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The latest statistics are 647 million times, an increase of 22 million times in two hours! 250000 mysterious top institutions or big bosses lay out Pi nodes!

The latest statistics are 647 million times, an increase of 22 million times in two hours! 250,000 mysterious top institutions or big bosses lay out Pi nodes!


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The main network is coming. There are several ways to earn pie in the future.


The first is to continue to mine pie for free; the second is to build nodes to make node revenue; the third is to build your own ecology and get more from ecological barter.


Pi; the fourth is the exchange purchase pie! Only the first of these four methods is the most fair and just.


Regardless of whether you have money or strength, as long as you have a smart phone, you can dig into pie for free every day!


The other three methods are determined according to your strength and technology, and they all need capital to support, not everyone can participate! So the second, third, and fourth is the time to truly compete for strength!


The third and fourth methods will not be discussed today, and today I will only talk about the second node! The node sent now is considered to be the least invested, and the return may be higher in the future!


Since pi node building is a fool-like method of building, as long as you have a computer, it doesn’t matter whether you have node technology or not, you can build it!

Due to the relatively low threshold of pie node, the current node of pie has become a blockchain project with many nodes in the world!


Today, the management broke the latest data of the pie node with scary words, let’s take a look at the administrator’s revelation:




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Share with you the statistics of Pi Node in the past few days

Today is going to set a new record

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The number of downloads of Pi Node Docker Image has increased by more than 22 million in the past 24 hours.

Approximately 15 million new downloads were added the day before

Just started counting two days ago

The number displayed on the Docker website at that time was 500M+ (over 500 million)

The unofficial Pi node browser shows the actual download number 610098113 (610 million)

625 million times last night, an increase of 15 million times

647 million times were counted two hours ago, an increase of 22 million times

The attention of Pi node development is very terrifyingly high

There are approximately 254,000 Pi Node authorized nodes and 7,179 active nodes

Therefore, almost all of the downloads generated on Docker do not come from the internal Pi system, and basically belong to the outside.

Who on earth is interested in Pi node to conduct research, guess what

The above-mentioned data revealed by the administrator is true and effective, and these data are all collected from the backend of the project.


The administrator used a few words to refresh the record, very scary and other words that cannot be expressed in words! Node Swordsman software has added 22 million times of terror in two hours, and the total number of downloads has reached an astonishing 647 million times!


The following revelations are the focus of today.


The number of authorized nodes sent has reached approximately 254,000, while the number of active nodes is only 7,179!


In the past, there were 12,000 active nodes, but now it has become 7,179. The missing part of the editor’s analysis is our country’s sending friends, because the difficulty of logging in in our country must also affect the nodes! We calculate based on 12,000 active nodes, so the other 240,000 authorized nodes are worthy of sending friends to ponder!


It can be said that there are currently 12,000 active nodes, except for the top-level nodes built by the project team, and there are not many other nodes that have super nodes!


The other 240,000 nodes are very mysterious. These 240,000 mysterious nodes are all nodes outside the system, so there should be many super institutions and super bosses behind these 240,000 mysterious nodes! Among them, there must be many nodes with established blockchain projects such as Bit, Ether, and Wright who are laying out nodes!


Therefore, there are so many mysterious institutions hidden behind the pie, and we need our friends to dig out them bit by bit.

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The editor gave the friends a defensive shot in advance. Don’t be overly surprised if it is suddenly revealed that the world’s top 500 companies are also deploying schools. Capital is always in line with interests!

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