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Alpha Network Account Registration | in this page, you are going to know how to Create Alpha Network Mining Account and how to mine Alpha Network ANC Coin on your phone – Alpha Network Crypto Mining App



What is Alpha Network?

Alpha network is a revolutionary system that provides an alternative to existing cryptocurrency models with a focus on balancing the demand and supply of the market. The view of alpha network is to provide each player (miner) a simple, secure and robust experience in earning alpha coin, a next-gen digital asset.

The mining experience is playful and straightforward making it easy for everyone regardless of background or previous knowledge of the crypto industry to be able to earn alpha coin just by tapping a button on their phone. The best part of the concept is that it is entirely free to get started and mine alpha coin for as long as the supply lasts.

What is Alpha Network App?

Alpha Network is a mobile app that allows you to mine the AlphaCoin crypto only by using the Internet. It’s crypto mining on your phone and we are one of the leading companies in this new domain.

Alpha Network Review – Is Alpha Network Legit?

Is Alpha Network Legit or Scam – this is the question that ring on people’s mind everyday that, is alpha Network Real, is Alpha Network safe? CHECK HERE to know more about Alpha Network Review. 

Alpha Network Sign Up – How to Create Alpha Network Account


To mine Alpha Network Coin, you need to register and join the Alpha Network. All you need to create your Alpha Network Account is your mobile phone.

Alpha Network Registration Guide

1. Go-to Play store or Apple store and Download Alpha Network mining App – or download the Alpha Network Apk

2. Register with your email/phone number, Register your full name also

3. You will need “Referral Code” to be able to mine on the Alpha Network App, use: Edycabas as your referrals code. 

Alpha Network Referral Code: Edycabas

That’s all.

4. When you start mining, then you should know that your mining session will stop in 24 hours time. So in every 24 hours, you will need to enter the App again to activate your mining again.

Alpha Network Login – How to Login to Alpha Network Account

To login into your Alpha Network Mining App

  • Enter your Alpha Network email address
  • Enter your password

How to Increase Alpha Network Mining Rate

1. To increase your Alpha Network mining rate, keep on inviting people to your Alpha Network team. The more active team you have, the more ANC (Alpha Network Coin) you will mine. 

2. Don’t forget to keep pinging the inactive team members too, by using the “Ping” button on your Alpha Network App. 

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How to Transfer Alpha Network Coin (ANC) to Others?


To transfer your ANC (Alpha Network Coin), just follow the steps below

Alpha Network Withdrawal

1. On your Alpha Network mining App, click on your “Wallet“. 

2. Click on “transfer” 

3. Enter the “ANC Wallet Address” of the person you want to send ANC to (you can type in the Address manually if it not allows you to paste). 

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4. Enter the “ANC Amount” you want to send

5. Click on “Transfer” 

That’s all.

DONATION: you can try and send any amount of ANC to this Address for testing or donation (any amount will be appreciated). 

ANC Wallet Address: ACxRurTpUuXlbfQzfhPnP9JHHDwyN2mee

Alpha Network Price Prediction

As we all know that, know one can actually say what the future price of a Crypto will be but people can make a prediction and fail and at the same time, the person can get it right. Why?, Is because Cryptocurrency price are not stable even the stable coin too are not that stable in price because most of them are peg on fiat currency. 

So for now, I can say it is very easy for ANC (Alpha Network Coin) price to reach $200 quickly because of it userbase, utilities and supply etc. 

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That’s all! Keep checking through the website page’s maybe you might see something new again. 

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