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Pi Network reach 21+ Million Engaged: Exciting and breaking new highs

Pi Network reach 21+ Million Engaged


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Pi Network reach 21+ Million Engaged: Exciting and breaking new highs, the homepage has announced that the number of active users has exceeded 21 million+!

Pi Network reach 21+ Million Engaged

Pi Network reach 21+ Million Engaged

There is no precedent in history. It takes time to verify whether there are any visitors before and after, but the estimate that I want to surpass in the past few decades is hard enough, because the faction has not yet begun to show off, and the real beginning of the performance is after the main net! This is really great news, and quickly forward it for all sending friends to see! Especially for those friends who have difficulty logging in to see that although they cannot log in to the app for the time being, the progress of the party is still unabated, and they continue to move forward step by step! Let them know that the project team is always with them! Let’s take a look at the detailed content of the announcement on the homepage, and then look at the wonderful analysis of the editor:


Jul 21st – 5:41am

Mine at a higher rate while you can. The mining rate may halve or fall to zero at Mainnet and when Pi reaches 100M engaged Pioneers. Don’t miss out! 🙂

@ PiCore Team

July 21-5:41 a.m.

While you can still, use a higher frequency to mine. When the Mainnet and Pi reach 100M, the mining rate may be halved or reduced to zero. do not miss it!

Congratulations to pi network for over 21 million active users ➕ strong enough, strong enough, and full of stamina! It took 53 days to send 3 million new active miners around the world + an average of 60,000 new active mines around the world every day + Pi Lightning, which pioneers forgot or did not have scientific access to the Internet (add vertical gas), did not affect the daily increase rate of global miners. .

What you don’t cherish is what others dream of. While it is still possible to mine at a faster rate (remind or register miners), mine and cherish it!

Many friends of Pai have seen an increase of 3 million+ active users in 53 days. Now that the number of active users has reached a staggering 21 million+, they think that Pai’s membership is growing very fast. In fact, I would like to say something to everyone, the current membership growth rate has not officially started, and it is only the most basic growth rate. There is nothing strange and exciting. On average, it adds 1 million members in about 15 days in half a month. If you think that the current membership development speed of the faction has surpassed your cognition, then you must be prepared enough now, because the time for the fact that the faction members increase at a high speed has not yet come!

Now it’s just an appetizer. You will only truly feel the power of Pie after the mainnet goes live. It is possible to increase 1 million and 2 million a day after the mainnet is launched, so you must at least have the knowledge that you are prepared to add tens of millions of members a day after the mainnet! Because the mined pie cannot be bartered and cashed out, many people are still wandering. When the mainnet goes online, the existing pioneers can directly barter or cash out, then those who are hovering will rush into the pie as soon as possible. So you have to quickly familiarize yourself with the registration process, otherwise you won’t register for others then that would be a big joke!

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Let’s review the history of sending members:

2019/03/14 Pi Network officially launched
2019/05/22 More than 10,000 active pioneers worldwide! (Mining rate halved)
2019/06/17 More than 50,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/06/27 Over 70,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/07/05 Over 100,000 active pioneers worldwide! (Mining rate halved)
2019/07/19 More than 150,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/08/02 More than 200,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/08/27 Over 300,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/09/25 Over 450,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/10/04 More than 550,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/10/11 More than 650,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/10/12 Pi launches facebook verification
2019/10/17 Over 800,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/10/26 Over 900,000 active pioneers worldwide!
2019/10/31 Over 1 million active pioneers worldwide! (Mining rate halved)
2019/11/14 More than 1.25 million active pioneers worldwide!
2019/12/11 Pi officially began to select pioneers to test KYC
2020/01/17 Over 2.5 million active pioneers worldwide!
2020/02/25 Over 3.5 million active pioneers worldwide!
2020/03/14 Happy Pi Day, enter the second stage of Pi
2020/04/01 Release PI computer node software
2020/06/05 A large number of KYC pilots have been opened
2020/06/28 Over 6 million active pioneers worldwide!
2020/08/29 100,000 free real-name verification (KYC) quotas will be issued
2020/10/15 Global Pi Constitutional Conference
2020/11/18 Modify real name (screening fake accounts)
2020/11/21 More than 9.5 million active pioneers worldwide!
2020/12/08 More than 10 million active pioneers worldwide! (Mining rate halved)
2020/12/17 Open Taiwanese phone certification
2021/01/26 More than 12 million active pioneers worldwide!
2021/02/16 More than 13 million active pioneers worldwide!
2021/03/06 The beta version of Pi Wallet is launched on active nodes
2021/03/11 More than 14 million active pioneers worldwide!
2021/03/13 100,000 free real-name verification (KYC) quotas will be issued
2021/03/14 Happy Pi Day! The core team promised to launch the Pi mainnet before the end of the year!
2021/03/26 More than 15 million active pioneers worldwide!
2021/04/01 release Pi test wallet
2021/04/09 Release Pi browser with wallet function
2021/05/08 Over 17 million active pioneers worldwide!
2021/05/29 Over 18 million active pioneers worldwide!
2021/07/21 More than 21 million active pioneers worldwide!




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