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Super heavyweight! Fully expose the acquisition mode of pi! It turns out that we have always used cloud servers to mine pie!

Super heavyweight! Fully expose the acquisition mode of pi! It turns out that we have always used cloud servers to mine pie!


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Foreword: Liu Xiaochun, former president of Zhejiang Merchants, believes: Whether studying digital renminbi or digital assets, it is necessary to distinguish several concepts. One is the so-called two kinds of assets. Whether one asset can defeat the other is not the material, but the set of institutional arrangements and asset policies behind it.


There is another, in the digital economy, in addition to digital assets, other financial tools are also needed.

Then, can digital encryption technology play a greater role in this, instead of being entangled in the hyped btc and the like, There are no such things that really play other roles in the economy.

For a long time, most Pi friends only know that we have to re-light the lightning every 24 hours to continue to obtain Pi.


Basically 90% of Pi friends do not know the mining mechanism behind Pi. Mainstream currencies such as btc and Ethereum are basically mined by physical mining machines. Our pi is obtained by simply using a mobile phone to light up lightning and does not consume electricity or traffic.


So where does our pie come from? Many sunspots who don’t understand will say that what we get every day is just one point, which is of no practical use or value. Indeed, our pie did not have real value before it was launched on the mainnet, but every pie we obtain now is derived from the server created by the project party for mining, and it is a real pie! Let us see how the administrator answers to us!

 It does not use any power resources, and mining is carried out on the basis of activities. Once you get a Pi account, your account is added to the cloud mining, where mining is performed, once you click the mining button every day, your Pi share will start to be mined on the server. Pi Network neither uses excessive battery nor uses your mobile data to mine Pi. Mining takes place in the server.


The words of the English community administrator have been very clear. The Pi we obtain by lighting the lightning every day are real pie assets. After the launch of the mainnet at the end of this year, the pi we currently mine will be mapped to our wallet 1:1 after the mainnet.


There may be different release mechanisms for scarcity, but the pi we mine will eventually It will become a digital asset with physical value in the blockchain, and it can be circulated globally!


The number of currencies in the world is huge, about 10,000! However, there are basically very few that can truly achieve environmental protection, sustainable development, low-fee transactions, large transaction volume, and a large number of total currency holders. In the end, you will find that these future encrypted digital assets should truly meet the requirements. Only our pie has the advantages.

Now the total number of people in the world with encrypted digital assets has just exceeded 100 million, and it will take time for Pi alone to achieve such a feat. However, after the third stage, this time will not be too long. The core team was inspired by the success of Bitcoin and created an upgraded version of BTC, which is different from Bitcoin’s POW consensus mechanism. Our pi uses the SCP algorithm mining mechanism and the core team uses Internet technology to distribute currencies around the world, positioning it as The most widely distributed and most widely used encrypted digital asset in the world. Pai Blockchain will redefine a big rule and redefine the value attributes that encrypted digital assets should have. Starting from Pai browser, it is a real big evolution. Soon, pie will become a household name, and those who give up early will regret it.

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