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Open to Amazon! The administrator exposes the Pi browser to be a surprise, and will easily integrate all traditional enterprise Pi ecosystems!

Open to Amazon! The administrator exposes the Pi browser to be a surprise, and will easily integrate all traditional enterprise Pi ecosystems!


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Today’s big news can be described as bombing the entire currency circle, and the pie has also increased by more than 10% in a very short period of time. Many small partners even saw the situation of bulls rising!


The main reason for this phenomenon is that Amazon may plan to accept pie payment before the end of the year! And Amazon executives will continue to add other mature encrypted digital assets in the future, and explore the creation of their own digital assets!


In the future, Amazon will definitely have a place for pi in the field of payment! The truth is becoming clearer and clearer, but chaos and slowness are happening before our eyes in real time! “Forbes” officially announced the 2021 Global Billionaires List.

A total of 2,755 billionaires are on the list. The number of billionaires on the list breaks a historical record.


The total wealth of 2,755 billionaires is as high as 13.1 trillion US dollars! The most dazzling among them is the founder of Amazon Group Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) topped the list for the fourth consecutive year, and the second place is Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, a digital asset enthusiast.


Pi Browser…P¡ Browser will Ultimately allow future P¡ Apps and Traditional Businesses to easily Integrate Pi Payments and Interact With the P¡ Blockchain.This will Enable Pioneers to have Seamless Decentralized Web Experiences, Easily Perform P¡ Blockchain Transactions when Visiting Specific Pi App Websites.

Translation: π Browser:

The Pi browser will eventually allow future Pi applications and traditional enterprises to easily integrate Pi support and interact with the Pi blockchain.


This will enable pioneers to have a seamless decentralized web experience and easily execute Pi blockchain transactions when visiting a specific Pi application website.

This is a major evolution of the Pi utility platform and the core team’s efforts to build the Pi ecosystem.


Therefore, Pi browser is like a door open to giants like Amazon. It is easy to integrate itself into Songmu.com, allowing payment by adding within the defined domain.

All this will happen.



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The administrator’s remarks are full of confidence that Amazon will add π payment in the future.

The functions shown by the π browser are only the tip of the iceberg in the future.

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The future use of the decentralized π blockchain browser will connect countless large and small. Of companies easily support the π payment link, and can easily query the detailed transaction records and time of each transaction that the company pays through π.


This not only solves the phenomenon of large-scale officials in the company’s collecting money, but also enables the further digitalization of global enterprises is in line with the trend of future world development. In short, all the infrastructure of π now will be all-encompassing in the future!

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