading. Ethereum is gradually transitioning from PoW to PoS to solve the performance and scalability. Other public chains are either PoS or on the way to PoS or lost in PoW inefficiency.

The most important revolution of Bitcoin is decentralization, decentralization of authority. However, PoS brings authority back to centralization, and authority monopoly has become a capital game. Take Ethereum as an example, when the pledge of ETH obtains the authority, the capital will do its best to accumulate ETH to monopolize computing power and become the monopoly of Ethereum, and this monopoly is unbreakable. Authority and interests are constantly being strengthened with rewards and transaction fees obtained from block production.

After more than ten years of development of blockchain technology, the best authority decentralization so far is still Bitcoin’s PoW. Bitcoin’s PoW is based on energy technology and chip technology so that no one can monopolize computing power permanently. It is needed to develop lower-cost energy and chips that can generate higher computing power to reach more hash-rate. The process is the progress of human civilization. However, PoS only needs to buy Token and pledge it into the computing power, and it can monopolize constantly.

PoW seems to be un-environmentally friendly and waste energy. Suppose using the energy sources to run the Bitcoin system and run the entire global economic system (smart contract public chain) from the future perspective. In this way, it is worthwhile to use 10% of energy sources as support because it serves the global decentralized bookkeeping authority.

Satoshi Public Chain

Satoshi public chain is a future blockchain economy infrastructure, an optimal solution for the decentralization of smart contract public chain authority. The future is a smart contract world, a programmable world, and the new world will have new currencies, finances, organizational structures, new ways of collaboration…

Satoshi invented the SATOSHI+ consensus algorithm, the third revolutionary technology in the blockchain and encryption. The first is the invention of Bitcoin (PoW), the second is the invention of Ethereum (smart contracts), and the third is the invention of the SATOSHI+ consensus algorithm.

The emerge of SATOSHI+ allows the Bitcoin network to run smart contracts with high performance. All Bitcoin’s computing power naturally supports Satoshi’s computing power, and all the energy and computing power paid for Bitcoin PoW protect Satoshi’s decentralization capabilities. In one sentence, “Satoshi bookkeeping smart contract by using Bitcoin’s computing power.” Please think about this sentence, and this is the best solution for the current public chain technology. There are no others.

The underlying of the Satoshi public chain is through the SATOSHI+ consensus algorithm that connects Bitcoin’s PoW consensus algorithm so that the world only needs to have one set of PoW to run everything. Satoshi will become the best underlying infrastructure for decentralized currency systems, financial engineering, and autonomous organization in the future.


BTCs is the primary encrypted fuel within the Satoshi public chain to pay transaction fees. The function and value are equivalent to Ethereum’s ETH. BTCs is from the technology of the public chain, BTC + Satoshi = BTCs.

BTCs community is implementing a culture of consensus, co-creation and sharing. In the future, Satoshi ecological project will offer free BTCs project token airdrops so that BTCs have both the growth value of the Satoshi public chain and the value of ecological prosperity.

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BTCs Mining

A total of 2.1 billion BTCs are issued, which can be obtained through two mining methods. The BTCs were obtained through Satoshi APP mining in the early stage, and the BTCs can be obtained through on-chain decentralized node mining in the later stage.

APP mining is an innovative airdrop method. Airdrops are carried out through the APP built-in block mining method, which effectively solves the problems of free cost, fairness, and incentives and allows all users to obtain BTCs for free through their efforts. In this process, the Satoshi consensus is gradually being constructed. A large number of users building a net like spiders weaving a web, and a huge consensus network covering more than 100 countries around the world has been built, laying a solid foundation for the main net of Satoshi public chain and its future development. Satoshi hopes more people can get BTCs for free. The Satoshi public chain will airdrop 525.6 million BTCs to all users in the world for free and fair. The airdrop mining cycle is about two years and is expected to end on December 12, 2022.

APP mining is a huge opportunity for people to change for free. Because people can only mine through the decentralized chain node in the later stage, and the number of mining each year will be minimal. It is far less than the number of APP mining. In other words, the BTCs mined by APP account for a large proportion of the future circulation. After APP mining is over, the computing power in the APP will also end, and mining can no longer continue. Later, BTCs can only be obtained through node mining.

The on-chain decentralized node mining will start after the main net goes online, and validator nodes and repeater mining will be open at that time. There are two types of validator nodes: Bitcoin computing power nodes and BTCs pledged spare nodes. The spare node is only used when the computing power node is insufficient. For details, please read the technical white paper to be released later. During the unfinished period of APP mining, it will run with node mining. In the future, running nodes and repeaters will be the only mining method.

The Project

The Satoshi public chain project was developed by dozens of technology enthusiasts in many countries worldwide. They are loyal fans of Satoshi Nakamoto and follow Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea. The public chain named “Satoshi” is the perfect way to pay tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto.

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After more than three years of research and development, the key technical logic was realized, and all mathematical proofs were successfully verified. All technical modules have been completed, and the final assembly, optimization, and debugging are in progress. The testnet and technical white paper will be launched in first quarter of 2022, and the official mainnet will be launched in second quarter of 2022. The technical whitepaper will detail the operating mechanism of the entire Satoshi public chain and the SATOSHI+ consensus algorithm.

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The Development Team

It doesn’t matter who changed the world. What matters is that the world has changed. What is clear is that we are not Satoshi Nakamoto, nor do we know Satoshi Nakamoto. We are just a group of people who follow Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea, willing to be ordinary for the sake of greatness.

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