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Pi has been very successful, and many capital merchants have deployed ahead of schedule. Pi is the product of an era!

Pi has been very successful, and many capital merchants have deployed ahead of schedule. Pi is the product of an era!

In fact, pie has been successful now. We can clearly see that more and more capable merchants have already laid out pi’s commercial territory in advance. Just like Taobao that just came out that year, the store owner operates the store model. Although our pie is of high value in the future, the pie in hand will be gone.


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Pi has been very successful

The real bosses don’t care how much they dig now, because they have begun to pay attention to the ecology and are ready to use the ecology to earn a steady stream of pi! Only ecology is the highlight, and the wider the ecological scope, the greater the imagination of the future! Shopping mall is just a very general example.

If the properties of value preservation and appreciation can be reflected, the move of deposits alone is enough to make the value soar. As long as the pie in our hands can withstand inflation, it is equivalent to bringing you close to 10% of the value-added every year.

At that time, it would be difficult for you to not fly! Why has our real estate been popular for so long? Because the core is that it is the only commodity that has outperformed inflation in the past 20 years!

But such a good thing is still questioned by many Xiaobai.

It is nothing more than seeing some nonsense that has something to do with Zhang Peng. Nicholas is a man who has thrown away Zhang Peng hundreds of blocks. The two are not at all.

A character of the same level, I am really surprised how the two of them got together.

According to our consensus, the niece of the Stanford Computer Department graduated from the Stanford Computer Department who sent friends to investigate the aircraft carrier pi is real, and the entire core team is all real and checkable, without any reason to be questioned!

This made Pai Xiaobai’s hanging heart finally let go! In fact, our management in the Chinese area has long said that I learned about pi for 19 years. I first confirmed the facts through field inspections through acquaintances at Stanford. These are all traceable.

Nicholas is a blockchain industry. One of the big guys standing at the top of the pyramid is a leader of the same level as V God, the founder of Ethereum.

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They spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to make things that no one can stop! So let go of all your doubts, let go and do it! That’s it!

There are a lot of strange phenomena around us. It is obvious that we have been digging the faction well, but our relatives have turned their eyes. Later, our relatives found out that a distant relative who was very wealthy and had a great family status also turned to recognize him when she was also digging the faction. 

Humannature is terrible! Only your own knowledge is the most reliable! To put it simply, why pie must have high value. When the mainnet is launched, there must be some ecological applications.

Therefore, pie must have a certain degree of value to support circulation.


The price of the main network may be 100 or 100$. But it’s definitely not a few cents. With the establishment of the ecology, the profit-seeking nature of capital will be fully manifested, and they will inevitably lay out the ecology one after another, which will lead to more people coming in. Why does pi’s ecology definitely explode? Because the pie application is simple and acceptability.


The amount of bi is constant. After a long period of fermentation, the value of pie will not be what you can estimate. Xiaobai who doesn’t understand, think about it and understand the truth.


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