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Pi Network Large-scale KYC is coming

Pi Network Large-scale KYC is coming: The purpose of KYC is one account per person!


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Now sent friends think that KYC is too complicated and mysterious, and they are afraid of their own KYC, but in fact, KYC is really not that mysterious, so complicated! KYC has only one purpose, and that is to ensure fairness. Everyone can only have one pie account!


Pi Network Large-scale KYC is coming

As long as you are human, you have the right to have a pie account! As for whether this account is used by you yourself or your family uses Nicholas, you have no right to interrogate!


Even if you use Nicholas with this account for strangers, you have no right to intervene. Nicholas’s rights are only to ensure that you can find pie in this account, and you can only have one account! You have lost your account, so embarrassed to have one, your quota is used up!


Even if you cry and hang yourself three times, it doesn’t work! In other words, the purpose of KYC is to ensure the uniqueness of the account number! Unlike WeChat, you can register countless accounts, you can do whatever you want!

Today, the administrator’s answer to KYC is considered the most reliable answer. You can take a look:

Why choose KYC?

-You only have 1 account to show Pi Network

-Become the rightful owner of a crypto wallet

-Fulfill laws and regulations, such as European GDPR data protection or other similar regulations on other continents.

Emphasize that the purpose of KYC is that you can only have one pie account, through which you can become the legal owner of the pie wallet.

KYC-Knowing your customers is a kind of ID check.

It will gradually be used for nodes, donations to FeverIQ, etc. If the time is right, you will receive a message in the app.

All pioneers must perform KYC to delete multiple accounts (1 person/1 account).

When you receive an invitation in the Pi Network app, follow the instructions.

This is an application under development, everything will change. Other ways of kyc will appear.

No one will be left behind, so don’t worry and enjoy free mining.


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It is emphasized that one person can only have one account, and when the same registration has multiple accounts, there can only be one KYC at that time, and the excess accounts will be destroyed.

Large-scale KYC is coming soon. There are dozens of KYC schemes in brainstorming, so don’t worry about KYC issues. KYC has been designed and developed for almost a year.


If there is only one solution at the end of KYC, then it proves to be a failure. Anyway, you can just go with the flow. Don’t worry, as long as you are not a robot, then you can definitely be able to KYC!

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