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The administrator is completely crazy: the next big thing has been born, and the mainnet will soon arrive, and the encrypted world will be fascinated by Pi!

The administrator is completely crazy: the next big thing has been born, and the mainnet will soon arrive, and the encrypted world will be fascinated by Pi!


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A consensus sent friend put forward his own good idea about the future development of π during the brainstorming, but because he received only 35 likes and 2 negatives, there was no response from any core team.


At this time, he I started to have anxious eyes and asked publicly what stage would they be in if only 40 people voted on average and they have not left for more than a month? In the face of the suspicion of the sending friends, the administrator did not give too much explanation, and came directly: the next big thing has been born, and it is currently in the second stage.


Soon the mainnet will come, and the world of encryption will be fascinated by Pi! do not miss it! And the administrator also broke the news: After the Pi wallet has been tested and established safely, applications and utilities related to π may appear, so please continue to pay attention! The good news is always coming one after another.

After the mobile test wallet is secured, if the π-related utility program is released, what kind of passion will be sparked by the friends? After all, π currently has no real utility program that allows all friends to interact with each other besides testing the wallet.


If the first application appears, then the global popularity will go even further!

At the same time, the administrator also gave an important information about the wallet:

Pi wallet…

While the wallet public address must be shared with others to transact with you on the Blockchain, the passphrase must be kept secret as it is like a password to your bank account required to move anyassets.

The same P¡ wallet can connect with the P¡ mainnet, thus holding the real Pi you will have mined at that time.

Although the public address of the wallet must be shared with others to be able to trade with you on the blockchain, the password must be kept secret because it is like the bank account password required to move any asset.


The same π wallet can be connected to the main network of Pi, thus holding the real Pi, you will mine at that time. Before the Mainnet goes live, pioneers can also choose to reset their wallets.

You need to copy and save your password to another safe place, because no one can visit him to save it for you.


The wallet is a real test pi. Why this test π wallet and browser are tied together:

Putting the wallet in the π browser application will eventually allow future Pi applications and traditional enterprises to easily integrate π payments and interact with the P blockchain.

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This will enable Pioneers to have a seamless decentralised network experience, that is, to easily execute π blockchain transactions when visiting a specific Pi App website.


This is a major development for the Pi utility platform and core team to build the π ecosystem. The core team will decide whether we will maintain two mobile applications (i.e. mining application and browser application) or merge them into one based on the feedback from the community.

SOURCE: Aschoolz.com

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