Satoshi BTCs Sign Up, Login, KYC, Wallet, | Satoshi BTCs Account

Satoshi BTCs Sign Up, how to create Satoshi BTCs Account, how to join Satoshi BTCs mining, satoshi BTCs KYC, how to create Satoshi BTCs wallet, how to get free Bitcoin on the Satoshi BTCs mining App

Satoshi BTCs Account | in this page, I am going to teach you on how to create Satoshi BTCs Account and join Satoshi BTCs mining, do your satoshi BTCs KYC, create Satoshi BTCs wallet and how to get free Bitcoin on the Satoshi BTCs mining App.

Click Here to Register and Download the app or HERE

I saw a lot of people registered without mining, hey, do you want to be like such people? Those time wasters, I think your answer is NO, then make sure you do your KYC and start mining immediately 1BTCs is expected to be 1Ethereum price ($3000) as at the time this publication. Continue reading to see the full guide on how to register, do your KYC and start mining and also earn free Bitcoin daily too on the App. 

Satoshi BTCs Sign Up

You will learn everything on how to sign up to satoshi btcs mining app, do your kyc and create your wallet e.t.c. 

Satoshi BTCs Review – Is Satoshi BTCs Real?

Is satoshi btcs real and legit? Yes, satoshi BTCs is real and legit and not scam. Satoshi BTCs has everything to be called a blockchain and also BTCs has everything it take to be called a cryptocurrency.

Satoshi BTCs Registration: How to Create Satoshi BTCs Account

To register and create BTCs account, all you need to do is to follow this simple step below.

  • Enter your “Email Address
  • Enter the code sent to your email in the box
  • Give yourself a secure password
  • Click on “REGISTER”

That’s all! The next step is to download the app on your phone and login, do your KYC and start mining BTCs everyday on your phone.

Satoshi BTCs Login – How to login into Satoshi BTCs

To login into your satoshi app account, just follow this step below

  1. Tap on the click login button on the top of the page
  2. Input your Email and password (if you do not remember your password, tap on forgot password then follow the easy process to reset your password).
  3. Login and Continue mining your satoshi btcs.

Satoshi BTCs KYC – How to Do Satoshi BTCs KYC

After you’ve create your satoshi BTCs account, the next step is to do your Satoshi BTCs KYC and start mining. Just follow the instructions below to do that

  • Goto Play store or Apple store or goto the satoshi btcs site and download the Satoshi mining App
  • Now login

They will ask you to do your kyc before you can start mining

  • Click on the KYC button
  • Submit all the requirement such as (Passport, national ID Card, driver license e.t.c)
  • Do the lively test video (to confirm you’re the one in the ID you submit)
  • Click on “Submit” and waith for your KYC document to be approved in few minutes.


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How to mine Satoshi BTCs Coin

Click on the hammer button to start mining 

NOTE: your mining will stop after your mining block is upto 150 block if you did not collect your mined coin, then you will need to click on the mining button again.

Satoshi BTCs Settings – Satoshi BTCs Profile Settings

  • Goto your profile and click “Personal Settings
  • Click on “Real-name Authentication” then input your name
  • Nickname
  • Asset password
  • e.t.c

How to Create Satoshi BTCs Wallet

To create your satoshi BTCs wallet, just follow the step below

  • Download “Metamask Wallet” on Play Store or on Apple Store (make sure you write down your metamask passphrase in a safe place)


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After you’ve create your metamask wallet and you have save/keep your passphrase in a safe place

  • Now click on “Settings” on your metamask wallet
  • Click on “Network

  • Click on “Add Network

Now on the 5 boxes space you see, input this below on the box as their name implies. 

  • Name: Satoshi Chain Testnet
  • Chain ID: 1115
  • Currency Symbol: tBTCs
  • Block explorer URL:
  • Click on “Add

That’s all, you’ve create your satoshi BTCs testnet wallet.

How to Get 1tBTCs free (10k Hashrate) | Get sUSDT for free

Now, the next step is how to get the daily free 1tBTCs Coin to test your wallet.

  • Click on your metamask “main menu
  • Click on ‘Browser

  • Copy this link and paste on the browser

Now you will see a box and under the box you will see tBTCs and Add sUSDT


  • Click on “Add sUSDT” to get the sUSDT option
  • Now go back to your Satoshi wallet and then copy your wallet address
  • Paste the wallet address on the box
  • Then click on “Get tBTCs” and you will be given free 1 tBTCs in your wallet

  • Also click on “Get sUSDT” and you will be given free tUSDT in your wallet
  • Now try to do a transaction on your satoshi wallet

Now the next step is to link your Satoshi BTC to your Satoshi BTCs mining App and get free 3k to 10k hashrate daily

  • Copy your wallet address
  • Goto your Satoshi mining App and paste the wallet address on the requested box
  • Now goto your satoshi wallet on metamask and do a transaction with the wallet you create (you can copy your wallet address and sent the satoshi to your self)
  • Then go back to your satoshi mining app and then, click on ”collect hashrate” (Do this once in every 24hours to get free 1tBTCs and sUSDT)

You can also test the swapping on “uniswap” too by copy and paste this link “” on your “metamask” browser. 

That’s all!

You can watch the video tutorial below in case you’re lost in the process

Video Tutorial On How to Create BTCs Wallet

That’s all! on how to create satoshi BTCs Account (satoshi BTCs Sign Up) and start mining free BTCs daily.

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How to Get free Bitcoin (BTC) on Satoshi BTCs App

To get free Bitcoin on the satoshi BTCs mining app,

  1. Invite more people to satoshi BTCs with your referral links, then click on “MiningFactory” to claim free BTC from your team members that are mining daily.
  2. Participate on the BTC Giveaway daily (You can win Bitcoin worth up to 888 USDT)

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How to Withdraw your Bitcoin (BTC) on the Satoshi BTCs App

To withdraw your claimed and giveaway BTC on the Satoshi BTC app, just follow the instruction below

  1. Got your profile and click on BTC
  2. Click on Withdraw
  3. Enter your BTC wallet address and amount you want to withdraw
  4. Then click on “Bitcoin Withdraw

That’s all.

What is Btcs mining satoshi?

The satoshi is the smallest unit of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. It is named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder(s) of the protocol used in blockchains and the bitcoin cryptocurrency. The satoshi to bitcoin ratio is 100 million satoshis to one bitcoin.



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