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Great: these pi friends on the Forbes rich list must be on the list!

Great: these pi friends on the Forbes rich list must be on the list!


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Thirty-six rows and rows are the top picks, your thinking and courage determine your wealth!

Great: these pi friends on the Forbes rich list must be on the list!

The rich people on the rich list all have a unified commonality, that is, they have a steady stream of sources of wealth, and they must be long-term stable sources! Jack Ma’s wealth channel is Taobao, Liu Qiangdong’s wealth channel is JD.com, Lei Jun’s wealth channel is Xiaomi, and Paiyou’s wealth channel is Pai, which requires a steady stream of Pai! There are five sources of Pi’s source channels: the first type of mobile phone mining for free; the second type of node revenue; the third type of exchange purchases; the fourth type of ecological bartering; the fifth type of promotion!


The first type is that everyone is equal and does not make any investment.


As long as the small lightning is lit, it is now a fixed 6 each day, which has nothing to do with whether you have the strength or whether it is a celebrity.


The second type of node income is for For some node sending friends, under normal circumstances, only super nodes can become the winners of lying profit, and a small amount of investment is required!

The third type of exchange purchase has a certain degree of risk, this is mainly for investors; the fourth type of ecology, which requires great courage and visionary thinking to achieve, of course, it also requires considerable strength;

Five kinds of promotion are also a quick way to get pie without investment! Since pie is a long-term project, as long as you have a steady stream of pie, you will have a steady flow of wealth, and pie is a project that subverts the blockchain. The ecologically-based top public chain will surely lead an era. !

As long as you have enough pie, there must be a place for pie friends on the Forbes rich list!

Now let’s analyze the friends who can be on the Forbes rich list. The first one who has no suspense is Nicholas. Nicholas must have so many factions that you can’t imagine.


The second is Fan Chengdiao, and his number of factions is also so large. Unimaginable, the third one should be Vincent (but Vincent has now left if the shares are still there, he must be there, and if the shares are not there, then he will be on the list.)


The fourth to the ninth are the rest. As for the other six co-founders, the number of other five core members who joined later is much smaller! (Now the core team members are 14 people, as mentioned in a report recommended by Nicholas last time) They must have 20% of the total pie!

In addition to the extremely possible positions on the Forbes rich list of the above nine individuals, is it possible to send friends? As I said at the beginning, as long as you have a faction, then you may be on the list! There is no hope for mobile phone mining.


The hope for exchanges to buy pie is very slim, and the hope for promotion is also very slim. Then there will be nodes and ecological ones.


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To be honest, even super nodes will have relatively slim hopes. Then the most likely to be on the rich list is to make an ecological one, and this ecology must be large, as long as your ecology can be among the top ten of the ecology, then the Forbes rich list must have a place for you!

Of course, in addition to the Forbes rich list, there is also a blockchain rich list. As long as the mainnet is online, I think the blockchain rich list will definitely be dominated by peers! Send friends to act quickly for the rich list!

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